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Mentioned-only character
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Biography and appearance
AffiliationSwampfolk cult
LocationDunwich building (altar)
Mentioned inFallout 3
Point Lookout
QuestsThe Dark Heart of Blackhall
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...One of us, one of us. Ug-Qualtoth is returned...

Herman Granger

An altar to Ug-Qualtoth resides in the virulent underchambers of the Dunwich building, in 2277.


Anthropologist allege that swampfolk have a persistent belief in the occult, positing that they pray to an otherwise forgotten deity known by the human tongue as Ug-Qualtoth.[2] A peculiar monolith depicting this deity, can be found in the depths of the Dunwich building, although its purpose is unknown, as well as why it is there in the first place.[3] Although, a couple facts are known: the Dunwich Obelisk and the Krivbeknih share that same origin and only the "Screaming Sound of Uq-Qualtoth" can full unlock the Krivbeknih's eldritch secrets.[4]

Interactions with the player character

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An altar of Ug-Qualtoth appears in Fallout 3 and is mentioned in Point Lookout.


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    Constance Blackhall was obsessed with the occult. She turned her newfound wealth into a means of acquiring archaic texts and artifacts. The most notorious of these was the Krvibeknih. Constance drew a small circle of devotees to herself, styling herself a priestess of an obscure sect based around the book. Constance lived an unnaturally long life, even in the radiation soaked marshes of Point Lookout. Local legend states that the Krvibeknih was stolen from her, and without it the woman succumbed to a death that should have found her generations before. Her legacy, having permeated the provincial culture of Point Lookout, persisted, but what little structure existed within that group deteriorated with no form of leadership. Theirs is not so much a faith as a collection of incoherent chants and rituals, their meanings long forgotten.
    The Blackhalls have stubbornly clung to existence, but Obadiah appears to the last of their line. He knows that the Krivbeknih has found its way back to Point Lookout, and intends to reclaim it, with the hopes of restoring power over the swampfolk to his family."
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