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This page lists Uncanny Cabins terminals.

Reception Terminal[edit | edit source]

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Welcome text

Uncanny Caverns - Reception



Tour Guidelines Memo[edit | edit source]


Tour Guidelines Memo

Welcome! As a new member of the Uncanny Caverns family, part of your job will be to give multiple guided tours a day. Our motto is to give tour guests an "Uncanny Experience". What does this mean to you?

1) Night Kid is real. Seriously. You have to truly believe this to sell it to others. 75% of our vacation traffic comes nationwide from those who have read about Night Kid in the tabloids and our job is to sell that to them. He was born here and he remains to this day. We have plenty of literature for you to absorb on the subject before you start leading tours alone.

2) Upsell, upsell, upsell. We've gotten a lot of complaints that our Wild Cave and Extreme Adventure tours are underwhelming but that means the guides aren't doing their job. People can go anywhere for a natural cavern. They come here for the spooky atmosphere and the Night Kid mythos. It's your job to give that to them.

3) We've gotten reports of some tour guides allowing some really inappropriate things to happen during the "lights out" portion of the tour. Don't let this be you. Use your common sense and best judgement when it comes to how you conduct yourself.

Keep these in mind and you'll no doubt be an upstanding employee. Have an Uncanny day!

Transaction Terminal[edit | edit source]

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Uncanny Caverns - Transactions



Monthly Transaction Revenue[edit | edit source]


Monthly Transaction Revenue (September 2077)

Base Admission / Automated Tour narrated by Dick Shale
Adults - $14 (ages 13+): 1189 sold
Children - $7 (ages 6-12): 1578 sold
Small Children - Free (ages 5 and under): NA
Total Sales (Pretax): $27,692

Wild Cave Tour (Includes Base Admission)
$89 (ages 10+): 392 sold
Total Sales (Pretax): $34,888

Extreme Adventure Tour (All tours bundle plus Devil's Toll Pass)
$179 (ages 16+): 43 sold
Total Sales (Pretax): $7,697

Devil's Toll Passes (Standalone Upgrade)
$99 (ages 16+): 4 sold
Total Sales (Pretax): $396

Gift Store Sales
Monthly Transactions: 762
Total Sales (Pretax): $4,572.29

Total Gross Sales - September 2077: $75,245.29
Total Gross Sales - Previous Month: $84,759.47

Recommendations: Increase sales of upgraded tour packages. Increase base admission price. Remove "Devil's Toll" standalone passes.