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Just another Fallout fan. F2 was the first of the series I played, then F1. I only played FT briefly, as I quickly lost interest. Now I'm working with F3.

Computer specs:

  • Core 2 Duo E7200 (2.53 GHz)
  • GeForce 6600GT (AGP version, 128MB VRAM) with Samsung SyncMaster 941MP

F3 settings:

  • High texture quality
  • Full HDR (I love HDR)
  • 2x AA
  • Water: full
  • Object fade distance full
  • Actor fade distance full (I prefer sniping, not melee combat; though it is amusing to see someone seemingly floating in mid-air)
  • 1280x800 (highest this laptop can show)
  • VSync off (it already lags as it is)
  • FPS: decent, with periodic slowdowns in VATS (accompanied by 0% hit chance on all body parts...) and few second freeze when bringing up the PipBoy; sometimes lags like hell in certain places and when looking in a certain direction, but it is random, ie. never happens twice in the same place if I restart the game; random lag during looting, hacking, etc. as well; random artifacts (seeing a glowing blue pyramid from two miles is a bit scary at night) due to GPU overheating

Favorite F2 tactic: .223 Pistol, 'nuff said.

Favorite F3 tactic: medium-range VATS combat as my reflexes suck too much to score headshots on moving targets, sniper at extreme range (never using VATS, only sneak critical headshots), reverse-pickpocketing explosives [sadistic grin], the list goes on

Mods used:

  • Stuff DOES NOT degrade after use. Really useful to keep unique stuff in shape.
  • Ammo Crazy v4 (shops get a few hundred of each ammo, unique weapons in top condition, etc.)
  • Not really a mod, but XFire comes very handy for viewing the wiki (thanks to the first patch screwing up Alt-Tab)

The latter is absolutely crazy. If Moira sells stuff like Eugene, the Exp. MIRV and the Firelance, why do they have a rickety Protectron guarding the entrance???

Self-imposed rules:

  • No armor scavenging - it sucks to have dozens of raider armors under the sheets just becaue no one has enough caps to buy them off.
  • No trade if I can't pay the exact price (e.g. if my stuff is more valuable but the merchant doesn't have enough caps to pay the difference).
  • No drug use if I can help it - why carry around Buffout if there aren't any stuck doors in the game and I already planned the character with quest requirements in mind? Radiation chems (needed), stims (essential) and Med-X (rarely, if ever) are OK.

Finally finished the game, downloading Broken Steel. New game with a stealth-oriented female is in progress. Refreshing change after playing a walking tank for weeks...

Would someone please explain me WHY IS THERE AN Enclave corpse NE of Megaton IN THE MIDDLE OF FOLLOWING HIS FOOTSTEPS??? Doesn't matter, his armor will certainly fetch for a good price...

YESS!!! This is my true style! Getting a raider to scream "F*** ME!" then "spontaneously" blow up is simply hilarious!

Oooh, Mothership Zeta?! Always liked hardcore sci-fi, heh!

I had a VERY CRAZY idea. What if we would create real-life PipBoys? Sure, with our tech it would be WAY smaller but it would be nice anyway. Sure, mobile phones are more portable, but they CAN be stolen, lost, etc. But a wrist-mounted PDA cannot be lost, especially if it is programmed to only let it's user remove it (DNA and retinal scan is too much of a hassle, so let's settle for fingerprints). What if...- Maybe we could wire together a mobile phone (core functionality), an MP3 player (local radio stations) , some rechargable lithium-ion batteries (maybe solar power?) and a palm-sized LCD screen (phone companies struggle with making smaller screens with higher resolutions, a PDA could accommodate a much larger screen), all tied together by software written specially for this purpose? That would form a basic proof-of-principle prototype.

In reality, any PDA with sufficient memory capabilities could be acceptable. However, most PDAs doesn't have that. So a new PDA should be designed which has phone-functionality, a retractable USB cable for connecting onto computers and could accommodate gigabyte-sized memory modules designed for PCs. All powered by high-capacity rechargeable batteries. The theoretical result is a small do-it-all which can fulfill the needs of everyone: teens (radio and music playing capabilities), adults (for example, confidential data can hardly be stolen if it is stored on someone's wrist), even elders (giving basic medical readout such as EKG, blood pressure, blood oxygen and sugar levels, etc.).

OK, finished game again with the stealth gal. Turns out I crosstrained her in using the Victory Rifle to be even more effective. Next char is a melee-oriented Asian guy, a la samurai. I'm planning to get a sword ASAP to be a true samurai, until then I'm stuck with a lead pipe (this thing is just plain cool). Wish I could see the faces up in Zeta when they see my guy in a CSA, holding an electrified sword...

Plans are in place for future chars:

  • Minigunner gal, a la Private Vasquez from Aliens (neutral karma, of course).
  • Todd the Scientist (energy weapon specialist).
  • Repeating the whole sequence at higher difficulty.
  • Millions Knives, the homicidal bastard ("Humanity has run it's course and has a final purpose to fulfill: DIE."). Planned equipment: hellfire armor + Angel Arm revolver 1.0
  • VERY messed up game involving some mods to be more interesting...

Experimented with replacing some Enclave radio songs with three pieces of the Red Alert 2 soundtrack. The results are very interesting...

  • Going in the Mart, killing Raiders with rock music playing in the background
  • Passing the nuke in Megaton and hearing "Gentlemen, it's a nuclear device. Time is running out..."

It is possible I can get a new motherboard in September or October. When that happens, my graphic performance will undergo a serious improvement (I have a new video card this motherboard doesn't support). I also expect to increase my RAM to 2GB to reduce lag.

The last two playthroughs were different: the first was too easy, the second was too hard. So I'll stick with gung-ho tactics and a few additions to the rule table, such as NOT scavenging armor from dead enemies. The reason behind that is that the enemy's armor is already busted up by me, so either I find it separately or buy it. Not to mention that I never wear Raider armor and Talon armor is inferior to combat armor. Also, I want to do a kind-of speedrun, ie. a character that only does the main quests.

Got bored of the personal pieces of the Enclave soundtrack so I replaced nearly all songs with high-quality versions ripped from the net. Sneaking around some raiders with this and this playing in the background is priceless, believe me.

Bought a pretty strong laptop (Intel T4200 2GHz, 2GB RAM, Mobility Radeon HD 3470), F3 is now played from here. Still lags but now I can play at max graphics. Also got the Pitt but haven't tried it yet. I realized it's a bit hard to use Eugene as my main weapon due to ammo shortages (without AC, I'm feeling a bit experimental right now), even at Very Easy.