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User:AreYouGoingToEatThatNuke?/Grammar Help

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Hey There!

This page is for help with proper grammar, if you need it, or a reminder about a few grammatical rules. Also, this material is copyrighted, so I do not own this material, and I am using this for a non-commercial purpose, which is education.

Verb Tenses: Present, Past and Future

"The tense of a verb tells when an action takes place.

The present tense of a verb names an action that is happening now or happens regularly. It can also express a general truth.

In the present tense of a verb, the base form of the verb is used with all subjects except singular nouns and he', she or it. When the subject is a singular noun or he', she or it, -s or -es is added to the verb."

The Lone Wanderer hears a Deathclaw coming up behind him.

I speak truthfully to other users.

President Eden deserves to die.

"The past tense of a verb names an action that already happened. The past tense of many verbs is is formed by adding -ed to the base form of the verb."

The Deathclaw used to be Jackson Chameleons.

"The future tense of a verb names an action that will take place in the future. In the future tense the word will is used before the verb. Sometimes shall is used when the pronoun I or we is the subject."

They will see Megatons nuke detonate at Tenpenny Tower. We all shall clap in joy at the detonation.

Main Verbs and Helping Verbs

"Verbs have four principal parts that are used to form all tenses.


  • Base Form
    • call
  • Present Participle
    • calling
  • Past Form
    • called
  • Past Participle
    • Called

A helping verb helps the main verb tell about an action or make a statement. A verb phrase consists of one or more helping verbs followed by a main verb."

We have explored the Deathclaw Sanctuary. "(Have is the helping verb, and the past participle explored is the main verb. Together they form a verb phrase.)"