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This page contains The Vault's compleCCity/The Vault:Table layout guideline. It describes the desired general layout of tables, i.e. how tables and specific columns should be formatted.
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Table layout[edit | edit source]

  • Tables should be sortable whenever values are contained in one column or more, and users might wish to sort the table after certain columns.
    • Example: Sorting a weapon table after the highest damage, lowest weight, and such.
  • Tables should not be sortable when they contain only two rows.
  • The first column should be handled as a content column, and not contain headings.
    • Formatting: The entry for the first column has to begin with a | , rather than with a ! .
  • Columns containing figures should be aligned right.
  • The number of decimal places in columns, which contain figures, should be consistent for the whole column.
    • Example: If there are two values, 1.4 and 3, the second value should be 3.0.
  • In general columns should only be center-aligned, where it improves readability and the overall look of the table.

Example table[edit | edit source]

Content Description Value 1 Value 2 Appearance Comment
Example 1 This shows you how a simple table looks, when regarding the above mentioned guidelines. 10 15.46 Fallout 3 Can only be required through dialogue.
Example 2 Isn't this a nice look? 8 12.00 Fallout: New Vegas Merchant item.

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