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Since mutations and damage in the genetic code warp the functioning of the Virus, acquiring subjects that were not exposed to mutation factors was a critical component of the Master's plans. Humans without such damage fare better in the Vats when exposed to the virus. Those who are not "pure" enough suffer worse fates, from amnesia, brain damage, up to and including death.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

[12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28] [29]


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Vault City



  1. The Vault Dweller: "{183}{}{What do you mean!?}"
    Lieutenant: "{185}{LIEUT27}{[The Lieutenant sighs.] Haven't you figured it out yet? You're a prime normal. Soon you'll be one of us.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{188}{}{Why am I a prime human ?}"
    Lieutenant: "{194}{LIEUT30}{The FEV was mutated by the war radiation. Those living in this desolate wasteland have been exposed to this mutant FEV, essentially inoculating them from the full effects.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{196}{}{So you need those who are uncontaminated in order to make Super Mutants?}"
    Lieutenant: "{197}{LIEUT31}{So, you're from a Vault and have limited exposure to this mutated virus. The original FEV in the Vats should work quite well on you.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{198}{}{And how do you know this?}"
    Lieutenant: "{199}{LIEUT32}{We have done extensive experiments on humans to reach this conclusion. My master has been searching for unopened Vaults to prove his theories. And now you've come along. How thoughtful of you.}"
    Lieutenant: "{202}{LIEUT33}{Oh, my, you are brighter than I thought. Now you know why we need your Vault.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{220}{}{If you're so sure I'll tell after dipping, then why all of this?}"
    Lieutenant: "{221}{LIEUT39a}{Well, you see, there is this minor drawback. Sometimes, not always, a person's memory is, um . . . how shall we say, interrupted by dipping. So there is a small chance you'll forget the location.}"
  2. Lieutenant: "{235}{LIEUT41}{Oh, this is excellent. You know, I actually doubted my officers when they said they'd captured a prime normal. It is so nice to see you.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{236}{}{Go to hell.}"
    Lieutenant: "{239}{LIEUT42}{Yes, you do have a way with words, don't you. And words are what we want, before . . .}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{240}{}{What do you mean 'before?'}"
    Lieutenant: "{242}{LIEUT43}{Why, when you become one of us, of course! I can't have a perfectly good prime normal and not make it one of the Chosen Ones, now can I? After you tell me where your Vault is.}"
  3. The Vault Dweller: "{1004}{}{Vats}"
    Lieutenant: "{1104}{LIEUT60}{The Vats are where the FEV is stored, and where you normals become one of us. Of course, some die horrible, excruciatingly painful deaths, but well, those are the breaks.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{1005}{}{Normals}"
    Lieutenant: "{1105}{LIEUT61}{They are humans who have not been exposed to radiation. They tend to fare better in the Vats than others. You are a perfect example of this.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{1006}{}{Vaults}"
    Lieutenant: "{1106}{LIEUT62}{They were constructed before the war. They are also our main source of Prime Normals.}"
  4. Lieutenant: "{263}{LIEUT60}{The Vats are where the FEV is stored, and where you normals become one of us. Of course, some die horrible, excruciatingly painful deaths, but well, those are the breaks.}"
    Lieutenant: "{264}{LIEUT61}{They are humans who have not been exposed to radiation. They tend to fare better in the Vats than others. You are a perfect example of this.}"
    Lieutenant: "{265}{LIEUT62}{They were constructed before the war. They are also our main source of Prime Normals.}"
  5. .........: "{102}{}{Your report, VanHagan.}"
    VanHagan: "{103}{}{The Master is pleased with your progress, but his need is great and time is limited.}"
    .........: "{104}{}{The Master should know that raw material is limited. We cannot create our soldiers without more stock.}"
    VanHagan: "{105}{}{He is aware of your problems. He is working on it, as we speak.}"
    .........: "{106}{}{Tell me of his plans. We will need to coordinate activities, if the Unity is to succeed.}"
    VanHagan: "{107}{}{The Master has become aware of an undiscovered, and living, Vault. With that much raw material, we can create a great force. According to the prediction software, it will be the numbers we need to succeed.}"
    .........: "{108}{}{Excellent. This is most fortuitous. Are the inhabitants contaminated?}"
    VanHagan: "{109}{}{Oh, this is the best part. If their representative is any example, they are clean. Pure-strain.}"
    .........: "{110}{}{Oh, this is most exciting. What Vault is it that we plunder?}"
    VanHagan: "{111}{}{Vault-13. And we shall have them soon. Very soon.}"
  6. The Master: "{107}{Mast01}{Excellent. Your talents will be useful. But first, you must tell me everything about your Vault.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{108}{}{Why?}"
    The Master: "{110}{Mast02}{I will conquer it and turn all those pure strain humans into mutants. They will give me the army I need to bring peace to the entire wasteland.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{118}{}{So tell me.}"
    The Master: "{119}{Mast06}{The Unity will bring about the master race. Master! Master! One able to survive, or even thrive, in the wasteland. As long as there are differences, we will tear ourselves apart fighting each other. We need one race. Race! Race! One goal. Goal! Goal! One people . . . to move forward to our destiny. Destiny.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{120}{}{That race being the mutants, of course.}"
    The Master: "{122}{Mast07}{Of course. Mutants are best equipped to deal with the world today. Who else? The ghouls. Please. Normals. They brought nuclear death to us all. This will be the age of mutants. Mutants.}"
  7. The Vault Dweller: "{107}{}{Where did you come from?}"
    Dying mutant: "{108}{}{We... We were scouting for primes... Came from... From the northwest.}"
  8. The Vault Dweller: "{117}{}{Who's giving you orders?}"
    Harry: "{119}{Harry_04}{Lou tell me watch place. Not let no one in. Not normals most. Take normals to the Lou. Hey...}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{120}{}{But I'm not a normal!}"
    Harry: "{126}{Harry_08}{Ooo...Harry confused. You not ghoul. You not normal. Hmm, what you? [Mumbling]}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{129}{}{Alright, I am a normal.}"
    Harry: "{139}{Harry_14}{Hey, you a normal! Gotta take you to Lou. Now!}"
  9. Harry: "{143}{Harry_16}{OK. Go now. Gotta keep eyes out for humans. Not have time for you.}"
    Harry: "{153}{Harry_21}{Hey, you a normal! You come with Harry!}"
    Harry: "{155}{Harry_23}{Ummm...yes. You prime normal. The Lou will be happy. Take away, take away.}"
    Harry: ""{181}{Harry305}{Weak. Not know why the Lou want normals. They suck!}"
  10. The Vault Dweller: "{1005}{}{Norms}"
    Harry: "{1105}{Harry305}{Weak. Not know why the Lou want normals. They suck!}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{1012}{}{Human}"
    Harry: "{1112}{Harry305}{Weak. Not know why the Lou want normals. They suck!}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{1013}{}{Normies}"
    Harry: "{1113}{Harry305}{Weak. Not know why the Lou want normals. They suck!}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{1014}{}{Normals}"
    Harry: "{1114}{Harry305}{Weak. Not know why the Lou want normals. They suck!}"
  11. Kyle: "{105}{}{Normals cannot carry weapons here! Halt and identify yourself!}"
    Kyle: "{128}{}{You are making a mistake by coming here. Explain yourself or perish...}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{131}{}{I'm here to protect humanity from the likes of you.}"
    Kyle: "{134}{}{What kind of foolish bigotry is that, we are 'humanity.' We're just as human as you are.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{136}{}{There is no possible way that you are human.}"
    Kyle: "{137}{}{My name is Kyle. I was born to a mother and a father, like yourself. The Master just oversaw my rebirth. These muscles, this skin, this strength does not make me any less human than you. I do not like all that the Unity stands for, but it is the best chance for peace that we have.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{139}{}{You may be human, but that still doesn't make your Unity right. I guess we will be enemies.}"
    Kyle: "{140}{}{It is a pity that you act this way, but you will not proceed further...}"
  12. Jeremiah's dialogue: "{111}{}{Transferring the reports, of course.}"
    "{112}{}{Reports of what? If I may ask.}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{126}{}{I transfer the human purity reports for the surrounding areas. But you should know this. [looking suspicious] Who are you?}"
    "{178}{}{I transfer the human purity reports for the surrounding areas.}"
    "{180}{}{I would like to ask you a few more questions, brother.}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{181}{}{Yes, and a very important job it is. And do you understand the importance of your duties to the Master and all of us?}"
    "{182}{}{Why, yes. I am the one who brings the Master the news of new, untainted humans untouched by radiation. I was the one who brought the Master the final news of a possible Lost Vault. It may still have pure-straing humans in it.}"
    "{185}{}{You wouldn't know a pure-strain human if he was standing right in front of you. Idiot.}"
    "{186}{}{You wouldn't know a pure-strain human if she was standing right in front of you. Idiot.}"
  13. The Vault Dweller: "{1007}{}{Normals}"
    Larry: "{1107}{}{Wimpier than ghouls.}"
  14. Mad scientist: "{142}{}{Who are you? And why are you wearing that suit? [to himself] I haven't seen one of those in a long time.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{145}{}{When have you seen a suit like this before?}"
    Mad scientist: "{147}{}{Oh, you know, when we got that last batch of pure-strain humans in... I think there is still one in the holding pens. Why do you ask?}"
  15. MLPRISON.MSG: "{116}{}{I'm really here to free you. I'm a normal human.}"
  16. Cut contentIcon cut.png Rae's dialogue: "{123}{}{Where?}"
    "{124}{}{I'm from a vault... I'm a pure strain human.}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{126}{}{Where are you from?}"
    "{127}{}{(whispers) I'm from a vault... I'm a pure strain human.}" (The Vault Dweller) Cut contentIcon cut.png
  17. Sally (Fallout)'s dialogue: "{1007}{}{Normals}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{1107}{}{Wimpier than ghouls.}"
  18. Sarah (Mariposa)'s dialogue: "{118}{}{You should be in your cell. The guards are keeping us here for our protection. The robots have been programmed to attack unescorted normals. Once I've been dipped, I'll be able to spend time helping the Unity.}"
  19. SCSUPMUT.MSG: "{101}{}{What have we here? A normal. I think you will come with me.}"
  20. Set's dialogue: "{101}{Set00}{There'd better be a killer reason for standin' in my shadow. Does 'next on the menu' ring a bell for ya . . .normie.}"
    "{112}{Set02}{What is that? Sucking up? Listen, walker, I don't do the deal with norms, so blowing smoke up the tail ain't going to get you head seat at the table.}"
    "{121}{Set05}{Well. I see some potential here . . . heh . . . I have playmates for you, my sparkling normie. Punish the mutants at the water shed for me. Yeah, yeah, can do . . . yes?}"
    "{129}{Set07}{Avoid my ghouls, if you like your skin on. Any of mine that can't stop a normie deserve last rest. Get by as you need.}"
    "{202}{Set31}{Normies. If you caused the trembles in me, would my gates be this open?}"
    "{222}{Set41}{Ahh, the thinker-normie. You killed those at the shed, yes? Came for reward?}"
    "{252}{Set51}{Still in my shadow? Why do normie tongues waggle and take the movement from their bones? Clear-time, walk now.}"
    "{297}{Set202}{Don't do the deal with normies.}"
    "{303}{Set208}{Guards! Seize the norm!}"
    "{306}{Set301}{The future. Survival anywhere. We surpass the norms.}"
    "{1001}{}{Ghouls}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{1101}{Set301}{The future. Survival anywhere. We surpass the norms.}"
  21. SETDESK.MSG: "{101}{}{You find a note from someone called the Lieutenant to Set. It orders him to watch for pure-strain humans.}"
  22. Talius' dialogue: "{153}{}{Their leader is the head of a mutant army. What he does is take pure humans and transform them. I'm not quite sure, because I was knocked unconscious before the process.}"
    "{215}{}{There isn't much that I know about him. Last I saw him, before my untimely transformation, he was searching for pure humans.}"
    "{223}{}{Once, I was as you are now - a pure human. But, through the intervention of Nightkin, I was taken to some place far removed from here.}"
  23. Terry's dialogue: "{1007}{}{Normals}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{1107}{}{Wimpier than ghouls.}"
  24. Cut contentIcon cut.png Uthern's dialogue: "{101}{}{Normie! How dare you enter the confines of your betters?}" Cut contentIcon cut.png
  25. Mutant transmissions
  26. Vree's autopsy report
  27. Richard Grey's audio diary
  28. ZAX 1.2's data: "{112}{}{Tell me about this installation.}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{117}{}{This installation was established in 2055 as a biological research facility for experimental cures of the New Plague. However, in 2071, this facility was placed under United States military command.}"
    "{111}{}{What kind of research?}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{118}{}{Research into possible cures for the New Plague created the Forced Evolution Virus, which was further developed in an attempt to create a transmittable genetic-engineering virus -- in effect, infectious evolution.}"
    "{157}{}{My research into the Forced Evolution Virus, or FEV, indicates that it is a shifting-absorptive virus. It copies DNA patterns much like RNA, storing these patterns in exons.}"
    "{158}{}{These exons, combined with the FEV, are re-injected into the host cells in typical viral infectious fashion. This causes the host cells to 'regenerate' their DNA.}"
    "{159}{}{How do you catch FEV?}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{160}{}{Why isn't FEV affected by radiation?}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{161}{}{If the FEV re-infects the host with its assimilated viral patterns, how does it make a 'better specimen'?}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{162}{}{FEV is not 'caught', per se. It is not air-transmittable. Typically, infection is through injection, or direct physical contact with an FEV sample.}"
    "{164}{}{Why isn't FEV affected by radiation?}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{165}{}{If the FEV re-infects the host with its assimilated viral patterns, how does it make a 'better specimen'?}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{166}{}{The FEV is a megavirus, with a protein sheath reinforced by ionized hydrogen. It is therefore capable of absorbing neutrons without becoming radioactive.}"
    "{168}{}{If the FEV re-infects the host with its assimilated viral patterns, how does it make a 'better specimen'?}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{169}{}{The FEV is pre-programmed with introns of corrected DNA appropriate to the proper type of species. It therefore attempts to correct the DNA of the individual.}"
    "{170}{}{However, as the FEV is partially reliant upon the DNA of the individual, and also includes portions of its own recursive code, the effects can be unpredictable.}"
    "{171}{}{When inoculated into an individual with significant genetic damage, such as through radiation, it will cause the body's systems to suffer massive overhauling, leading to organ failure and death.}"
    "{172}{}{In a genetically viable individual, it re-writes portions of DNA, causing accelerated mutation, usually leading to recursive growth due to the FEV's own patterns.}"
    "{173}{}{This recursive growth leads to an increase in muscle and brain mass, but is often accompanied by disfigurement and damage to existing neural patterns, causing loss of memory.}"
    '"{174}{}{What potential long-term side effects exist?}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{175}{}{Could FEV mutation be corrected with a counter-virus?}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{178}{}{As the FEV causes constant regenerative update to DNA, it would effectively render the subject largely immortal, as cell death would be offset by augmented growth.}"
    "{179}{}{Additionally, as the gametes of the reproductive system consist of 'half-cells' using split DNA, they could be perceived as 'damage' by FEV, which would 'repair' them, rendering the subject sterile.}"
    "{180}{}{However, as my laboratory facilities are damaged beyond repair, this is conjectural. I cannot offer physical proof. You will have to, in human terms, 'take my word for it.'}"
    "{181}{}{Could FEV mutation be corrected with a counter-virus?}" (The Vault Dweller)
    "{184}{}{No. FEV does not retain unaltered original copies of the subject's DNA. Only a virus which re-infected the subject with original DNA could reverse the effects. Additionally, there is no known way to remove the FEV itself.}"
    "{185}{}{What potential long-term side effects exist?}" (The Vault Dweller)
  29. Mad scientist's dialogue: "{147}{}{Oh, you know, when we got that last batch of pure-strain humans in... I think there is still one in the holding pens. Why do you ask?}"
  30. ECMSTAMY.MSG: "{101}{}{Master says bring all normies to him.}"
    "{102}{}{All normies must be dipped.}"
    "{103}{}{Squish the normie!}"
  31. Set's dialogue: "{112}{}{Normies. Everywhere, normies.}"
  32. Jing Tie Gahng's dialogue: "{110}{}{I swear, there are more subhumans running around every single day. Shoo! Shoo!}"
  33. Marcus' dialogue: "{146} {mcs14} {Oh, what sinkhole are you from? Muties and normals made peace a long time ago.}"
  34. John: "{120}{}{Hello there. My name’s Lumpy.}"
    The Chosen One: "{121}{}{That’s sort of an unusual name. How did you come by it?}"
    John: "{130}{}{Well, my real name’s John -- but everyone here just call me Lumpy.}"
    The Chosen One: "{131}{}{Why Lumpy?}"
    John: "{180}{}{Well, it’s sort of a joke. You see, they usually call people like you and me smoothskins. But I was treated so poorly by other Smoothskins down in Vault City that everyone here figured that I must be more lumpy than they are.}"
    The Chosen One: "{181}{}{Why were you treated poorly in Vault City?}"
    John: "{200}{}{Well, they said I wasn’t human enough for them. I’m sorta radiation resistant -— perfect for here. But they didn’t like it. Treated me like dirt.}"
    The Chosen One: "{201}{}{Really?}"
    John: "{210}{}{One day I just couldn’t take it anymore. I figured that dying out in the Wastes was better than living with those assholes in Vault City.}"
    The Chosen One: "{211}{}{How’d you end up here, then?}"
    John: "{220}{}{Well, a caravan from Broken Hills found me and brought me here. I’ve been here ever since. One thing about the ghouls here is that they care more about what kind of person you are inside. It’s like a big family.}"
    The Chosen One: "{221}{}{Broken Hills? Where are those?}"
    John: "{230}{}{Broken Hills is where we get all the uranium that we need for the atomic reactor from. From what I understand, the uranium is mined by mutants down there. But they have humans trade the stuff for them.}"
    The Chosen One: "{231}{}{Why do they have humans trade the stuff for them?}"
    John: "{250}{}{Well, because they trade uranium to Vault City, too. Vault City treats anyone that’s not a pure strain human just like lepers. So, Broken Hills uses human traders. Some guy named Chad, I think.}"
  35. Super mutant miner's dialogue: "{134}{}{Cameron's the leader of the normal humans here. He doesn't much like mutants or ghouls, but he treats us okay. He's a politician, so you'll usually find him at the bank or the saloon. Sometimes you can even find him working at the blacksmith. Anything else? And where am I, anyway? Oh yeah' so' anything else?}"
  36. Typhon's dialogue: "{160}{}{Yep. Used to have some, but all the pure-strain humans stole 'em to make their own little Gardens of Eden. Vault City might be your best bet to find one. Either there or NCR to the south.}"
  37. Myron dialogue: "{2685}{myn243}{A city to the northeast. Buncha "genetically pure" humans. They got their noses so high in the air they'll drown when it rains.}"
  38. Charles Curling's dialogue: "{143}{}{The final resort of all tiny-minded primitives. It's so easy to see what separates you from real humans like us.}"
    "{145}{}{You fucking bigot. You need to be put away, right now.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{146}{}{I don't see that there's much I need to talk about with a mutant. Soon, when real humans retake the planet for their own, you'll just be another unfortunate reminder of the war. }"
    "{147}{}{Real humans? What are you talking about? I'm as human as you are.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{153}{}{Shouldn't I be? Our research on the villagers clearly shows changes to their DNA. It's a natural result of all the background radiation.}"
    "{154}{}{So what if our DNA is a little different?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{155}{}{I don't know what that means exactly, but so what if we're a little different?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{156}{}{No, not really. You're actually rather different, at least your DNA is. A rather unfortunate effect of generations of background radiation, I assume.}"
    "{157}{}{So what if our DNA is a little different?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{158}{}{I don't know what that means, but so what if we're a little different?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{159}{}{Oh, your DNA, is more than just a *little* different. It's quite different. If I weren't so pressed for time by the Project I'd be interested in running further tests on your people, other than the F.E.V. toxicological study, of course. Fascinating work really.}"
    "{160}{}{What did you want to know about?}"
    "{161}{}{How's our DNA different?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{162}{}{You're running tests on my tribe?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{163}{}{What the hell is "the Project?"}" (The Chosen One)
    "{165}{}{There are a number of, primarily, very subtle changes. I haven't had time to look into the ramifications of the changes yet though. Also, I'd have to backtrack to isolate your initial gene-stock before I could hazard any ideas on the direction the changes are taking. All in all though, the information is clear enough.}"
    "{166}{}{What is clear enough? What information?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{168}{}{Why the information that you and your tribe are no longer human, of course. Since your tribe has only been out of a vault (let's see Vault 13 wasn't it?) for some eighty-odd years, anyone out longer is certain to have been even more compromised. Yes, I'm afraid that the conclusion is unavoidable.}"
    "{169}{}{Conclusion? What conclusion?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{170}{}{Why, I thought that I had made myself perfectly clear. The conclusion that you, and all your kind, are no longer human. In order to retake the earth and to maintain the integrity of the human race, all you mutants will have to be destroyed.}"
    "{171}{}{Destroyed? What do you mean?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{172}{}{The Project that the Enclave has dedicated itself to these past several decades has been the reestablishment of the human race upon the continental United States. God Bless America.}"
    "{173}{}{That doesn't sound as though it would take decades to achieve.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{175}{}{Oh, just establishing an outpost wouldn't take long. We've all ready done that at Navarro. But it has taken a long time to work out the proper method for the eradication procedure.}"
    "{176}{}{Eradication procedure?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{177}{}{Why yes, we can't move back to the mainland only to risk contamination by all of the mutated near-humans there. In order to make the United States safe for humanity, all of the mutants must first be exterminated.}"
    "{179}{}{Exterminated? How are you going to do that?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{180}{}{I don't think so. I prefer to see it as social Darwinism at its finest. The survival of those best able to assure their own reproduction. The success of future generations, of the whole human race, depends upon us.}"
    "{181}{}{Change is probably the one universal constant. Just because we're different doesn't make us bad. If anything, we're living proof of humanity's resilience. As such, we deserve to survive even *more* than your people do.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{182}{}{Have you stopped to consider that even though we're different that we're just as human as you are?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{184}{}{I hadn't ever stopped to think about it that way'. Please, give me a minute, while I think this over very carefully.}"
    "{185}{}{That's OK. Take your time, doctor. It's a big concept to swallow.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{187}{}{That's preposterous. You're no more like me than a mutated, two-headed, cow is like a normal heifer.}"
    "{188}{}{If there were mono-headed cows at one time, they've long since died out. But the cow, as a species, has survived and grown stronger. Change is an integral part of the natural order.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{189}{}{Killing everyone on the mainland is just plain wrong.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{191}{}{You're kind clearly isn't capable of understanding what I'm trying to tell you. It's hopeless. You should leave now.}"
    "{192}{}{Well, I tried. Time to die, bigot.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{194}{}{Toxicological studies on the effectiveness of the F.E.V. toxin, yes.}"
    "{195}{}{The F.E.V. toxin? What's that?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{196}{}{Let me ask you about something else.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{197}{}{The F.E.V. toxin. It's the perfect solution for this difficult problem.}"
    "{198}{}{What's the F.E.V. toxin?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{200}{}{One of our patrols found the research data, and several samples, about the F.E.V. virus in a former military research base that had been almost completely destroyed.}"
    "{201}{}{Okay, now I know where you found it, but what does it do?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{202}{}{The F.E.V. was initially designed as a virus that was supposed to turn humans into super-soldiers. That experiment seems to have been an utter failure, although I did try a modification of the virus on one of our Secret Service agents with some success.}"
    "{203}{}{Great for you, but how does that have anything to do with eradicating everyone?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{204}{}{Oh, yes, well, I was getting to that'.The F.E.V. virus bond is species specific, it will only bond with human glyco-proteins. It only took a few years to tweak the F.E.V. virus to make it more lethal than it all ready was. The result was just what the doctor ordered, perfect in every way. }"
    "{205}{}{Perfect? How so?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{206}{}{Isn't it obvious, my mutated friend? The F.E.V. is, thanks to me, a lethal toxin, and thanks to some mysterious genius named, rather dramatically, the Master, it only works on humans, mutated or not.}"
    "{207}{}{So?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{208}{}{That means that we have the perfect disposal device for all of the near-human mutants infecting the globe. }"
    "{209}{}{I still don't understand how that's *perfect.*}" (The Chosen One)
    "{210}{}{I've got to ask you about some of your other crazy ideas.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{211}{}{The F.E.V. toxin will only attack to humans, leaving everything else alive, better still, within a month all the mutants will be dead and the F.E.V. toxin will die out as soon as it runs out of hosts. }"
    "{212}{}{There can't be enough verti-birds here to spread the toxin all over the globe.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{213}{}{I'm going to make you a host to some high-energy projectiles. Say your prayers.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{214}{}{You're right, there aren't. But we don't need them. We have a release system that will spray the F.E.V. toxin straight from the vats to the outside atmosphere. The jetstream will take care of the rest. Global saturation within two weeks.}"
    "{215}{}{Two weeks?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{216}{}{Yes, two weeks for the virus to spread, another month or so for it to run its course and then the United States will be ready for recolonization by real humans. Our species will have been saved.}"
    "{217}{}{You really think you're doing the right thing don't you?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{218}{}{Aren't you the great humanitarian. I've got to get out of here before I have to kill you. Goodbye.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{219}{}{Your species may make it but you're sure not going to.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{220}{}{Yes, I do. There is no price too high to pay for the survival of one's species.}"
    "{221}{}{I'd agree with you on that. Has it occurred to you that the *mutants* as you call them are just another type of human?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{222}{}{I'd have to agree with you, doc. I think I'll strike a blow for us mutants. Starting with you!}" (The Chosen One)
    "{223}{}{I told you I need a moment to think this over.}"
    "{224}{}{I really do need some time to think.}"
    "{228}{}{I hate to admit this but you may be right. What we've been planning all along just isn't right. I was so blinded by trying to overcome the obstacles that I didn't think about the morality of my quest.}"
    "{229}{}{Well, now that you've thought about it. You should destroy the toxin.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{230}{}{That might'. No, that wouldn't work.}"
    "{231}{}{Why not?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{232}{}{Because they'd just start over. Even with me dead, there's enough data between here and Navarro to assure that they could replicate my work. Only something more drastic will be enough.}"
    "{233}{}{More drastic? What do you mean?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{234}{}{The Enclave must be destroyed. Completely destroyed. If we're not, then we'll just pick up the pieces and start over somewhere else.}"
    "{235}{}{I'm sorry to hear that. Uh, Doctor, how do you suggest that the Enclave be destroyed?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{236}{}{I think that the best way is to just release the F.E.V. toxin into the air-filtration system. Since the Enclave is a sealed system that should take care of everyone.}"
    "{237}{}{What about my people? Or me? Or you, for that matter?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{238}{}{I can release the antidote into the air-system for all the cells. The detention level is served by a separate air system from the rest of the Enclave. Everyone will think that I'm just running another test. You, I can inoculate directly, here and now. (he reaches for you with a syringe)}"
    "{239}{}{Ouch, thanks Doc. What happens when the F.E.V. toxin is released?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{240}{}{Hey, wait a minute, you're not sticking me with that thing!}" (The Chosen One)
    "{241}{}{It's not pretty. You should leave as soon as possible. But I'd rather have the weight of a thousand on my conscience than several hundred-thousand. Our time is through here. We had our chance.}"
    "{242}{}{How can I free my people from the detention area?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{243}{}{You should probably shut down the power. I know that the reactor is controlled by a large computer near the reactor bay but I don't know exactly what you'd need to do to shut the reactor down.}"
    "{244}{}{Thanks for the information you've given me. Your sacrifice will be remembered by all the peoples of the earth.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{245}{}{About time for you to come to your senses you old coot. Now get moving.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{259}{}{Don't you understand? Without it you'll be dead in a matter of hours.}"
    "{260}{}{Oh, well, if that's the case. Stick away, doc. What happens when the F.E.V. toxin is released?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{261}{}{No needles, no way, no how. I'll take my chances.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{262}{}{You'll never make it to free your people unless you're inoculated. What's the matter? Afraid of a little prick?}"
    "{263}{}{No, I guess not. As long as I don't watch you do it. Youch! So, what happens when you release the F.E.V. toxin?}" (The Chosen One)
  39. Martin Frobisher's dialogue: "{142}{}{They took us all from our vault because they wanted test subjects for the antidote. They needed people from outside the Enclave, and who were still pure-strain-humans. So they took us.}"
  40. Dick Richardson's dialogue: "{103}{prs1a}{You there, what are you doing outside of the reconditioning center?}"
    "{109}{prs2a}{Ah, affected by the test serums, I see. Um, I'll get you some help. Guards!}"
    "{110}{prs2b}{Doctor, I think you've been exposed to the F.E.V. Poor soul, I'll get you some help. Guards!}"
    "{111}{prs2c}{Be a good mutant and stay put. Guards!}"
    "{123}{prs5a}{Hello, doctor. Do you have a report? Good news, I hope. Our salvation is in your team's hands.}"
    "{124}{prs5b}{You there, shouldn't you be working on the Project? Mankind's salvation depends on you.}"
    "{128}{prs6}{Oh, that's quite all right. All those inoculation shots would disorient anyone.}"
    "{129}{}{Inoculation shots? What do you mean?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{130}{}{I guess I do feel a bit groggy. But knowing that I'm helping my country makes it all seem worthwhile.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{145}{prs11a_a}{For your information, the guards have orders to shoot me rather than let anyone or anything endanger the Project. I... wouldn't be of any use as a hostage.}"
    "{146}{prs11b}{You don't really expect that to work do you? Ha! If you try it, my guards have orders to shoot me rather than let anything, or anyone, endanger the Project. I'm staying right here. Now, are you going to shoot me or not?}"
    "{148}{}{The Project? What Project?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{192}{prs23}{That's a shame. A conversation with a genuine mutant like you? It'd certainly paint me a picture of what life's like in that radioactive hell on the mainland.}"
    "{193}{}{Mutant? Why are you calling me a mutant?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{194}{}{Radioactive hell? You don't get out much, do you?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{201}{prs27}{He's one of the bravest men I know. He volunteered to try one of the early versions of the F.E.V. toxin antidote. (sigh) Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out the way we'd hoped.}"
    "{202}{}{You mean that wasn't what you'd hoped for?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{203}{prs28}{It's tiny mocking minds like yours that prove the superiority of real humans over mutants.}"
    "{204}{}{He's still a gibbering idiot.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{205}{}{Why are you calling me a mutant?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{206}{prs29}{He may yet come around. In fact, there may even be some unforeseen benefits. His spelling ability has actually improved.}"
    "{207}{}{I'm happy for you. But why did you call me a mutant?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{208}{prs30}{Because you are. Your tribe's DNA has changed since your ancestor left the vault. Unavoidable. All that background radiation you've been exposed to.}"
    "{209}{}{OK, so I'm a mutant. Guess what smart guy, you're about to become a dead pure-strain human.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{210}{}{So we're mutants. So what.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{211}{}{Creatures change all the time. It's called evolution. Without that change you and I would still be two bits of protoplasmic goo.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{212}{prs31}{We try to keep ourselves safe and secure from radiation. That's what separates humans - like me - from mutants like you.}"
    "{213}{}{Why do you keep calling me a mutant?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{222}{prs35}{We had a number of sanctuaries that would enable the glorious American civilization to endure. These facilities - the vaults - were part of the great plan.}"
    "{223}{}{Those damn vaults didn't work the way they were supposed to. A lot of people in them died.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{224}{prs36}{Actually, they worked almost exactly the way they were supposed to. You might call it a social experiment on a grand scale. }"
    "{225}{}{An experiment?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{226}{prs36a}{The vaults were set up to test humanity. Some had not enough food synthesizers, others had only men in them, yet others were designed to open after only 6 months. They each had a unique set of circumstances designed to test the occupants.}"
    "{227}{}{What about Vault 13? What was it's purpose?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{228}{prs37}{Ahh. Vault 13 was a special case. It was supposed to remain closed until the subjects were needed. Vault 13 was, in scientific parlance, a control group.}"
    "{229}{}{But they would all have died if my ancestor didn't get them a replacement water chip. That doesn't seem to fit in with your plan.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{230}{prs38}{An unfortunate, and unforeseen, accident. However, as it turns out, a rather fortuitous one.}"
    "{231}{}{What do you mean?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{232}{prs39}{As it turns out we needed test subjects from untainted, pre-war, human stock - your ancestors in Vault 13 - and some freshly mutated stock - the villagers from Arroyo.}"
    "{233}{}{Why?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{234}{prs39a}{For the Project. It's almost ready. Humanity's salvation is almost at hand and the United States of America will be the progenitor of that rebirth.}"
    "{235}{}{Rebirth? What do you mean?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{236}{prs40a}{The only way for true humans, and democracy, to be safe is to cleanse the mutants from the globe. We humans will take back that which is rightfully ours.}"
    "{237}{prs40b}{The Project will cleanse all the mutants from our fair land - and the rest of the globe. Once again, America will be the world's policeman.}"
    "{238}{}{I'm a true human, too.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{239}{}{Cleanse the mutants? That sounds a bit drastic. How are you going to do that?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{240}{prs41}{We found a research facility in operational shape about 70 years ago. A former military base that had been used to research a special virus.}"
    "{241}{}{A virus?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{242}{prs42}{Yes, the F.E.V. virus. It was originally developed to turn soldiers into super-warriors but it failed. The warriors were tough and strong, but far too stupid. However, our brilliant Chemical Corps altered it.}"
    "{243}{}{Altered the virus? Why?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{244}{prs43}{To turn it into a staggeringly effective killer. Any humanoid that isn't inoculated against its effects before its release, will die. That is the Project.}"
    "{245}{}{That's insane.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{246}{prs43a}{No, no. That's humanity's last, best, hope. That's what we've been working towards all these years.}"
    "{247}{}{Great, so you have all this poison and no way to spread it around.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{248}{prs44}{We've run short of certain critical chemicals. We can get them from the drug labs of New Reno. If the mutant-mobsters use our guns to kill each other, just saves us the trouble.}"
    "{252}{prs46a}{I'm sure you think so. But tests performed on your tribesmen have all shown that you are guilty of mutation. It's a damn good thing the Project is ready.}"
    "{253}{}{Why?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{254}{prs46b}{Some of the members of your tribe are showing some extremely interesting changes. If the danger to true humanity weren't so great I would think about studying them. But that's not to be.}"
    "{255}{}{Not to be? Why not?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{256}{prs47}{Oh, but that's one of the advantages of the F.E.V. virus. We can release it right here and the jetstream will carry it worldwide. It'll have plenty of time to cleanse every nook and cranny of the globe.}"
    "{257}{}{OK. Then why did you have to kidnap my villagers and the people from Vault 13?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{258}{prs48}{Test subjects. Your villagers are all descended from vault stock and we had to make sure that the F.E.V. toxin was still effective. The subjects from Vault 13 test that and an inoculation against the FEV.}"
    "{259}{}{You're not testing the inoculation on my people?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{260}{prs48a}{It's hardly necessary. I'm sure we could and it would work, but there's no reason to do so.}
    "{261}{}{Did it ever occur to you that what you're doing is wrong?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{262}{prs49}{Never. Part of the president's job is to make the tough decisions. A lot of near-humans will sacrifice their lives for the return of humanity. Humans will prevail.}"
    "{263}{}{There's no way in hell that I can let you do this.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{264}{}{Just because everyone out there doesn't have an exact copy of your DNA that doesn't give you a license to exterminate them.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{265}{prs50}{You can't stop it. The tests are complete and the toxin is ready for release. In hours, your villagers will be the first to make the ultimate sacrifice. The other mutants will follow. An unfortunate footnote in the continuing history of the human race.}"
    {266}{}{Why don't we start that footnote off with your epitaph, Mr. President?}"
    (The Chosen One)
    "{267}{prs51}{Oh, I don't relish this decision. If there was another way- but there isn't. No price is too high for the survival of the human race. If you were human, you'd feel the same way.}
    "{268}{}{You really believe that, don't you?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{269}{prs53}{Yes, I do. Even killing me won't help you. There's nothing you can do to stop the release.}"
    "{270}{}{Maybe I'll just figure out a way to give you a taste of your own medicine.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{273}{prs54}{You could try, I suppose, but soon the staff of the Enclave and Navarro will be inoculated.}"
    "{274}{}{They aren't already?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{275}{prs55}{We just have to distribute the supplies. A matter of hours. Besides, the Enclave is a sealed unit. No air or contaminants get in or get out.}"
    "{276}{}{We'll see. In the meantime, I'm taking you out of the picture, personally.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{277}{prs56}{You might find that tougher than you think. If you do, I'll go to my reward knowing that I died a patriot and a servant of humanity.}"
    "{280}{prs57}{Very moving. But the radical changes your villagers and other mutants show is a far cry from the gradual changes of natural evolution. }"
    "{281}{}{Maybe we're changing into a better version of the human race. Did you ever think of that?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{282}{prs58}{Very possible, indeed. In which case, our mission is even more vital to the survival of the human race. }"
    {283}{}{Huh? What do you mean by that?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{284}{prs59}{That's the spirit. God bless America. You should probably get back to your isolation ward now, though.}"
    "{287}{prs60}{Why, against the F.E.V. toxin, of course. Damn brave sacrifice you and the other members of Vault 13 are making. On behalf of the United States government, and all humanity, I thank you. Now, we better get you back to your ward.}"
    "{288}{}{F.E.V. toxin? What the hell are you talking about? What's going on here?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{291}{prs61}{So what? If your kind is allowed to flourish it'll mean the end of the human race as we know it. We can't allow radioactive freaks to squeeze humans into extinction.}"
    "{292}{}{I think you're overestimating things a bit.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{293}{prs62}{Not at all. Look to the future. Sure muties and men could get along for a while, but before you know it, the numeric pressure of your kind would tell. No, a line must be drawn in the sand - the buck stops here.}"
    "{294}{}{What do you intend to do about this so called threat?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{295}{}{I don't have time to listen to your bigoted, mad ravings. Goodbye.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{296}{prs63}{The government of the United States of America has been working towards a solution for quite some time.}"
    "{297}{}{How so? What are you doing here?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{298}{prs64}{I assure you, I'm quite sane, as is everyone on the Project. We're dedicated to the salvation of the human race. You can call single-minded dedication to a cause madness, I suppose, but if so, it's divine madness.}"
    "{299}{}{What are you talking about? What are you doing here?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{300}{}{How about my single-minded dedication to killing you right now?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{301}{}{You're mad. I don't have time for your lunacy right now. Goodbye.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{302}{prs65}{I don't think this tired old planet's big enough for two top dogs. If it's us or you.... Well, I'm going to choose us.}"
    "{303}{}{I don't think you get to make that kind of choice.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{304}{prs66}{As the embodiment of the executive branch, I bear the burden of ensuring the survival and prosperity of the United States and of humanity itself. A heavy burden and yet if it means the return of the earth to our children and to their children, I bear it gladly.}"
    "{305}{}{How do you intend to do that? What are you doing here?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{306}{}{Let me remove your burden. Permanently.}" (The Chosen One)
    "{307}{}{It must be nice in your dimension. See you later, Mr. Nutcake.}" (The Chosen One)
  41. Henry's dialogue: "{111}{}{The Chosen One? Of course, that makes sense. Interesting... I'm afraid I can't help you. I was assigned to cyber-genetics research, not the Vault Behavioral Project.}"
    "{119}{}{What's this about cyber-genetics?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{121}{}{Oh, it's a whole new field - very exciting. Why I'm working on some projects right now - a radical new concept for the mutant problem. You see, it's really quite simple - mutancy isn't absolute. It can be cured.}"
    "{122}{}{Of course, my simple-minded colleagues were just trying to solve the whole problem the crudest way possible. Purification, indeed. I'll admit there were some early problems, but I've got them worked out now...I think.}"
    "{125}{}{In fact, you could help me perform the field testing. Interested?}"
    "{126}{}{Field testing? What do you mean?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{128}{}{I've prepared a small sample of the serum but it needs to be injected into a host.}"
    "{129}{}{I'm not letting you stick any needles in me!}" (The Chosen One)
    "{131}{}{You? Oh, no - the serum's not refined enough to handle such a low mutagenic quotient. It must be used on a super-mutant. Inject the serum into a super-mutant and then come back and report the results. I understand Broken Hills is full of them.}"
    "{132}{}{What's it do?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{134}{}{Well, it should cause a regression in the genetic matrix that results in the destabilization and assimilation of abberant DNA, leaving the host free of mutagenic potential. If I knew for sure, I wouldn't need you to test it.}"
    "{135}{}{What's in it for me?}" (The Chosen One)
    "{136}{}{You'll be participating in an important experiment, in fact, the most important, scientific-oh, you mean money. Well, I do have a Cyber-Hound Mk. II, Personal Security Model, that I brought with me. I suppose I could have it activated and on-line by the time you got back. Would that do?}"
    "{148}{}{It killed him! You said it would cure mutants!}" (The Chosen One)
    "{150}{}{You misunderstood. I said it would remove their mutagenic potential. The process does seem violent on the system, though. Oh well, more refining to do.}"
    "{157}{}{...so the mutation rate stablizes over-don't bother me now.}"
  42. Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.36: Strangers
    "Some characters were once human, but have been changed into something else in the years since the bombs scorched the land. Both Ghouls and Super-Mutants were changed by man—one accidentally, one intentionally."
    "Ghouls were once humans, but they were caught outside of a protective Vault when the bombs dropped. The same radiation that turned their flesh into parched leather has given them an incredibly long life span. Those closest to the blast zones are still so radioactive that they continue to glow. These Glowing Ones, as they're called, have had some of their intellect burned away as well. Shunned by the people of the Wastes, most Ghouls have little to live for."
    Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.37: Super-Mutants
    "The Master created Super-Mutants after the bombs fell by using a specially designated virus (the F.E.V. virus) to turn pure-strain humans into powerful warriors. The Super-Mutants thus created were to become the Master's own personal army of shock troops. However the virus didn't work as anticipated. The humans turned into powerful brutes, but as their muscles grew, their minds shriveled. The more intelligent Mutants were given uniforms as a mark of rank and authority, but they were few in number. Now, 80 years after the Master's defeat, fewer still Super-Mutants remain alive. Most humans fear Super-Mutants—few places offer them peace."
    "The day of the Master's Mutant army is now passed, but some people say that the experiments continue. The worst horrors are always created in the name of science and progress."
    "However, whatever the source, help and companionship should not be scorned. Companions can make the burdens you must face much more bearable and obstacles much easier to overcome."
  43. NhMyron.msg