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LocationIn you' face!
DateWhenever stupidity is discovered...
ResultUtter humiliation!
Perk wild wasteland.pngThe following is based on the Wild Wasteland trait and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Facepalms are re-occuring events, usually distributed by men of great virtue and skill, and only occurs when utter stupidity has been uttered.

Facepalm's in chats[edit | edit source]

Facepalm's are most commonly found in chatrooms, just like the Vaults own... That is because those places are rife with ignorance and stupidity, the Facepalm's two main sources of nourishment. The results vary, but oftenly the victim finds him/herself utterly humiliated, and stricken with a sudden urge to STFU.

Prohibition[edit | edit source]

Recently, BillyOcean prohibited the use of Facepalms, except in extreme circumstances. Of course, this doesn't extend to the fearsome members of the Cazaclaw Nation, who may Facepalm with impunity on their own lands. Some wanderers even claim that BillyOcean hired the cazaclaws to hunt down any rogue Facepalmers, so use at your own risk.

The art of Facepalming[edit | edit source]

Not everyone can Facepalm. It takes years of training, and a profound talent, to perfectly perform a Facepalm. This is a simple guide:

  • 1, Read stupidity. Weep on the inside at its dumbness.
  • 2, Slowly take your right hand, and apply it to your face, whilst simultanously performing a deep sigh.
  • 3, Done.

This takes many years to master. Do not try this at home, as it might result in various injuries. People with the Paralyzing Palm perk should avoid pursuing a career as Facepalmers, as they usually just knock themselves out.

Notable users[edit | edit source]

  • Cazaclaws are known masters of the art of the Facepalm, especially the albinos. Within the Cazaclaw Nation, one is required to be able to Facepalm effectively without completely severing their own face as a right of passage.

Gallery[edit | edit source]