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She has seen war. There is not a part of her that did not see blood and destruction... Yet we must remember that she has also seen peace, beauty, elightenment... Yes, her scars are plentiful... Yes, she is horribly disfigured... But I could never abandon her. Why? Because she's mine. My Europa...

— Fallout: Europa
Tagz profile pic.png
Biography and appearance
RaceHomo Sapiens Felis
RankBastard administrator
LocationFormer European Commonwealth
Polish Ashlands (previously)
Konigsreich Harz (previously)
The POZ (Poznański Obszar Zdemilitaryzowany)
AlignmentChaotic Good
7 PE
6 EN
6 CH
8 IN
5 AG
8 LK
Tag SkillsSpeech
Small Guns
Friend of the Night
Mental Block

Tagaziel is the bastard administrator of the Vault, hailing from the Polish wastelands in what used to be the eastern European Commonwealth.

He's one of the Wicked inhabiting post nuclear Europa, a cynical idealist with a big gun and contempt for undeserved authority. Friendly, but with a short temper and volatile personality once set off. He is a scavenger by trade, a lore master by choice, focusing on learning as much about the past as possible.

My armory

Anarchist armor

A customized combat suit, worn together with a Trans-Palestinian shemagh and tiger stripe camo fatigues. The bulk of protection is provided by an imported American suit of combat armor, custom painted to fit Tagz' aggressive personality. Intended for situations where mobility isn't as important as protection.

Heretic armor

A black suit of lightweight armour fitted over a vest weaved of bulletproof fibre, worn together with grey trousers (treated for extra rad resistance), a reinforced 418th Polish Desert Corps duster and a vintage service cap of the Republic's armed forces. Typically used with heavy weaponry that requires more mobility than the Anarchist armour affords.

Fallen Angel armor

By far the best suit in Tagaziel's arsenal, the dark Fallen Angel armor was built to last. While the polymer armour plates and the dark Canada pattern coat offer superb protection from environmental hazards and shrapnel, the main body, carried over from the Heretic armor, confers good protection for key organs without compromising mobility.


My FNV Mods

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