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Utility coveralls

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Utility Coveralls
EffectsCarry weight +5
ModificationsLining (Unlocked by Tinker Tom of the Railroad)
Editor IDClothesSturgesBeltAddons
Base ID00039a66
00237686 (Deacon)

Utility coveralls is an outfit-type item in Fallout 4.

Background[edit | edit source]

A versatile outfit for the wasteland mechanic, combining a workshirt, thick, padded gloves for heavy work, and a pair of overall trousers with an utility belt filled with a broad variety of useful items. These include a radio, wrench, hammer, pair of screwdrivers, and a roll of duct tape. A pair of goggles hang from the neck.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

This item provides the following: Carry Weight +5.

Modifications[edit | edit source]

This item has the following modification slots: Lining (Unlocked by Tinker Tom of the Railroad).

Locations[edit | edit source]