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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a dusty-looking traveler.}
{101}{}{You see a bar patron.}
{102}{}{You see a dusty-looking traveler.}
{103}{}{Hey! Everybody! It's the one who kicked the Enclave's ass!}
{104}{}{Congratulations, hero!}
{105}{}{Hey, hero! Lemme buy you a drink, all right?}
{106}{}{Looks like the Captain's slumming...}
{107}{}{Well, if it ain't the First Citizen's favorite toadie...}
{108}{}{Well, if it ain't th' "Captain..."}
{109}{}{Everybody watch out. The law just walked in.}
{110}{}{You slumming, Citizen?}
{111}{}{Don't you belong inside the city, "Citizen?"}
{112}{}{Damn Citizens just stroll on in whenever they feel like it...}
{113}{}{Whoa... that a mutant?!}
{114}{}{Clear out, boys. There's a mutant in the house.}
{115}{}{There's gonna be trouble if them guards see that mutant...}
{116}{}{They're letting *mutants* in here now?}
{117}{}{That mutant's gonna find himself in the Detention Center...}
{118}{}{Tell me that's not a ghoul.}
{119}{}{What's that *stink?!* Get that ghoul outta here!}
{120}{}{Get that filthy ghoul outta the bar!}
{121}{}{If that ghoul sheds any body parts in here, I'll gut him.}
{122}{}{That ghoul's gonna be target practice if the guards see him. }
{123}{}{Can barely afford a Day Pass nowadays...}
{124}{}{Brahmin prices keep going up...}
{125}{}{Gonna be a bad season if the drought continues...}
{126}{}{Slumming, Captain?}
{127}{}{Look, I ain't done nothing, Captain. I'm just minding my own business.}
{128}{}{I don't know nothing, Captain. Now leave me alone.}
{129}{}{Take a hike, "Captain."}
{130}{}{Looks like Lynette'll make anyone a Citizen nowadays.}
{131}{}{I already paid the guards their protection money. Now leave me alone.}
{132}{}{Slumming, Citizen?}
{133}{}{Maybe you better get inside the walls, Citizen.}
{134}{}{Beat it, Citizen.}
{135}{}{Take a hike, Citizen.}
{136}{}{Looks like Lynette'll make anyone a Citizen nowadays.}
{137}{}{That Smith's a nice fella.}
{138}{}{I don't think I'll ever be able to get a Day Pass.}
{139}{}{Don't drink the water around here. It makes geiger counters tick.}
{140}{}{Whenever those Citizens walk by, they don't make eye contact or say hello.}
{141}{}{Vault City may not love us, but at least they protect us.}
{142}{}{Watch out for that Autodoc. It cures you...most of the time. Just don't press your luck.}
{143}{}{Ed, the brahmin dealer, had to raise his prices again to meet the monthly guard payment.}
{144}{}{That Skeev let me slip some hootch into town for a percentage. }
{145}{}{Been on the road for the past week. Came from NCR, way down south.}
{146}{}{Some friends of mine went to Reno...ain't seen 'em since.}
{147}{}{I hear Reno's getting tense again. Them families hate each other.}
{148}{}{I hear those ghouls up at Gecko are planning to attack the city.}
{149}{}{Don't cross any of the Citizens or they'll slap you in the Detention Center.}
{150}{}{That Lynette is a cold one.}
{151}{}{Vault City ain't exactly a "free" city. It ain't bad, though.}
{152}{}{Vault City's better than the Den. Ain't as much fun, though.}