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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{I'm watching you, Outworlder.}
{101}{}{I think it's about time for you to leave.}
{102}{}{I don’t like the looks of you.}
{103}{}{Keep your nose clean, or I’ll take that Pass away.}
{104}{}{It’s past 6 PM. Time for you to return to the courtyard.}
{105}{}{Okay. I’ll leave right now.}
{106}{}{Okay. I’ll be going in a minute.}
{107}{}{I got things to do. I’ll go when I’m ready to go.}
{108}{}{Umag Nak!?! Umag NAK!}
{109}{}{Well, I’ll just make sure you get to the courtyard safe and sound. C'mon, let's go.}
{110}{}{Okay. Let’s go.}
{111}{}{Brog Frup}
{112}{}{I can find my own way.}
{113}{}{Sorry, got my orders. I’ll need to escort you to the other side of the gate.}
{114}{}{Okay... but I’m not happy about it. I may file a formal compla --}
{115}{}{Sorry, I've got *my* orders. I’m staying.}
{116}{}{(Leans in.) Look, it's been a *long* day, friend. Come with me, don't cause any trouble, and this day won't get any worse for either one of us. Understand?}
{117}{}{Okay, fine. I’ll go.}
{118}{}{Over my dead body!}
{119}{}{Vault City prevails, Citizen.}
{120}{}{Nice to see you, Citizen.}
{121}{}{Busy day, Citizen?}
{122}{}{After you, Citizen.}
{123}{}{Hello, traveler.}
{124}{}{Be about your business, Outworlder.}
{125}{}{Remember, you have until 6 PM.}
{126}{}{You're out of here after 6 PM.}
{127}{}{Look, I'm a Citizen.}
{128}{}{Nothing to report, Captain.}
{129}{}{Just keeping an eye on things here, Captain.}
{130}{}{Vault City prevails, Captain.}
{131}{}{Good day, Captain.}
{132}{}{You there! Halt! What is that ghoul doing here in Vault City?!}
{133}{}{You there! Halt! What is that mutant doing here in Vault City?!}
{134}{}{Breep-oop foop foop}
{135}{}{A ghoul? Where?}
{136}{}{A mutant? Where?}
{137}{}{He's with me.}
{138}{}{He's traveling with me. If any of you racists have a problem with that, maybe we should settle it right here and now.}
{139}{}{He's with you? Then you're coming with us. We're going back to the Courtyard where you... and that thing... belong.}
{140}{}{All right, we'll go peacefully.}
{141}{}{Why don't you try to escort us out of here? I guarantee it'll be an educational experience.}
{142}{}{Great, looks like we got us a pair of idiots. All right, dim.}
{143}{}{Very funny.}
{144}{}{You're coming with us. We're going back to the Courtyard where you... and that thing... belong.}
{146}{}{We go we go quiet-lee}
{147}{}{All right, we'll go peacefully.}
{148}{}{He's traveling with me. Any of you assholes have a problem with that, we can get down to shedding blood right now.}
{149}{}{You want to do this the hard way? Fine. Guards! Intruders!}
{151}{}{You're going to be dead before those friends of yours show up.}
{152}{}{Hey! It's the one who defeated the Enclave!}
{153}{}{Hey, congratulations on defeating the Enclave!}
{154}{}{Welcome to Vault City, hero!}
{155}{}{Your battle against the Enclave impressed even the First Citizen.}
{156}{}{I heard you've traveled as far south as San Francisco. Is that true?}
{157}{}{Is it true that the U.S. was still fighting the war?}
{158}{}{You should catalog your travels in the Vault City computer.}
{159}{}{You're welcome to stay in Vault City as long as you want.}
{160}{}{You should catalog your exploits against the Enclave and put it up on the List Server.}
{161}{}{I don't recognize you. Where's your papers?}
{162}{}{Here they are, "officer." I think you'll find everything in order.}
{163}{}{I don't have them on me at the moment, but --}
{164}{}{Hmmmm. All right, everything seems to be in order. Sorry to disturb you, Citizen. Vault City prevails.}
{165}{}{Yes. Vault City prevails.}
{166}{}{You're lucky I don't report you. Get out of here.}