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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see the Vats Control Computer.}
{101}{}{Access denied.}
{102}{}{Access granted. Command?}
{103}{}{Display security codes.}
{104}{}{Search logs.}
{105}{}{Uplink to medical computers.}
{106}{}{Set base to alert status.}
{113}{}{[Attempt to hack the firewall to get more data] Display security code encryption table.}
{114}{}{Executing 17652-1028-1285362}
{115}{}{Executing 67209-5574-7805564}
{116}{}{Executing 55658-8678-1251533}
{117}{}{Executing 31914-1041-1251514}
{118}{}{Executing 53478-2565-7763929}
{119}{}{Executing 44309-3674-1254730}
{120}{}{[You have successfully hacked into the encryption table.] Command?}
{121}{}{17652-1028-1285362 initiate 1 minute silent self destruct sequence}
{122}{}{67209-5574-7805564 initiate 30 second self destruct sequence and set base to alert}
{123}{}{55658-8678-1251533 set base to alert status}
{124}{}{31914-1041-1251514 initiate 3 minute silent self-destruct sequence}
{125}{}{53478-2565-7763929 initiate 3 minute self-destruct sequence and set base to alert}
{126}{}{44309-3674-1254730 immediate self-destruct}
{127}{}{Invalid command. End input session.}
{128}{}{Specify log you would like to review.}
{133}{}{Download log of Richard Grey?}
{135}{}{Return to main menu.}
{136}{}{Download log of Capt. Maxson?}
{138}{}{Return to main menu.}
{139}{}{Unexpected end of line. Bad data encountered. Command?}
{141}{}{Uplink successful. What is your command?}
{142}{}{What is the current status of the patients?}
{143}{}{Current status on patients as follows: FEV batch #23872-A consists of four male units and two female units. All individuals suffering from FEV exposure. Vital signs are within normal parameters. FEV process on all subjects is approxiamtely 50% complete. Expect full FEV transformation within 12 hours.}
{144}{}{I think something is happening to one of the patients. Is there anything I can do?}
{145}{}{Patient suffering arrhythmia. Display patient status logs.}
{146}{}{Available options are:}
{147}{}{Status report on individual patients.}
{148}{}{Shut down life support systems.}
{149}{}{Increase dosage of original DNA strands of subjects to 100%.}
{150}{}{Log off.}
{151}{}{Please enter authorization code.}
{152}{}{Authorization 3578X287A.}
{154}{}{Alpha Delta 287 Foxtrot}
{155}{}{[Attempt to hack the computer]}
{156}{}{Invalid authorization code. Command?}
{157}{}{Authorization code accepted. Please stand by. Accessing data. Ready to process request.}
{158}{}{Terminate life support systems on FEV batch #23872-A.}
{159}{}{Increase original DNA strand dosage to 100% on all subjects.}
{160}{}{Access granted. Which patient file would you like to examine?}
{161}{}{Patient file #23869.}
{162}{}{Patient file #23870.}
{163}{}{Patient file #23871.}
{164}{}{Patient file #23872.}
{165}{}{Patient file #23869. Subject: Male. Age 25. Radiation count: 40. FEV exposure: 50%. Original DNA strands remaining: 50%. Vital signs are high but within normal parameters.}
{166}{}{I would like to examine another patient file.}
{167}{}{Patient file #23870. Subject: Male. Age 23. Radiation count: 15. FEV exposure: 60%. Original DNA strands remaining: 40%. Vital signs are within normal parameters.}
{168}{}{Patient file #23781. Subject: Female. Age 20. Radiation count: 10. FEV exposure: 55%. Original DNA strands remaining: 45%. Vital signs are within normal parameters.}
{169}{}{Patient file #23782. Subject: Male. Age 26. Radiation count: 35. FEV exposure: 60%. Original DNA strands remaining: 40%. Vital signs are above normal but within acceptable parameters.}
{170}{}{Are you sure you wish to terminate the life support systems on FEV batch #23872-A?}
{171}{}{FEV batch #23872-A terminated. Command?}
{174}{}{Are you sure you wish to increase the dosage? Auto-correction will be disabled if you do this.}
{175}{}{Increasing dosage of original DNA to 100%. WARNING: Auto-correction has been disabled.}
{176}{}{You manage to get an interface screen out of the vats control computer.}
{177}{}{You try to use the computer, but are unable to get any useful information out of it.}
{178}{}{You try to use the computer, but the system is too complex for you to understand easily. You'll have to keep trying.}
{179}{}{The explosion destroys the vat control system. Without regulation, it will certainly cycle out of control in minutes.}
{180}{}{You slide the security card across the terminal's reader. The terminal clicks and whirrs, and an unencrypted screen comes up.}
{181}{}{[Exit system]}

{200}{}{You notice that the maintenance panel is removed, exposing the fragile computer components.}