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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Martin.}
{101}{}{You see a slack-jawed man who keeps blinking rapidly.}
{102}{}{You see Martin.}
{103}{}{You see a slack-jawed man who keeps blinking rapidly.}
{104}{}{Thanks for suh-suh-saving us. I heard about it even duh-duh-down here.}
{105}{}{Huh-help! Intruder!}
{106}{}{A muh-muh-muhtant! Help!}
{107}{}{A guh-guh-ghoul! Help!}
{109}{}{2 Seconds}
{111}{}{2 Seconds}
{112}{}{"Yoooou'll think of meee...when you are alllll alone..."}
{113}{}{2 Seconds}
{114}{}{"Maaaay-beeee...the one waaaaah-ting for yooou..."}
{115}{}{2 Seconds}
{116}{}{"...will prove un-truuuuuue..."}
{117}{}{2 Seconds}
{118}{}{"...then what will yooou dooooo?"}
{119}{}{2 Seconds}
{120}{}{::Pantomimes clapping, roaring of crowd::}
{121}{}{2 Seconds}
{122}{}{Th-th-thank you, th-th-thank you...yuh-yuh-you're a wonderful audience.}
{123}{}{2 Seconds}
{124}{}{An enh-encore? Ouh-okay!}
{126}{}{Wh-?! Aighhh!}
{128}{}{Whoa, easy there!}
{129}{}{What the hell's your problem?! Calm down!}
{130}{}{Yuh-yuh-you nearly sc-scairt the life uh-outta me.}
{131}{}{Aieeeeee! Aieeeeee!}
{132}{}{Sorry, didn't mean to startle you.}
{133}{}{Muh-Muh-MAYBE if you paid attention to what was going on around you, maybe you wouldn't be giving us BOTH heart attacks, pal.}
{134}{}{Th-that's okay.}
{136}{}{It's juhst nuh-not muh-many people come inta the Vault.}
{137}{}{(That's okay. It's just not many people come into the Vault.)}
{138}{}{(Sorry. It's just not many people come into the Vault.)}
{139}{}{What is it you do here?}
{140}{}{Can you tell me where the Vault Central Computer is?}
{141}{}{Oh. Great talking to you. Goodbye.}
{142}{}{Itz juhst over th-there...itz th' tuh-tuh-talking cuh-cuh-compuhter.}
{143}{}{(It's just over there. It's the talking computer.)}
{144}{}{What is it you do here?}
{145}{}{Thanks. Goodbye.}
{146}{}{Juhst keep an uh-uh-eye on things in stuh-storage down here. Muh-Muh-Make shure all the doors stay luh-luh-locked.}
{147}{}{(Just keep an eye on things in storage down here. Make sure all the doors stay locked.)}
{148}{}{Do you have a key?}
{149}{}{What do you store down here?}
{150}{}{See you around. Bye.}
{151}{}{Uh-uh. Dozn't mattuh, cuz muh-muh-most doors are juh-juh-jammed shu-shut anyway.}
{152}{}{(Uh-uh. Doesn't matter, because most of the doors are jammed shut anyway.)}
{153}{}{What do you store down here?}
{154}{}{See you around. Bye.}
{155}{}{Spuh-spuh-spare parts...suh-suh-supplies...and uh-uh-ore...}
{156}{}{(Spare parts, supplies, and ore.)}
{158}{}{Oh. Thanks for the information.}
{159}{}{Uh-uh-ore from Ruh-Ruh-Redding...nuh-nuh-not so muh-muh-much any-more.}
{160}{}{(Ore from Redding. Not so much anymore.)}
{161}{}{Not much ore from Redding? Why not?}
{162}{}{Oh. Thanks for the information.}
{163}{}{Duh-duh-don't know. Mic-Clure's really wuh-wuh-worried 'bout it.}
{164}{}{(Don't know. McClure's really worried about it.)}
{165}{}{Can you tell me where the Central Computer is?}
{166}{}{Maybe I'll talk to him then. Thanks.}
{167}{}{Huh-huh-hi, again. Yuh-yuh-you nuh-nuh-need summthing?}
{168}{}{(Hi, again. You need something?)}
{170}{}{Could you stop that goddamn singing?! It's driving me crazy.}
{171}{}{You have a great singing voice. You should keep practicing.}
{172}{}{What was it you do here again?}
{173}{}{Nevermind. Sorry to bother you.}
{174}{}{Th-th-thanks! That's n-nice of you to say.}
{175}{}{What was it you do here again?}
{176}{}{Just thought you should know. Take care.}
{177}{}{Suh-suh-suh-sorreee. I'll stuh-stuh-stop.}
{178}{}{(Sorry. I'll stop.)}
{179}{}{Now...what was it you do here again?}
{180}{}{Good. Do the world a favor and keep quiet.}
{181}{}{Yuh-yuh-yuh-you guh-guh-got to be Kuh-Quiet! Shhhhhh!}
{183}{}{Wuh-wuh-wuht are yuh-you doin' down here?!}
{185}{}{Guh-guh-GECK? You kuh-can ch-ch-check th' cuh-cuh-computer...the tuh-tuh-talkie buh-buh-box.}
{186}{}{Okeee. Fanks.}
{188}{}{S-s-s-tay aw-w-w-ay from-m-m that d-d-oor!}