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Vault 12 overseer

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Mentioned-only character
Vault 12 overseer
Biography and appearance
Ghoul (possibly)
AffiliationVault-Tec Industries
Vault 12
Necropolis (formerly)
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The Vault 12 overseer was the original leader of Vault 12 and Necropolis.

Background[edit | edit source]

As the agent in charge of Vault 12, the overseer was responsible for its experiment. Once the residents left the vault, he led the community in establishing Necropolis. However, in the spring of 2084, Set wrestled control from him. Not wanting to be killed, the overseer was driven north and lost to history.[1]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Vault 12's overseer is mentioned only in the Fallout Bible.


  1. Fallout Bible 0: "2077 October 23 Necropolis Vault [Vault 12] never closes. Once it becomes known that the other vaults have sealed, people within Bakersfield attempt to force their way into Vault 12 to protect themselves and their families."
    "2083 Summer The city of Necropolis founded by the ghoul survivors of Vault 12 (and the US citizens that fled to Bakersfield when the bombs fell)."
    "2084 Spring Set takes control of Necropolis, wresting control from the original Overseer. The Vault 12 Overseer, not willing to take a dirtnap, is driven north and history loses sight of him."