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Vault doors are critical elements of a Vault-Tec Industries shelter, protecting their dwellers from outside threats and segmenting the interior. There are numerous door variants used in Vaults. Vault blast doors are covered in a separate article.

Standard door

Manufactured from high quality steel, the standard Vault door is composed of two separate pieces, mounted on a hydraulic frame. The primary component descends from the top of the frame and locks to the second, smaller component on the bottom through interlocking cones, creating a seal that can be used to keep out contaminants. The hydraulic motors operate with a force of 3300 pounds (1485 kilograms), making it a potential danger to anyone caught within the range of operation. For this reason, the door has a safety zone marked on the floor, and an automated detection system that reverses the door's motion in case an obstruction is detected. An override handle is also included for use in emergencies.[1]

The door is typically operated through an access port located on the side of the door frame, which is mounted into the power box. The box has a handle which can be used to shut off power to the door (the diodes show whether the door is powered, with green meaning yes and red no). Bypassing the door can be achieved through tampering with the access port.[1]

High security doors in the Vault use the same design, but the central yellow stripe with the installation's number is replaced by a white stripe with red markings (chevrons and a Stop hand), informing other dwellers that only authorized personnel can access the areas beyond.[1]

Technical door

Located in the technical sections of the Vault, such as near the reactor or the water chip, the technical door has a majorly different design. It is a single piece door in a heavy, reinforced frame, made out of steel plating hammered into a convex shape. The door is operated by a single arm and locked with a pair of bolts located inside the door. Unlike standard doors, it has no safety features for obstructions and swings open. For this reason, all doors of this type display a warning to stand back when they are in operation.[1]


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