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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see an old man with a crazy gleam in his eye.}
{101}{}{You see Old Joe, the local idiot savant.}
{102}{}{Hello. Haven't seen you in a while.}
{103}{}{Do I know you?}
{104}{}{Ah, yeah. It's been a while. What have you been doing?}
{105}{}{Well, it has been a while. What have you been up to?}
{106}{}{This and that. Where do you know me from?}
{107}{}{Look, old man, I don't know who the hell you are.}
{108}{}{Sure has. Well, I've been around; finally ended up here in this god-forsaken place. Not like the good old days. No sir.}
{109}{}{Yeah, the good old days. Remember that time we...}
{110}{}{It hasn't been the same lately, that's for sure. Now... what did we do together?}
{111}{}{Don't remember me, do you? Well, you do seem to be a bit young.}
{112}{}{What are you trying to tell me?}
{113}{}{You look so familiar, though. Ah, must be my old eyes. Well, good day to you.}
{114}{}{Uh, yeah... goodbye.}
{115}{}{Yeah, we sure gave the Master hell, didn't we? Shit fell apart after you left, though. Had to move around and change my name. Where'd you end up?}
{116}{}{I've been living up in a small village.}
{117}{}{Well, you better be careful around here. Things ain't as clear as they once were. You best watch your back.}
{118}{}{Okay, thanks.}
{119}{}{Yeah, I looked for your Vault for a while, but never found it. So you got any good stories for your old friend Ian?}
{121}{}{Yeah, Ian. Don't you remember me? It's been a bunch of years. You'd think someone wouldn't forget his best buddy. Well... except for the shooting in the back thing. Sorry about that again.}
{122}{}{I am sorry, but you must think I am the Vault Dweller. My village was founded by the one who came from the Vault.}
{123}{}{Well, that makes a bit more sense. Well, it's good to hear my friend did well. Well, old Ian's got some advice for you. You be careful out there. This place ain't as peachy as it seems. }
{124}{}{What's going on here?}
{125}{}{Well, the Vault Citizens think very highly of their bloodline and don't care much for people like me and you. You take this gun. It'll protect you if things get a little out of control. You probably shouldn't be seen talking with this crazy old man. Best get on your way.}
{126}{}{Thanks for your help.}
{127}{}{Let an old man rest.}
{128}{}{So familiar...}
{129}{}{Leave me be now.}
{130}{}{You better get going.}
{131}{}{They'll get suspicious if we talk anymore.}
{132}{}{Go on, get. Make my old friend proud.}


Dialogue file for "Old Joe", who is Ian from Fallout.