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Violet's dialogue

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Violet's dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFalloutNV.esm
Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Dialogue file table

Dialogue file
Topic 1EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic004 Nice doggies. Want a treat? Hey! No feeding my dogs! 1EExtraFie_1EExtraFiends1E_000F959F_1
Conversation GOODBYE Goodbye. Piss off. 1EExtraFiends_GOODBYE_0014E013_1
Topic 1EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic000 Yeah, hook me up! No! Ha ha! More for me! 1EExtraFie_1EExtraFiends1E_000FA2D2_1
Topic 1EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic001 I'll pass, thanks. Heh. Good. More for me. 1EExtraFie_1EExtraFiends1E_000F959E_1
Topic 1EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic002 Would you sell me one? Sell? Sell?! My dogs! What part don't you get? Mine! Lucky they don't eat you alive for that! 1EExtraFie_1EExtraFiends1E_000F95B0_1
Topic 1EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic003 I'm sure they would. I'll just stand over here. Arf arf! Ha ha! 1EExtraFie_1EExtraFiends1E_000F95A3_1
Topic VioletDogs What's the deal with all the dogs? Dogs? Good dogs! My dogs! Fiend dogs. Tear you up, arf arf arf! Ha ha! 1EExtraFiends_VioletDogs_000F95A2_1
Topic VioletDrugs What exactly are you on? Heh. Good shit. Psycho. Top quality. You want? Might know a guy who knows a guy. 1EExtraFiends_VioletDrugs_000F95AE_1
Topic VioletFiends What do you know about Driver Nephi and Cook-Cook? Don't fuck with Fiends. Driver Nephi'll brain your skull in! Cook-Cook... don't even want to know what he'll do. 1EExtraFiends_VioletFiends_000FA2CA_1
Topic VioletIntro Who are you? Who wants to know? You here for my dogs? Can't have my dogs. Here for meat? Can't have my meat. Meat's for dogs. 1EExtraFiends_VioletIntro_000F8B64_2
Topic VioletIntro Who are you? I'm Violet. Dogs are mine. Meat is mine. 1EExtraFiends_VioletIntro_000F8B64_1
Topic VioletMeat Where do you get all this meat? Heh heh. Good meat, huh? Cat meat, rat meat, dog meat - maybe even *you* meat! 1EExtraFiends_VioletMeat_000FA2C9_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Whatcha want, freakshow? 1EExtraFiends_GREETING_000F8B65_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Come back to Violet, huh? What now? 1EExtraFiends_GREETING_000F8B68_1