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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{A man dressed in standard military combat armor.}
{101}{}{He looks healthy, but seems quite disoriented.}
{102}{}{Oh, my head.}
{103}{}{Who are you?}
{105}{}{I-I'm Dobbs…Private, First Class.}
{106}{}{Can you tell me how you got here?}
{108}{}{I was in a battle. Yes, a battle. There was gunfire and explosions everywhere. People dying. I was scared but I had to keep on fighting. Then there was this blinding flash.}
{109}{}{What happened next?}
{111}{}{The next thing I remember was seeing my body as if I was looking down at it from above. I heard the doctors say I was dead and then they threw my body onto a pile of other bodies.}
{112}{}{And then what?}
{114}{}{Some men came by and took my body to a laboratory. I heard them say something about trying to regenerate my body by immersing it in something called Biomed Gel.}
{115}{}{What else?}
{117}{}{And then I woke up here. I have to go! I have to get back to my unit.}

{200}{}{Where am I?}
{201}{}{My head hurts.}
{202}{}{Why am I covered in goo?}

{300}{}{I have to rejoin my unit.}
{301}{}{Oh no! I'm AWOL!}
{302}{}{Which way to the front line?}
{303}{}{This is for you, Jonny.}

{400}{}{Private Dobbs experiences Post-Cryogenic Syndrome.}