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This page is about the automated repair system on level two of the Sierra Army Depot IV. For {{{1}}}, see [[:{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]].
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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{A Computer Terminal.}
{101}{}{A rather antiquated computer. CPU speed of only 500hz.}
{102}{}{You are unable to read what's on the monitor.}
{103}{}{Automated Repair Station
                                  Processing Repair Requests from Skynet
                        Dispatching Repair Units}
{106}{}{Attempt to disable the repair station.}
{107}{}{Unplug the computer.}
{108}{}{Push the big red button marked with the letters OFF.}
{110}{}{[You can't seem to figure out how to shut the program down.]}
{112}{}{[Typing the word "OFF" seems to do the trick. The automated repair system is off.]}
{114}{}{[By pure chance you notice an electrical cord going from the computer to a socket in the wall. The computer screen fades to black as you pull the plug.]}
{116}{}{[You boldly press the red button marked "OFF". As you suspected the computer terminal goes dark.]}
{118}{}{[As you start to type, keys begin to pop out of the keyboard and fall to the floor. So much for using this terminal.]}
{120}{}{You already shut down the automated repair system.}
{121}{}{I can't access the terminal. Someone broke the keyboard.}