Wasteland legend outfit (Fallout 3)

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Wasteland legend outfit
Merc veteran outfit.png
Icon merc veteran outfit.png
DR12Item HP100
EffectsMelee Weapons +2
Small Guns +2
Merc outfit
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The wasteland legend outfit is a piece of clothing in Fallout 3.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

It provides a damage resistance of 12 as well as a bonus of +2 to Melee Weapons and Small Guns. It can be repaired with other merc outfits.

The Wasteland legend outfit is identical with the merc veteran outfit, except for a neck band.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • One can be found in a locker near the location of the G.E.C.K. in Vault 87.
  • One can also be found in a locker of the power substation at MDPL-13 Power Station.
  • The wasteland legend outfit is the rarest of all merc outfits.