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VariantsVarious birds

Watchers are a family of synthetic avians mentioned in Fallout 4.


These bio-robotic UAVs are utilized by the Institute to monitor activity throughout the Commonwealth.[1][2] Developed in parallel to their other synth projects the Watcher Initiative has been designed to mimic the local sparrow, crow, and radgull populations.[3] Although there is no way to differentiate the synthetic from the organic avians, they are known to the Commonwealth Minutemen.[4] Furthermore their camera broadcasts can be seen on the Synth Retention Bureau's monitors.


Watchers appear in Fallout 4.



  1. Cut contentIcon cut.pngThe Institute terminal; Watcher Allocation Cut contentIcon cut.png
    Note: This entry is among those that are inaccessible.
  2. Alana Secord: "Oh, yes. Uhh... Watchers have not shown any additional threats at this time. We're still monitoring increased activity around Fort Independence, though there's no immediate cause for concern. Boston International Airport remains occupied, and Brotherhood presence has been noted at several other locations. And, uhh... Despite a lack of concrete evidence, we have reason to believe that the "Railroad" continues to operate within the Commonwealth. Personally I suspect they're becoming more ambitious, but I can't confirm that at this time. For now, we have assets monitoring all known situations."
    (Alana Secord's dialogue) Note: These lines are a part of Inst303DirectorateOpeningScene.
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  4. Ronnie Shaw: "We've seen a lot of those Institute crow-things sniffing around. Looks like they're getting ready to try to take us out."
    (Ronnie Shaw's dialogue)
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