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Water fountain
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The water fountain (device) is a type of mechanical device used for supplying drinking water. The fountain is a metal column with a push button faucet for water delivery and a drain for removing excess water. The water comes from a centrally located water source and is purified by filters before delivery. Fountains are associated with walls and are often accompanying them. Fountains are used in Vault-Tec Industries Vaults.

In the Vaults, the fountain's water is purified by the water purifier and is a component of the water system. The expectation of Vault residents is that the water fountains will be properly cleaned and maintained to ensure their survivability. These tasks are performed by technicians in the maintenance department.

Due to little to no water purification around the wasteland, most water is polluted with radiation. Fountain's that distribute uncontaminated water are found in places such as Vault 101 with functioning and undisturbed water purification systems.



If the player character drinks water from a water fountain, they will restore hit points. Depending on the fountains location, however, the player may receive radiation poisoning from water fountains.