Weather station guard's dialogue

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Weather station guard's dialogue
Game Information
NPCWeather station guard
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Dialogue file table[edit | edit source]

Topics[edit | edit source]

Dialogue file table
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic011 Not yet. Very well. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0016570D_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic005 Yes, I need more time to prepare. Very well. I must confiscate your weapons. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0016570F_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic006 Goodbye. {WAH-lay}Vale. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0016570E_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic007 Here you go. Speak to me when you are ready and I'll have your weapons returned. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0016570A_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic008 <Keep holdout weapons> Here you go. Speak to me when you are ready and I'll have your weapons returned. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0016570B_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic009 Actually, never mind. {annoyed}You waste time, then. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00165713_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic010 Yes. Return what you took from me. Done. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00165712_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic000 All right. {KAI-zar}Caesar has put a lot of trust in you. Be worth it. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0015BCA1_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic002 Here you go. You are free to leave. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00156FAB_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic003 Goodbye. {WAH-lay}Vale. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00156FAA_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortWeatherStationGuardTopic004 < Keep holdout weapons. > Sure, here you go. You are free to leave. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00156FA9_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {KAI-zar}Caesar has permitted your weapons to be returned to you while you serve him. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_0015BCA2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You've carried out {KAI-zar's}Caesar's will, but I must confiscate your equipment again. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_00156FAD_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Are you ready to proceed into the underground vault? VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_00165716_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {KAI-zar}Caesar has forbidden you to leave until you?�ve carried out his will in the great underground vault. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_00156FAC_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You may go. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_0015EF9B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING None may enter without {KAI-zar's}Caesar's permission. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_00157CC7_1


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