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West pump station

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West pump station
FNV West Pump Station Exterior.png
FNV West Pump Station Interior 1.png
FNV West Pump Station Interior 2.png
Icon factory.png
West Pump Station loc.jpg
Map MarkerWest pump station
QuestsHard Luck Blues
Cell NamePumpStationWest (exterior)
1EWestPumpStation (interior)
ref id000dac4e (exterior)
000f0849 (interior)
TerminalsPump Station Terminal

West pump station is a location in Fallout: New Vegas, located south-west of Camp McCarran, near the highway.


The pump station is a bricked industrial building overlooking the highway, with the wreckage of a truck sitting in front of it. It sits on the edge of territories claimed by the Fiends, who use it as a rally point for attacks on NCR troopers around Camp McCarran.

The interior consists of two rooms, as with other pump stations: The office area with a broken pump station terminal that can be repaired for 50 experience points with 50 Science, a coffee counter, and lockers. The main pump hall is just next to the office. Three Fiends have made camp inside the station and can be wiped out for minor loot. There's no real loot here, excepting a pair of ammunition boxes in the pump room.

Interestingly, the building is marked as owned and taking items from it is considered stealing.

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West pump station appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes


West pump station appears in Fallout: New Vegas.