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Westside militia

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For the characters belonging to this faction, see Westside militia member.
Westside militia
Westside Militia.jpg
Notable MembersWestside militia
Notable LocationsWestside south entrance
Westside west entrance

The Westside militia is a military group formed by Westside citizens to defend their homes and territory. It appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


In response to the threats to Westside, the residents organized themselves into a loose militia and created an impressive, two-tier approach to defending the gates that leads into Westside.[1][2][3] Although suspicious of strangers, they are not immediately hostile, with the obvious exceptions of the Scorpions and the Fiends.[1]

The Scorpions are considered a minor nuisance, known mostly for mercenary work, selling chems and getting slaughtered by the main threat to the region, the Fiends.[3][4][5] The Fiends often harass and attempt to raid the settlement, but with the NCRA activelyalthough only partially focused on – eradicating them as a threat,[6] Westside has experienced a reprieve from them.[7]


The equipment of militia personnel is comprised of simple ballistic small arms and leather armor. They are also capable of designing and constructing defenses out of scrap material.


The Westside Militia appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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    The Courier: "If the Fiends are so dangerous, why hasn't the NCR wiped them out?"
    Ortega: "Current orders are to hold the line and nothing more. That's all we seem to do these days - hold the line. I guess it's a tricky situation since there's a vault in Fiend territory. If the NCR went after them, they'd just hole up."
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