Wilhelmina Cabot

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Wilhelmina Cabot
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Biography and appearance
Hair Style?Hair ColorHairColor08Bleached
AffiliationCabot family
LocationCabot House
FamilyLorenzo Cabot (husband)
Emogene Cabot (daughter)
Jack Cabot (son)
Dialogue FileWilhelmina Cabot's dialogue
QuestsThe Secret of Cabot House
Tag SkillsCitizen
Editor RaceHumanRace
Editor IDWilhelminaCabot
Base ID00047ebfRef ID00047ec3
Editor FactionsCrimeCabotHouse
ActorMelendy Britt
Special Head GearHairFemale14

Jack, dear, I'm worried that supplies are running a bit low.

Supplies? You mean the liquor cabinet is getting empty again?

— Wilhelmina and Jack

Wilhelmina Cabot is a member of the Cabot family at their house in Fallout 4.


The matron of the Cabot family, Wilhelima has been blessed with undeath by the mysterious serum and is currently hundreds of years old. Unfortunately, such a long time span has not translated into wisdom, as Wilhelmina has been born into privilege and lived among luxury her entire life. She finds the reality of the post-nuclear world difficult to adjust to, whenever she acknowledges the world has changed at all, that is. Mostly, she's stuck reliving the glory of old, moping around Cabot House, and insisting that Cabots maintain their high standard of living in a world where most are lucky if they find a sleeping bag and a piece of scrap to make a lean-to. Perhaps it's the alcoholism and regular emptying of the liquor cabinet. Perhaps the guilt she feels over consigning her husband to effective immurement at Parsons after his return from Arabia, convincing the family to seal him in. Perhaps she just cannot cope with such a long life.[1]

The fact that she's cooped up at the mansion doesn't help. Wilhelmina has no real hobbies or pastimes, re-reading the same books hundreds of times,[2] trying to pull Jack away from his work to stave off loneliness,[3] and emptying the liquor cabinet when she cannot.[4] Problem is, even when the family takes time to get together, Wilhelmina can be insufferable. From her insistence on dressing for dinner,[5][6] through complaining about Edward's cooking (serving canned peas or red wine with chicken; her reservations about mystery meat are well founded, however),[7] to badgering Emogene about marrying to continue the family line, she's an old school matron in a world where the old school did not simply close: It was burned down, stamped to ash, and picked over by savage monsters.[8][9]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.

The Secret of Cabot House


  • The Secret of Cabot House: Wilhelmina is tangentially involved in the quest, though she is, in fact, responsible for locking Lorenzo up at Parsons.


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Laundered blue dress
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Wilhelmina Cabot appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Wilhelmina Cabot:
  2. Wilhelmina Cabot: "Emogene, are you finished with that book yet?"
    Emogene Cabot: "No, Mother."
    Wilhelmina: "Well, I'd like to read it when you're done. I feel like I've read everything else a hundred times."
    Emogene: "That's because we have. I must have read this one at least twenty times."
  3. Wilhelmina Cabot: "Jack, I think you're spending too much time in your lab. I feel like I never see you any more."
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "Jack, I think you're working too much. You need to give yourself some time off."
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "Jack, it seems like I hardly see you. You spend all your time working."
    Jack Cabot: "My work is important. You know that. And this time, I think I'm really getting close to a breakthrough."
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "Of course, Jack, of course. I just worry about you, that's all."
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "Well, you know we all are grateful for everything you do. I just think you work too hard, is all."
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "I know you think I'm just nagging you. But if your own mother isn't allowed to worry about you, who is?"
    (Wilhelmina Cabot's and Jack Cabot's dialogue) Note: CabotHouseConvWilhelminaJack04Scene
  4. Wilhelmina Cabot: "Jack, dear, I'm worried that supplies are running a bit low."
    Jack Cabot: "Supplies? You mean the liquor cabinet is getting empty again?"
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "Not just that. But now that you mention it, I have noticed that we have nearly run out of a couple of things."
    Jack Cabot: "You know they aren't making that anymore, don't you Mother? I can't just send someone down to the liquor store for more."
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "I'm sorry I mentioned it. I didn't know that I was such a burden to you. It's fine, don't worry about it. I'll just do without."
    Jack Cabot: "For heaven's sake, Mother. I'll have Edward find more for you. I'm sure he doesn't have anything better to do."
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "Thank you, Jack. It's not an emergency or anything, of course."
    (Wilhelmina Cabot's and Jack Cabot's dialogue) Note: CabotHouseConvWilhelminaJack05Scene
  5. Wilhelmina Cabot: "I do wish you would remember to dress for dinner more often. We do have standards to maintain in this family."
    Jack Cabot: "Oh for heaven's sake, Mother. Don't you have anything else to worry about?"
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "Hmph. Things have come to quite a sorry state if people can't even be bothered to dress for dinner."
    (Wilhelmina Cabot's and Jack Cabot's dialogue) Note: CabotHouseConvWilhelminaJack03Scene
  6. Wilhelmina Cabot: "Jack, have you heard anything about Emogene yet?"
    Jack Cabot: "Not yet. Isn't it enough that I had Edward send someone to track her down again?"
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "You could show a little bit more concern about your own sister."
    (Wilhelmina Cabot's and Jack Cabot's dialogue) Note: CabotHouseConvWilhelminaJack02Scene
  7. Wilhelmina: "I just think he may not be putting quite as much effort into it as he used to. I mean, I think yesterday he actually served us canned peas!"
  8. Wilhelmina Cabot: "Emogene, dear, can we talk about something for a minute?"
    Emogene Cabot: "What is it now, Mother?"
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "Oh, nothing, really. I was just wondering if you had a new man in your life."
    Emogene Cabot: "Not at the moment. You'll be the first to know if I get a new boyfriend, though."
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "Well, I do hope you can finally find a nice man to settle down with."
    Emogene Cabot: "Oh for heaven's sake, Mother."
    (Wilhelmina Cabot's and Emogene Cabot's dialogue) Note: CabotHouseConvEmogeneWilhelmina01Scene
  9. Wilhelmina Cabot: "Emogene?"
    Emogene Cabot: "Yes, Mother?"
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "You know how I've always wanted grandchildren..."
    Emogene Cabot: "Not this again."
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "I don't see any chance of Jack ever getting married, so... it's really up to you to carry on the family line."
    Emogene Cabot: "Have you ever been outside this house since the war? Have you seen what it's like out there? Do you really think I want to bring children into that kind of world?"
    Wilhelmina Cabot: "Well, now, there's no reason to get so upset. A mother has a right to talk to her own daughter about these things."
    (Wilhelmina Cabot's and Emogene Cabot's dialogue) Note: CabotHouseConvEmogeneWilhelmina02Scene