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Zoe Hammerstein

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Mentioned-only character
Zoe Hammerstein
Biography and appearance
AffiliationVault 92
Mentioned inFallout 3
QuestsAgatha's Song

It's so wonderful to be surrounded by all this talent! Little old me, who can barely play the violin, is sitting among some of the world's greatest musicians. I still can't believe my luck!

— Zoe Hammerstein

Zoe Hammerstein was a promising young violinist invited into Vault 92.


Zoe Hammerstein was excited and felt little bit out of her league when compared with the other, more accomplished, musicians in the Vault. She was one of the first to feel the effects of the uncontrolled white noise brainwashing implemented by Overseer Richard Rubin. After being assured by the Vault doctor that she was just stressed, she lost her mind completely. As revealed in her terminal entries, she had a crush on Parker Livingsteen.[1]


Zoe Hammerstein is mentioned only in Fallout 3.


  • Her terminal entries become less legible because of the effects of the white noise. The first entry is perfectly fine, the second one has some spelling and grammar errors, the third has many more errors, and the last one is hardly legible at all.