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Croup family

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The Croup family was once an affluent family of Nahant until October 23, 2077.


The Croup family was a proud and close-knit family, but they were also an ultimately shortsighted group. Once a distinguished, affluent, and socialite family of Nahant,[1] a significant financial downturn in 2077 due to a bad stock trade left them in serious financial straits.[2]

This shortsightedness would truly be their undoing, as they were completely unprepared for life after the nuclear war. Although far enough from the blast zones to avoid complete annihilation, they instead took the full force of the radioactive fallout. The night of November 1, 2077, the Croup family was all but extinct, for in the morning Theodore Croup woke to the effects: the entire family had become feral ghouls.

Throughout January and February of 2078 he would gather the shuffling remains of his family together and lock them in the basement, unable to bring himself to end their suffering. Beyond that, he went to look for other survivors. He met both ghoul and human alike who all shared the experience of ending those who turned into monsters and tried to kill the non-feral survivors, and also noticed that the ferals wouldn't attack other ghouls.[3]

Unable to let go, Theodore came to the conclusion that the old world was dead and they all could start over again without their debt, and went about trying to rehabilitate his family to talk, function, and act like normal people again.[4] For the next two hundred years he would do his best, but around 2287 his frustration boiled over. After spending all that time trying to trying to teach these creatures how to act human, he had nothing to show for it, except the faint possibility that his cousin James could spot the difference between a salad fork and a regular fork. As for his aunt Belinda, Theodore could not reach her at all, threatening to "bust her head" if she did not start listen to him soon.[5] He ultimately did, and the remains of his family would finally end his life.[6]

Known members


The Croup family is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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