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This page lists all factions in the original Fallout.
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  • For factions in other Fallout games, please see "Faction".
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Factions[edit | edit source]

Major factions[edit | edit source]

Name Locations
Vault 13 Dwellers Vault 13
Brotherhood of Steel Lost Hills
Unity Cathedral
Mariposa Military Base

Minor factions[edit | edit source]

Name Locations
Regulators Adytum
Followers of the Apocalypse Los Angeles Public Library

Gangs[edit | edit source]

Name Locations
Khans Raiders (base)
Vipers Mentioned only
Jackals Mentioned only
Skulz Crash House (Junktown)
Blades Boneyard
Rippers Mentioned only
Dead dog gang Mentioned only
Zombies Necropolis

Merchant companies[edit | edit source]

Name Locations
Crimson Caravan Hub
Far Go Traders Hub
Water Merchants Hub
Friendly Lending Company Hub
Gun Runners Fortress (Boneyard)
Caravan merchants New California

Others[edit | edit source]

Name Locations
Underground ghouls Necropolis

Towns[edit | edit source]

Hub factions[edit | edit source]

Name Locations
Hub's Central Council Hub
Hub Police Hub
Around Hub
Underground Maltese Falcon (Hub)
Thieves' Circle Old Town (Hub)

Religions[edit | edit source]

Name Locations
Children of the Cathedral Cathedral (headquarters)
Dharma Shady Sands