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Forum:BoS quartermaster bug

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I'm in the middle of investigating a bug I may have found. Here's what I did to trigger it: it's possible that not all these actions are necessary to trigger the bug.

  1. I located all the Brotherhood of Steel mission holotapes from the dead Paladins around the wasteland; first Black Mountain, then REPCONN Headquarters, then outside Nellis Air Force Base. This IMO is one of the two most likely triggers for the bug.
  2. I entered the bunker without Veronica Santangelo in tow, and without having the quest to destroy the Brotherhood; I used the password on one of the mission holotapes. There were three options, I forget which one I selected, probably the first.
  3. I dealt with the Ranger by lying to him about the presence of Powder Gangers in the area (Speech 60).
  4. I returned and spoke with Elder McNamara, and he was pleased. As he walked to his command center, I went and spoke with Knight Torres who told me she could not do business with an outsider. This is the other of the two most likely triggers for the bug.
    • Side note: after speaking with Torres, I spoke with the officer at the firing range desk, who was more than willing to let me use the range, with all the normal conditions.
  5. I spoke to Elder McNamara in his office, and turned in the three holotapes. I never was offered the option of trading with Knight Torres. I returned to her anyway, and she again refused to do business with me because the Elder didn't allow it.
  6. I went and collected the three scout reports and turned them in; still no access to the armory.
  7. I accepted the quest to repair the air filtration system.

My next bit of testing will be to see if I can trade with Torres after completing Eyesight to the Blind. I would ask others to also do some testing of this bug and see if we can get it pinned down precisely. We need folks to repeat what I did; to repeat what I did without talking to Torres; to get one or two holotapes, then enter the bunker, and speak to Torres at your first opportunity; I already know that the bug is not triggered when you have fewer than three mission holotapes and don't talk to Torres, so that doesn't need to be tested, but feel free to use it as a baseline. This includes using a holotape to enter, using Veronica to enter, and using the quest to destroy the bunker to enter. --Kris User Hola.jpg 15:19, November 22, 2010 (UTC)

Moved this from the talk page of Still in the Dark.
So I've completed Eyesight to the Blind and become a full-fledged Brotherhood member - and Torres still won't sell to me. Anyone else test this yet? Let me know your findings, and I'll look in the GECK for a console command workaround for it. --Kris User Hola.jpg 12:28, November 24, 2010 (UTC)
Unfortunately the console command that would fix it, set VDialogueHiddenValley.HVStore to 1, doesn't work and only generates an error. I'll keep looking, but there may not be a console command workaround. --Kris User Hola.jpg 12:47, November 24, 2010 (UTC)

It is not a bug man you can trade with the brotherhood but you need to finish an unmarked quest. This is what you need to do:

  1. Talk to Torres - about some missing weapons, she will tell you that there is a laser pistol missing
  2. Talk to the guy sitting behind the desk accros from Torres - he will tell you that the last guy that got the weapon is Initiate Stanton
  3. Find Stanton and ask him about the missing gun - he will tell you that he lost it when fighting some rad scorpions in the location named "Scorpion Gulch"
  4. Go to the location - beware if you dont have the explorer perk it maybe a little hard to find it. I'm very bad with directions but if you are looking the World Map it should be a little to the right of Hidden Valley and a little bit to the south. The path there is kinda tricky, what you should be looking for is a narrow path covered with small bushes, follow it and it will get you there. You will come to some kind of a circular valley that that has a rock in the middle. Near this rock there should a body of some guy.
  5. Laser Pistol - the pistol is located on the top of this rock - its a little hard to spot since the textures are about the same color.
  6. Bring the pistol to Torres and she will let you trade with the Brotherhood.

Notes: if you didnt talk to Stanton and go straight away to find the pistol it wont spawn on the rock untill you talk to him. Hope this helpes :) ~ Trivium

It is a bug. And get your facts straight before telling someone they're wrong:
  • You can normally trade with Torres without completing the unmarked quest.
  • You CANNOT start the unmarked quest when you are affected by this bug. Her greeting is a refusal to trade with you, and flagged as a "GOODBYE" meaning you cannot access any conversation topics.
If you want to try and reproduce the bug, do so, but if you have nothing constructive to add to this forum post then please refrain from posting. --Kris User Hola.jpg 16:12, November 25, 2010 (UTC)

(Xbox 360)Ok, i believe the bug occurs if you bring the holotapes to the Elder before getting the quest. I played with this quest a lot and you should avoid collecting ALL the tapes before getting the quest (2 out of 3 is ok i think). collecting the parts for the air filtration BEFORE meeting MacNamara doesn't affect the Torres bug. I believe there is a script after obtaining "Still in the Dark" where the Elder allows you to purchase from Torres. I think (pls verify) Elder MacNamara doesn't speak his "allow you to trade" line if you have all the holotapes on your first encounter with him. I don't think having Veronica in the party has an effect on this bug either.

I posted a solution to this in Talk:Still_in_the_Dark#Unable_to_trade_with_Knight_Torres --Impact 17:13, January 2, 2011 (UTC)

The unmarked side quest doesn't finish. I already got the reward for it but she keeps on asking for the gun I already gave her. How can I finish the quest? I want the console comands too. --Jangirke 05:17, February 26, 2011 (UTC)