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Forum:Can someone give me a starters guide control wise cause the manual is kinda daft help me frands

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Forums: Index > Fallout and Fallout 2 general discussion > Can someone give me a starters guide control wise cause the manual is kinda daft help me frands

Okay, I'm going to do this with the Fallout 2 tutorial level; If you haven't played FO1, I'd recommend playing it as soon as you complete this walthough.

Create new game, and select Create Character. Tag the Unarmed, Throwing, and Speech skills, and one point to each of the attributes, and give your character a name. Don't select any traits at this point, and click on done. (this isn't a great build to play the game with, but its great for the tutorial)

You'll find yourself outside a large building, and your mouse cursor should look like a red Hexagon. Click on the doorway in the building, you'll now find yourself inside.

Click near one of the ants you'll see inside. As you approach the Ant, you'll notice that an area in the bottom right hand corner of your screen has changed revealing a "Turn" and "CMBT" buttons; and you'll notice a few green lights appear in the middle of the screen - these are your action points.

If you're not already standing directly next to the ant, move next to it and click on the big button just below those green lights. Your mouse icon should now look like a crosshairs. Click this on the Ant. You should now see your character attempt to punch the Ant. Repeat this until either you run out of Action points, or the Green text in the bottom left tells you you don't have enough action points - if you get this message, click on the "Turn" button.

The Ant will now likely attack you, you may see a few other creatures take their turns as well moving close to you, or perhaps even attack you.

Once its your turn again, right-click on the big button, you should now see a "Target" appear in the big box (the AP cost figure in the box will also look higher), left click on the button, and then click on the ant. This is how you do a "Targeted Shot" (Often now incorrectly refered to as VATS). You'll see each body part has a decreasing chance of hitting. In general, the harder to hit the better and more likely a critical hit will be - some areas have criticals that are unique to that area - Limbs can only be crippled with a targeted shot, you can only blind someone by shooting them in the eyes, headshots are more likely to knock someone out than other areas. Repeat this until you run out of AP again (using "End turn" if you have too few AP to attack again). Continue to attack either with targeted or non targeted shots until the Ant is dead.

Once you've killed the ant if combat mode doesnt close of automatically, click the CMBT button to end combat - the CMBT and Turn buttins will now disappear.

In combat with the ant, you've probably taken some damage. Click on the Skilldex button, and then click on "First Aid". Your mouse icon will now appear as a yellow crosshairs. Click on yourself. the chance of you succeeding is based on your skill level, repeat until you heal some damage - notice you gain XP for this. You can also use the "Doctor" skill to heal damage (and crippled limb/blindness). After you pass this temple you can also use "Z" to rest.

Head to the Top of the map, and then click on the INV button. This is your inventory. All of your items appear in the left hand side, and on the right you'll see two item slots - those slots are your "Active inventory" slots - most of the time you'll put weapons here. There's also a single "armor" slot but you don't have any of these yet. Look in your inventory for a Spear, and drag this into the right hand slot. Click on done.

Notice that the big button hasn't yet changed. Click on the red button - the big button has now changed to a spear. Keep right clicking the spear until you see the word "Throw" Head right and look for a scorpion, when you've got one in the line of sight, click on the big button - notice that combat has started for you - and then click on the ant. The Spear should leave your hand and head towards the Scorpion. This is how you do ranged combat. Many weapons have different "modes" when right clicking on them - unless you take Fast shot most will allow you to target a body part , some have burst modes, and depending on your skills and attributes you may also have different Hand to Hand attacks.

Using the skills you've already learned, continue to attack the radscorpion until you kill it and exit combat. Right click until your mouse icon is now a golden arrow. put your mouse on the dead radscorpion and hold the left mouse button, and select the hand icon. You'll now see the loot screen. Drag the scorpion tail from the right list to the left list - you've now looted the tail. In addition to looting bodies, you can loot chests, vases and skeletons. You can also use the hand icon to pick items off the ground - you can use this to pick up your spear. Explore this map and look for chests, skeletons and vases, looting anything you find inside. You should find at least 1 healing powder, click on the INV button, right click to change your arrow to the golden arrow, and hold the left button - you'll see two hands here, the open hand uses it, the closed hands drops - use the healing powder and you should see your health shoot right up, and a message in the bottom left hand corner telling you your perception has dropped by 1.

Head to the top Left hand corner of the map. Click on the Skilldex, and then "Lockpick" You've now successfuly picked the lock, use the door (like you loot a corpse) and move past the Door and you should go to the next map.

As you walk into this area, you may see, or trigger some traps. If you see them before hitting them use the "Traps" skill to try and disable them, if you trigger them, pick up the sharp pole - you can use this just like spears. Clear out this area of enemies and loot everything, you should find amongst other things some Antidote, and some Plastic Explosives. If you've been poisoned, you can use the antidote to clear this. Head to the door at the top right corner of the screen. Stand right next to it and hit INV, use the Plasitic explosive, and set the time to be 10 seconds, then drop it. Move away from the door and wait for the explosives to go off - this should clear a passage to the next map.

Head to the top left of the next map, and talk to the man you see there. See if you can talk him out of fighting - if you can't you're going to have to beat him in combat. If you were in combat, empty the Chest below the room where you fought the tribal as this contains all your stuff, and then head out the top exit. After the Cinematic, you should level up. Hit the C button to head to the character screen and spend your skill points.

This covers the basics. If you havent already, now play Fallout 1. Agent c 14:08, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks buddy!!!!