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I'd like to see if any of you guys made your own faction on the game by reverse pickpocketing if you did im interested in what factions you guys made so go ahead and post it here's mine.

Name:Brotherhood of Assassins

Uniform:Ranging anything from a pre war suit to combat armor depening on the member and his rank

History:The Brotherhood of Assassins where founded in 2180 in California by a man and his 2 sons but then they where known as The Sneaking Wolves it started of as a tribe the father of the two sons formed it for protection of hostile tribes he formed it with 2 other men and they started as a weak tribe but then by 2181 a man by the name of Steven Winterhill came to them and taught them the art of stealth and assassination then they became a feared tribed but years went on and it was now 2190 and all the tribes around them had been wiped out and they where the most powerful tribe but still the tribe was very poor and where starving so a new tribe leader stepped up and brought the tribe out of the stoneage he saw how good they where with killing so he started to offer their services for caps sure enough this worked by 2195 they had stopped living like tribals and their new leader changed their name to Brotherhood of Assassins and he formed a structure and ranks and rules and by 2277 the Brotherhood had established chapters as far east as Virginia they are now known as an underground organization of assassins who carry out assassinations for caps they are a very secret organization few people know about them the only way someone can contact them is by sending them a contract but is not easy.

Structure:The Brotherhood have a complicated hierarchy which is pyramid based on the top of the pyramid is The Grandfather who resides somewhere in California where the Brotherhood was born and he runs everything he's the top dog he is the one who recieves the contracts from the clients who are told to send it to the hub then the Grandfather sends a man to the Hub every week to pick up the contracts and he brings them back to their base of operations where the Grandfather resides then the Grandfather sends the contract whichever chapter of the Brotherhood is closest to where the target is then the Father of that particular chapter recieves it then gives it to an Assassin who carries out the contract now to become a grandfather you must have been a father before and the very best one that is how one is elected to become grandfather the grandfather and the time hand picks a father to take his place when he is gone the same thing goes for a father when a new one must be elected. Now even though the Brotherhood is very secretive most people know of them and use the Brotherhood for bounties but they tend to keep it secret because it is looked down upon but not illegal unless they are trying to have someone who has done nothing to openly harm anybody unless they are hostile towards others they cannot openly put a bounty on them and have them legally killed by the Brotherhood they would have them assassinated rather than executed now if they where having them executed it would usually be looked down upon but not be illegal the way an execution works is diffrent then an assassination for an execution the chapter father would tell the assassin to go to the person who needs someone executed and talk to them the assassin would then go and talk to the client and ask who the bounty is and where he's at they would then arrange a payment the assassin would kill the target then return to the person and recieve his or her payment. Now the Father doesn't become the Father of a chapter for nothing he is chosen by the Grandfather and for the Assassins it's not easy to become one usually the way the assassins become assassins is either because they are the son or daughter of one of the members and in that cased are trained form early childhood how to kill or theirs the other type that a member of the Brotherhood knows and has seen them kill and thinks they are worthy in which case they would have to ask the Father of the chapter if it was alright then the Father would send a Spy to become friends with him and then the spy would watch him and get to know him for 1 year then would report back to the father after a year with a full Journal written about him including Birth date History Training if any and then after sending this to the father he sends it to the Grandfather and he either accepts or declines if he accepts the Spy asks the man he's been surveiling for the past year if he would like to join he then explains what he would have to do and if he declines which very rarely happens but if he did decline the spy would kill him if he accepts he undergoes the grueling process of being an Apprentice for a year to an Assassin in this year he goes on contracts with the Assassin and learns the art of assassination after that year he undergoes the ceremony of becoming a Killer in otherwords a full member in this ceremoney he gets a letter from the Grandfather congradualating him and then undergoes a ceremony where he goes to the chapter safehouse and the Father reads him the tenets and then asks him to promise to uphold the tenets and if broken he will pay with his life he then asks if he understands and accepts he says yes then the father takes his ceremonial blade and the member holds his hand out over the tenets the father then slices his hand and lets his blood drip on the tenets he is then told he has been reborn into a new family the father then gives him a choice of what he wants his new appearance to be meaning what color hair and what haircut then the father alters his appearance he is then given a new last name usually having something to do with that killers appearance or the way he or she kills or just darkness or killing in general then he is able to choose his first name then each member of the chapter hugs him then the Father says welcome to your new family son or daughter and he or she is then a member the only ranks after assassin other than Father is Spy not many become spies though there is usually only one Spy per chapter and then there's the elite known as the Silencers they are the Fathers personal assassins who guard the chapter safehouse and only are sent on missions that involve the organization such as assassinating a traitor or killing someone who knows to much about the organization they are the most elite of the organization they recieve no pay for the contracts they do they do them only for honor and for the Brotherhood now the only way one can become a Silencer is by being the very best completeing every contract exactly as he was told and just by being the best they are hand picked by the father if he sees fit he will personally ask them to join the few ranks of Silencers one who is asked to become a sliencer is asked to take an oath vowing to protect the Father and the Brotherhood and is then given a special suit of combat armor by the father it is flat black combat armor and this is how they are noticed by there black combat armor many dread the site of it and I almost left out after the rank of killer is Assassin this ranks job is to carry out contracts quickly and quietly the only diffrence between assassins and killers is that the killers usually have not as good equipment and stay at the safehouse on the othert hand assassins are almost independent they live bythemselves and have contracts brought to them they than carry them out and write a letter to the father to say it is done

Technology:The Brotherhood have the best of the best when it comes to technology such as guns they seem to have better weapons then the NCR high tech Sniper rifles assault rifles with custom attachments anything from a Gauss Rifle to a 50 cal they have it it is unknown where they get these weapons from though. They also have the best of the best in armor and equipment it probably due to their massive ammounts of caps.


1.Never speak of the Brotherhood to outsiders

2.Never kill a brother unless ordered to

3.Never steal from a brother

4.Never refuse a contract

5.Never dishonor the brotherhood

6.Never leave any witnesses unless ordered to or the killing is in self defence

7.Never take chems

To commit these acts are punishable by death

Name:Sons of Darkness

Uniform:Raider Sadist Armor,Raider Painspike Armor

Structure:The Sons of Darkness believe anyone who isn't a tribal to be what they call an ousider anyone who is a tribal but does not belong to their tribe are what they call enemies. Now for members of their tribe there are ranks the lowest rank is a child under 10 they are called Young Ones they are expected to obey their parents and then theirs children who are 10 to 12 years old they are known as a Tenderfoot and is taught the ways of stealth and murder until he is 13 then he is sent to kill a rival tribe member and bring back his hands once he does this he earns the name of Slayer these Slayers go into battle in packs of 5 they're lead by the Slayer with the most kills who is usually an older more experienced member of the tribe the Slayer's are usually used for Frontline combat ans skilled in hand to hand combat. But an elite few get the honor of being an Assassin the way someone advances to this rank is by showing an act of Stealth in which a Slayer would be promoted to the elite ranks of the Assassins but it is not common for a Slayer to rise to Assassin very few have the skill to become an Assassin they are the Elite of the tribe and they are only used if the Slayers need help or if the Slayers have been killed by the enemy they are also used for stealth missions like assassinating a tribe leader when one becomes an assassin he earns the right to earn a bandana the Sons of Darkness believe assassins are blessed by the moon with their talent in assassination they are the 2nd most respected in the tribe the 1st is the Warlord there is only one Warlord and he is the leader of the tribe his job is to make decisions wether to go to war or not who to kill and whatnot some Warlords even go to battle with their fellow tribesmen the way a Warlord comes into power is by the Warlord at the time announcing the new Warlord theres a new Warlord every time the Warlord at the time dies and if he dies without being able to announce a new Warlord the tribe member with the most kills automatically becomes Warlord.

Religion:The Sons of Darkness worhip the moon they believe the moon is the reason they are alive because if it weren't for the moon they would have been wiped out way back because they wouldn't have been able to use stealth if it weren't for the moon guiding them through the darkness of the wasteland so they believe the moon saved them from being killed by the other tribes so they now pray to the moon at least one time during darkness of night.


Society:The Sons of Darkness are a tribe that resides in Bitter Springs and live in Tents the Sons of Darkness are a particularly hostile tribe they partcularly do not like the Fiends they are constantly warring with them even though they are heavily outnumbered. The idealogy of the Sons of Darkness is that they do not trust anyone but their fellow tribe members the reason for this is when they where first started they where peacful hunters who stayed to themselves but the other tribes repeatidly attacked their village again and again so they had to learn how to fight now since they where a small tribe they had to be taught in the art of stealth they taught themselves how to move silently and how to kill without making any sounds and how to be quite and stealthy over time they learned these things to stay alive so they learned how to fight back with stealth tactics this worked for them they then became a more powerful tribe because the other tribes where intimitaded by the way they killed so silently and quietly. They start to train their boys in the way of stealth at the age of 10 by the time they are 13 the boys must go out alone and kill a rival tribe member and bring back his hands once they do this they become a man and as for woman they are expected to birth children but are also taught the ways of stealth and the art if killing and are expected to defend the village if there where ever an attack they are expected to serve the man but also should be treated with respect. The Sons of Darkness main source of food comes from hunting and raiding. The Sons of Darkness clothing consists of Armor stolen from dead Fiends and the men wear the hands of their latest kill on the belt of their pants.They are a very close knit tribe though never have any inner conflicts they are like one big family. And now for warfare the Sons of Darkness have two kinds of warriors there's the Slayers which are fairly stealthy warriors that travel in packs of 5 and use machette's majority of the time and are skilled in hand to hand combat then they have the Assassins who are more respected and are skilled in stealth killing and travel alone and use rifles and knives they are the elite and the only person more respected then them is the Warlord who is the leader of the tribe and all in the tribe obey what he says.

Technology:The Sons of Darkness rely more on skill and strength then on technology for the most part they use weapons like knives and swords mostly machettes and combat knives and occasionaly some rifles and for armor they steal the armor of dead fiends that is makeshift armor that is easy to move in and flexible.

History:The Sons of Darkness where started in 2240 by a group of people who settled in the Mojave Wasteland they started as just a village of people trying to get by but with so many attacks from other tribes they learned how to be stealthy and silent killers since they din't have a whole lot of people they made the best of what they had and started using guerilla tactics like sneaking into villages at night and killing people they then adopted the nam Sons of Darkness because they attacked at night and they atttacked silently. So then a man named Silent-Wolf became the leader and established a hierarchy and thats when the Sons became Hostile they started to attack other tribes by 2250 they where a force to be reconed with all the other tribes were afraid of them because of their tactics the only tribe that wans't was the Fiends the Fiends declared war on the Sons skip to 2260 Silent-Wolf has a son whom he names Red-Wolf then in 2271 the Fiends attackes the Sons village the Sons lost many including Silent Wolf so Red-Wolf took over as Warlord seeing as he was the best assassin in the tribe then Red-Wold lead them to Bitter Springs in 2281 where he cleared out the existing NCR occupants and made it their new village where he would make the Sons of Darkness the strongest tribe in the Mojave now Red-Wolf starts his blood campaign to end all the other tribes.

Thats alot of stuff you got there. You, sir, inspired me to do something like this. I'm gonna wear the same thing Salt-Upon-Wounds wears(his helmet, his power fist, and white leg hide armor), and I'm gonna get a bunch of white leg armors and I'm going to make my own group of white legs. Veteran members will get to wear white leg hide armor, and the normal members will wear white leg outfits(which arent as good). I'll have three different classes in my tribe. There will be stealt(Assassins), Combat(Troops), and Scouts. I'll give the scouts binoculars and weak weapons, I'll give the assassins silenced or melee weapons, and the troops will get strong guns like the riot shotgun or the light machine gun. But where would i find a good place to put all that stuff onto people? Darth Roxas 23:48, August 19, 2011 (UTC)

Darth Roxas the answer to your question is what I did is I went to Bitteer springs and reverse pickpocketed all the refugess to make them part of my tribe but i'd imagine anywhere where peopl are wearing weak clothing like brahmin skin outfits and stuff like that

Yeah I musta spent like 3 hours on it but if your gonna make one you should post it

thats not a bad idea... ill think of something and get back to you. JimmyDreznaut017 03:18, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

Heh, that's like the time when I made Megaton all wear hockey masks. The hard part was finding that many hockey masks-- 17:41, August 20, 2011 (UTC)


Faction: The Daggers

"We are the eyes, ears and tools of salvation. Bringing light to the unfortunate and peace to the wicked. We are instruments of salvation, we are the Daggers!"


The Daggers are one of the few tribes that can trace there history directly back to the actual beginings of the great war. During the US annexation of Canada, Americas closest ally, the United kingdom, deployed a large regiment of elite SAS troopers to the front lines. The Regiment of at least 1000 men helped fight throughout canada, the alaskan front and on covert missions to china.

On October 22nd 2077, three hundred SAS troops were deployed out into the hills around virginia on training missions, split into 6 groups of 50. On the evening of October 23rd, The great war hit. Those who were still stationed at base were instantly vaporized by the warheads, but the 300 men and women in the hills narrowly avoided death. The 6 groups of soldiers were ordered into the caves in the hills to avoid the nuclear fallout.

3 months passed inside the caves, with many soldiers becoming weak from malnutrition. The soldiers medical and food supplies barley sustained them, with 75 of the troops dying from either hunger, illness or suicide. When it was given the all clear, the troops emerged from the caves, with only the war torn ruins of the wastes to great them. When the soldiers re grouped, there numbers had been depleted to little over 200. The Commander officer in charge of the group, Commander Harris ordered the men to head West,away from DC and into the more mountainous regions of the country, as it was likely that they weren't hit by the war.

During the long journey across the wastes, The Group kept trying to radio the remaining military. All surviving military establishments had either been abandoned, fallen into disarray, or destroyed. The scenario was also far worse than commander Harris imagined. The USA had been entirely destroyed. Nuclear warheads targeted every major city in each state, destroying and irradiating the majority of the land and water. The Commanders still decided to push the remaining troops forward, towards the west.

The journey, combined with harsh conditions, food shortages and having to avoid radiation pockets, took 3 years. The Soldiers reached colorado, And settled in the mountains there. The soldiers found peace there, and took a new name, The Daggers; Derived from the Dagger on the SAS emblem. Over the years, the men and women of the tribe reproduced, and wastelanders flocked to the tribe for protection. The tribes numbers grew, and settled in the colorado mountains for almost 175 years.

To keep in touch with the tribes roots, the "Commanding officers" Of the tribe deigned that each child of the tribe be subjected into training at age 11. In training, the children will learn Advanced combat, survival and medicine, The tactics used by the SAS before the war. The training was compulsory and served as the first "Rite of passage" the children of the tribe had to under take. The second was to have the "Winged dagger" Branded onto there back, between the shoulder blades, to mark them as a member of the tribe, and to fully make them a fighter.

After nearly 175 years, The Daggers were forced to flee Colorado when Caesars legion appeared and began extinguishing the tribes there. Through much fighting, the Daggers fled to North western utah for 9 years, then south into the north western Nevadan mountains. The daggers remain to this day in 2281 living in Nevada, remaining hidden from Caesars legion.

Religion and culture:

The Daggers are christian. They believe in there God strongly and believe they have been kept alive all these years as god wanted them to survive to help other survivors on the road to salvation, whilst protecting them and fighting off evil.

At age 11, all children are subjected to the Training all SAS endured, turning them into Hard tough fighters. This has caused the Daggers to produce some of the toughest fighters to date. When a child has completed the training, normaly around age 17, he is branded with the winged dagger on his back. This is to remind him that he is a member of the tribe, and all those with the dagger are his brethren.

When a Dagger dies, his weapon is passed along to the next of kin, As his fighting spirit still lives within the weapon. A dagger Funeral consists of burying the fallen comrade with his dog tags and two bullets in each of his hands, representing his parents, so he may join them in heaven.

Armour and weaponry:

The Daggers tend to wear Merc grunt outfits with desert or forest camoflage, as they are light, breathable and offer better maneuverability. Daggers can also be seen with badoleers, Backpacks, camel packs and satchels to make carrying supplys alot easier. Daggers were taught to survive in the wild living off the land so daggers can range far with little to no packed food.

When it comes to armament, A Daggers standard issue Weapon would be a 5.56mm M16 service rifle, 45. Pistol and a knife. More veteran Daggers would have the M4 "Marksmen carbine" which would of been passed down through generations or given sparingly to elite soldiers. Dagger Snipers would be armed with Bolt action Hunting rifles and binoculars, whilst Demolition Daggers will be equiped with 10mm sub-machine guns, modded with a longer barrel and extended stock for accuracy, mimicking that of the HK-Mp5, a weapon commonly used by the SAS of old.


A child in training will simply be known as an initiate. When Finished training, the soldier will be promoted to Private, lance corporal, corporal and then sergeant. After sergeant, The soldier will move up into the CO ranks, Warrant officer, Warrant office II and then up to lietennant. Captain is the highest combat rank one can achieve. After that, The soldier would become a Commander. Commanders can only be elected by other commanders when one has died, keeping a limited number of them at any given time. Commanders control the tribe and there is generaly 5 of them.

Non comabtents, such as the old, extremely young and married, are simply known as civilians.

Women can still take the training for the tribe, but if the women is married and has a child, then she is given the choice to carry on serving or become a reserve, by tending to her family but still fight when needed.


The Daggers society is mostly based on Militancy and combat, as training to fight is a large part of a Daggers life. The Daggers are self sustainable, growing and farming there food, and scavenging only when needed. Farmers are known as food keepers.

Weapon smiths are known as Arms Keepers, and are charged with constructing new weapons, maintaining and repairing them.


Before a mission, The soldiers will gather with the Tribes commanders. There the Soldiers will drink "The blood of christ" And recite the Creed with commanders

  • Soldiers = S
  • Commanders = C

C- Where we see suffering, we ease it, we bring light to the unfortunate....

S- We are the eyes....

C- Where we hear evil and sin, we do our best to right it

S- We are the Ears....

C- Through gods will we try to save those lost to evil, and bring peace to those consumed by it.

S- We are the tools....

C- We bring light to those who need it, and fight for our lord god.

S- We are the Eyes, Ears and tools of salvation, We bring salvation for the lost and peace to the wicked. We are the Daggers

C- Amen

  • Drinks wine*

The backstory for my player character is that he comes from this tribe and was sent south to vegas to fight the Legion, but his squad was killed and he was left wit amnesia and didnt know who he was, taking the courier job to stay alive. his memory was jogged after hoover damn.


The Guard

"When in doubt, trust The Guard!"


The Guard is what remains of the US National Guard. When the Great War began, much of the National Guard was deployed in an effort to keep the civilian populace in check. After the war ended, most of the Guardsmen and Women were left dead, burned to ash. However, the Armory in Washington DC survived, as did pockets throughout the East Coast region. These soldiers were left without a chain of command, without hope, and without any form of leadership. Some became raiders, others warlords, but a core group remained.

After communication facilities were restored at the Armory, The Guard began to form. Troops met up and headed for DC, where a battle was already underway to retake the city. Allying with the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel, The Guard eventually reclaimed Kingman Park, the National Guard Depot, and a number of other key locations throughout the city.

Gaining new members, they push North. There they linked up with Hades Squad, the last remaining unit in New York. Many died at the Battle of the Bridge, but they eventually linked up at Battery Park. Securing the area, they pushed West until they met the Midwest Brotherhood. Much blood was spilled before an uneasy cease fire was established.

With the brotherhood to the West, and pacification and rebuilding efforts behind the front, The Guard is hard-pressed to hold the line. However, their efforts to support the people have caused their ranks to swell with local volunteers, and prospects look good for them. So long as the cease fire holds....

Religion and Culture:

The Guard has no unified religion, and allow for free practice of any so long as it remains peaceful and within the laws established.

The Guard has the motto "For country, For people, For peace". Every soldier must memorize this, repeat it, and follow it to the letter. They are to protect and rebuild the country, protect and reeducate the people, and establish a lasting peace within their borders.

As a member of The Guard, each soldier is issued a set of dog tags and a rifle. He is to keep these on his person at all times, and take care of them as if they are a member of his family. Each weapon is given a name by the soldier, and it is carved into the butt of the weapon. When he dies, he is to be buried with the butt of his weapon. He is to have his dog tags in one hand, the butt of his weapon in the other, and each arm crossed over his chest.

Members of The Guard are also expected to raise and lower the American flag each morning and night, as well as salute it.

Warlords and dictators are not tolerated with The Guard's territory, and these individuals are dealt with swiftly and severely. This comes in the form of public execution by either hanging or beheading. If said individual is or was a member of The Guard, they are given the honor of death by firing squad.

Armor and Weaponry:

The guard relies on any weapons it has access to, and it is not uncommon to see soldiers wielding guns that were handed down through their families. With some industry behind them, there is no shortage of ammunition. However, guns are not allowed to be buried with the dead, and they are to be given to a comrade before death. This is considered a great honor within The Guard. However, these weapons must have the name of the previous owner carved into the receiver and, as no soldier is allowed more than one weapon and a sidearm, are turned into the squads Master of Arms. If the owner dies, the weapons are either given to the comrade chosen by the fallen soldier, or issued to a new member.

Guardsman, likewise, also wear a wide variety of armor. However, this is more standardized than weaponry.

New soldiers, or Boots, receive a uniform consisting of Camouflage pants, a utility belt, a olive-drab shirt, and body armor made of leather. They are also issued a baseball cap, a pair of motorcycle goggles, and a metal insert to reinforce the cap. They are also issued three ammunition and grenade pockets, as well as a serrated knife and sheath.

More experienced soldiers receive a similar loadout, with the leather armor being reinforced with metal plates. They also receive a small backpack and a rough helmet made of metal, leather, and covered with netting.

The elite troops receive combat armor and a matching helmet. They are issued the new R92SA rifles, as well more professional military gear, usually made before the Great War. They are usually seen leading squads onto the battlefield,and troops often rally behind them.

There are a number of specialized units in The Guard as well, such as breachers, Fire Support, and even the Air Drop Corp.

It should be noted that most members stationed in DC sport combat armor do to its abundance in the area.


The Guard has a rigid structure of ranks. However, their are a number of specialized ranks one can receive. The following list is ranked lowest to highest:

Boot - Fresh recruit. Seen as the lowest rank, at least two are deployed with each squad in order to gain combat experience.

Private - Higher than Boots, these soldiers have had at least two years of experience under their belts.

Sergeant - This is the first of the "Big Three" highest ranks. These soldiers have proven time and again that The Guard comes first, everything else is secondary.

Comms Officer - Only Sergeants can be promoted to this rank. These soldiers are issued valuable communications gear in order to relay information to command. At least two per platoon.

Burners - These soldiers are specially trained in the art of demolition and flame. They don heavily reinforced combat armor and utilize their explosives and flamethrowers to clear obstacles for the squad.

Fire Support "Mean Bastards" - Soldiers armed with CZ53 miniguns and missile launchers, they clear out enemy emplacements with missile, mines, and mortar strikes. They can be identified by their stripped out power armor and distinct symbol: A flaming fist over a cracked skull.

Lieutenant - Above the Fire Support soldiers, these officers answer directly to the Master of Arms and are in charge of Company movements and execution of orders from the Captain.

Master of Arms - Controls and maintains the weapons for the company. Is responsible for supply requests and monthly reports on supplies.

Head Master of Arms - Controls supply distribution from The Guards base in Washington DC. Answers directly to the Captain

Captain - The highest rank one can achieve, he controls the operations of the entire Guard. Is currently headquartered at the Armory in DC.

It should be noted that there is some discrepancy in the ranks, as some soldiers from before the war refuse to use the new ranking system and instead use the Pre-war ranks. However, the Captain is still the highest rank one can achieve.


The Guard is a large power on the East Coast. They control a large area of territory, and function much like the pre-war government. However, it still relies on a number of dictatorial ideas in order to maintain control. Cities are allowed to govern themselves, but ultimately answer to the Captain. The founder and current Captain is Captain Walker, who has lead The Guard since just after the war.

It is largely self-sufficient, relying on trade only as a means of achieving commodities, high-tec weapons and armor, and to build relations with their neighbors. Rjtrains, 18:53; July 16, 2014