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Forum:Dogmeat problem

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Does anyone know why Dogmeat won't follow me outside of the specific area he's found in? I thought it was either iguana treat or leather jacket for him to be recruited, when the treat didn't work I tried both at the same time, but he still won't follow me into the world. Plus, whenever I come back to the zone he's found in, he's seemingly disappeared. For some reason the woman standing next to Phil compliments my pooch like Dogmeat is actually with me.:(

Hmm, this is a strange bug. Are you saying he actually follows you around the area where Gizmo's casino is, but not anywhere else?
A few things to check for:
1) Do you have any other followers? If so, how many, and what is your charisma?
2) What version of Fallout do you have? Is it the latest official version (1.3.4)?
-- Ghouly89 (Talk) 05:16, March 5, 2011 (UTC)

The only way to recruit Dogmeat in FO2 is to wear the Vault suit--so take off any armor you are wearing then talk to him. hope that helps :) --SergeantDornan 08:44, March 6, 2011 (UTC)

That's exactly what I meant. I had I believe no followers when I tried to get him, and my charisma was around 6. I made a new character with 7 Charisma, and went to Junktown, this time successfully getting Dogmeat. Now I regret trying so hard to get him cuz 1) he seems to take way more time to heal than the other characters 2) he can't hold anything or use stimpacks 3) he takes forever to walk up to enemies 4) he tends to attract a lot of friendly fire since he's a melee only fighter (Tycho hits Dogmeat 20% of the time when he is in Tycho's line of fire) 5) there's no way to give him orders. His only positives are the sounds he makes when he attacks, and he looks cool.

Could anyone explain why he is such a beloved support character in the original games (I haven't played FO2 yet, maybe he's more versatile there)? I loved him in FO3 because he could be sent off for ammo (iirc I lost him once that way), told other things and his movement didn't stall your ability to move, but he still got in the way of aoe attacks like rockets and 'nades.

Thanks SD, I'll keep that in mind when I play FO2.

-- Manufan909 (Talk) 11:44, March 9, 2011 (UTC)

...and he looks cool.Thats all the philosophy about Dogmeat.Your observations about his effectivness are spot-on.In F1&2 companions in general are way less usefull than F3 or NV- they can be expensive to keep,they die easy,they disregard pedestrians in burst line(Ian has more player kills than all the mutants combined!),they block doorways -so playing with them is an adventure on its own.I say this is part of the charm, many would disagree and never take them or take them and watch them die.Since your CH is 7 try to expirience as many as you can for this playthrough,next time(if there will be such a thing) try going alone and compare.As for Dogmeat-hes been around long,hes a dog(this was new back then)- in short hes mans best friend you become attached to him.For me personaly it was always like this: Max has Dinky(or whatever his name is), Vic has Blood, I have Dogmeat and Lassie has kid. If you plan to keep him till the end prepare to become intimate with the load button. He cant talk,but he can spell suicide. The interface was improved in F2 but it dosnt help to much. Have fun.Grozd 05:29, May 10, 2011 (UTC)