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in fallout 2 you can relies the FEV curling in to the air at the oil rig and it kills all the enclave citizens but i thought it only killed non pure humans does any one know why the pure enclave citizens were killed by the virus just wondering?

Curling-13 kills everyone. It does kill radiation affected individual quicker than non-irradiated ones (average of 1 hour vs 14.5 hours respectively). The Enclave President on the rig mentions that they're waiting to vaccinate everyone in the Enclave before releasing it and that the Vaccine still needed some work seeing that the first recipient, the Vice-President, suffered severe brain damage from it. The FEV strain used by President Eden in FO3 was either modified or the Enclave perfected their vaccine. Dr. Lobotomy 01:57, August 14, 2011 (UTC)