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Forum:House Help (Not Mr. House)

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I require some assistance... I need a new house to store things and just decorate with junk and what not. I don't want any houses that a character gives you, like tops casino room, lucky 38, novac, etc. One that I was looking at is the Nipton town general store. One flaw of that place is how its a complete mess and the legion basically destroyed it.

I've checked the non-player housing page on this wiki but not much has been added. Things I want in house if you have an idea: -bed -LIGHTING! (I don't want pitch black cave, if its a bit dark, I can handle that) -one neat aspect of the area (example - has nuca cola decorations everywhere) -not torn up (I don't like blood everywhere and overturned tables/chairs, etc.) -storage containers (Not sure about respawning and all that) -Hopefully no respawning enemies (If there is a one-time enemy thing, I don't really care)

Another thing that I'd like is something that you can actually enter (house with a door), not like a hut outside in the wasteland.

Also, if you've seen what the nipton general store is like, its a pretty cool layout, would be neat once decorated aside from the fact that there is blood and broken immovable objects everywhere. Actually, all nipton houses are sick, shame that they are destroyed, too bad there is no 'clean up nipton' quest.

We have similiar tastes, and I have the same problem--I have no idea what dwelling to trust. Most have some aesthetic issues, and a few can be handled...but I have the same problem you do (I just never thought to post it...why I don't know, LOL). My biggest concern for a dwelling that you are not given is that I have no idea what cntainers I can trust my items to be in...I don't want to lose a fully modded laser rifle, gatling laser, or plasma rifle. THAT would suck. OR a unique item O_O --SergeantDornan 22:07, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

Try the gas station in goodsprings. ive logged almost 150 hours using it to store everything and havent had a single problem 23:49, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

Ehh, don't want anything close to goodsprings. I just saw the house at 'something' mines near cottonwood cove. pretty nice layout n all but it just looks like a heap of junk rather than a nice house.

I highly recommend Harper's Shack, just a bit above the map marker for Dead Wind Cavern. It's got plenty of storage, all the storage is safe, has some shelf/table space, has a reloading and a workbench and is in a decent location with the fast travel spot being right outside the door. Your only real worry are the Deathclaws over at Dead Wind, but it's a far enough distance that they don't notice you so long as you don't fire any loud weapons. It's a tad bit on the dark side, but it's pretty nice. Check it out! SuSpence95 (Talk) 05:31, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

There are deathclaws nearby? EXCELLENT! That is PERFECT for my tribal build I am going to make soon. I'll check my guide map to see where Dead Wind Caverns are, I forgot their location, LOL. And safe storage is a big plus--that way I don't have to go to the lucky 38 to offload my stuff. I am checking this out tonight for sure :D --SergeantDornan 05:52, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

I was actually going in random directions on the map, found a sick place but all containers are red... Actually I found 4 sick houses like this, inhabited but NO STEALING THE HOUSE'S STUFF. Question about Harper's Shack, is it on the east or west side of that giant invisisble wall on top of the hill. Alsoooo, if I kill the deathclaws and drag their bodies far away, will they respawn on the body, or the area they first died? (This just popped in my mind - The Mesmetron from F3, WE NEED THAT BACK, I loved having an army of friendly raiders guarding my house lol)--OhMyParry 20:12, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Ehh, Just checked out Harper's Shack (It was on the east side), didn't really like how dark it was, and its one of them metal hunk of junk houses. I'm trying to find a house like those 'New Vegas Homes'. I found about 3 that were perfect, but all red font on all items/containers/beds. Hell, one had nobody in it and it was just a random house yet you couldn't take anything... I might just end up using a nipton house.--OhMyParry 20:39, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Hey I got a request too, does anyone have an idea for a house thats open, no doors, but you can fast travel to it, preferably near a decent town. 4 Safe Containers. I wouldnt mind a closed house if it is pretty clean inside.

So you prefer for it to be OUTSIDE, correct? Hmm, there's not too many I know of, you can try Smith Mesa Prospector Camp or maybe the Sniper's Nest. They're not very roomy, though.

Inside houses I recommend: And of the Safehouses (preferably the BoS and the NCR one), Harper's Shack and the Goodsprings Gas Station

If you want a good nice home, try the followers safehouse. Only unsafe thing in it is the fridge. I have all my unique weapons on the shelves when you enter. Turned the doctor to dust as a sort of robot dog litter box for rex with some coyote chewing leafs for a nice smell. I also have these purple/blue/green/yellow fruit things to give the place some colour which is very nice, and the box can be used to store all your fruit and veg. :) 3 beds so even your friends can visit. I just need some way to light the room up.

Ok, i found a pretty cool option its worked really well for me. its in Jacobstown. the area is really nice, with hthe mountains and green trees and and snow. the people there are nice, if you dont mind them being uper mutants. if you do mind, just kill them i guess... the bungalows are very ideal, but they are a little dark and beaten, but just find a good onr that works! Sorry bout all the spelling errors lol you have no idea how har it is to type with a broken arm

http://phantasyrpg.com/register.php?ref=215242 22:54, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

You could try the powder gang camp west. It's a bit south of goodsprings, and has a cabinet to put some stuff in.(if the containers aren't good enough, you could drag a sunset sarsaparilla crate just north on the I-15)The powder gangers might respawn though.--TheReaver74 21:51, March 2, 2011 (UTC)

I've made my house couple weeks back - Followers Safehouse, made a post about it already. Decorated it with atomic cocktail christmas lights and everytime I fast travel, 1 random light falls down. Sort of a pain... Best house in my opinion though, I just have no items to decorate the indoors, not enough unique weaponry in Vegas, there was more in DC. Same with random misc. items and clothing. I'd always get Lincoln's collection. Whereas in Vegas I can get... Evil Gnome. And... That's it, nothing unique. No oversized teddy bears either, BLAH. --OhMyParry 22:04, March 2, 2011 (UTC)

i dont have a suggestion for housing but i do have a tip for you. dont choose somewhere that NPC's can access your items. they tend to take your items, especially rare consumables (which you cant get back) and they will take powerful weapons especially modded and rare weapons. so if an NPC who has a hunting rifle has access to your weapons container, they may well take your gobi campaign sniper rifle and use it against you (because they have .308 ammunition from their hunting rifle). even the lucky 38 is vulnerable to NPCs taking your stuff, i sent boone there and i caught him at the fridge, plus he had this machine in his inventory.

I chose the gas station because you can get onto the roof (see 'Access to rooftops in Goodsprings' forum) and once I was up there I put a load of barrels and thigs to make it fortified. Also you can play caravan with Ringo if you don't do the Goodsprings quests. Shame about the tipped over shelving inside though :( --Grammarlad 20:36, April 6, 2011 (UTC)

I really like Victors shack actually. Rootmars 21:09, April 6, 2011 (UTC)

For the fellow requesting outside housing- I've come to really like the Scavenger's Platform. I mean, c'mon, a base that floats on a lake? The lakelurks don't last long even.GiMpLiE 04:48, April 7, 2011 (UTC)

Jeans Skydiving, i use that place at the begining to store gear, its perfectly safe, but theres no bed :(