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The Battleship pictured on the mural in the Museum of freedom is intriguing to me.

when i saw it ingame the back end wasn't clear enough to make out, so i assumed like everyone else did that it was the Iowa Class battleship Missouri (BB-63), possibly given the missile overhaul that was planned for Kentucky (BB-66).

But, with high res images of the mural it's clear the the ship has TWO rear 16in gun turrets, making it a Montana Class, or maybe even a Missouri Class if it was the first ship of the type laid down.

It doesn't seem like this would just be an art mistake because there are tons of reference pictures and information for an Iowa Class but much less for their intended successors.

This means that at some point the Montana Class got moved forward or was chosen over the Iowa Class from conception, possibly the US found more details about the Yamato than they did in OTL?

This moves the timeline split back from at least jan 1941 when the Missouri was laid down, to as early as 1939 when the Montana Class was designed.

  1. Kentucky Missile conversion
  2. Montana Class
  3. Montana compared with Missouri

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An intriguing post! While it does not affect the point of Divergence (it's after World War II; something to remember is that the Fallout world was never our world - it's just a world that ran more or less in parallel to ours until the Divergence. Minor changes prior to that don't affect it). Still, it's something worth raising on the page - though I have reservations about drawing too many conclusions based on what may be an art mistake (like the texture for Fort Hagen's world map).
There's another point to consider: Perhaps the author of the mural used the wrong ship as reference (it was made in 2077, after all, given the acknowledgement of the Anchorage Reclamation). Tagaziel (talk) 12:58, 10 March 2018 (UTC)