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Forum:New Vegas Ideas (Wishlist)

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I'm sorry if I accidentally take credit for the thread, it's not really mine, it's just that the other page was going to hell in a hand basket real quick.

Feel free to add to this section, It'd be much more organized than 300 separate lists

I want that you can be friends whit the raiders or enclave så you can attack those you was together whit before and i could like some kind of dynamite you can lay down mabye far away from the other dynamites and so if there would come manny enemies so get them to explode on the same time or do so you can set timer on the bombs so if one explode whit the same så explode one mabye 5 sec after the first that would be werry nice. And sorry becous i write so bad im only 12 years and is from Denmark but i love fallout 3 its the best game ever after what i think so i hope Fallout New Vegas i gotta be even better.


Whatever sherriff lands the primm job should give you bounties for caps. the bounties get higher as the villians get more complex and devious. no new level cap required; No new map either. just give a lot of caps as reward. but really the bounties are the reward. This would work great as a DLC. I would pay 800 points for that.

Fuck it, go to town on this.--Master of cheeZ 02:15, June 23, 2010 (UTC)


  • An excellent idea for a add-on pack is one where you can go arange with people of towns/rich people to be paid to go and kill a certain amount of something in an area (e.g. Raiders, Super Mutants, reptile dogs, geckos), and once you've completed the task, that type of thing will never be in that place again.
  • Better Graphics eg. sunshafts, motion blur etc.
  • sprinting, godrays, Iron sights for first person, destroyable things, better shaders.
  • FIX THE BUGS! No crashing, freezing, stuttering... make it perfect, please! (or at least near perfect... --Locusthorde 22:18, April 13, 2010 (UTC))
  • Better Animation
  • Different VATS slow-mo Bullets
  • Change camera angles during VATS kills
  • Emphasizing the heat of Vegas. Heavy sun rays, sizzling of an old carcass, heat waves in the distance, textures that reflect this aswell like tanned brick on the buildings and dry land
  • Improve strafing movement animations from fallout 3.
  • New supermutant and ghoul models and ghoul reapers with scythes.
  • Please make it rain sometimes.(it could rain in FO3 after Broken Steel was downloaded)
  • It seems that many items skins are being used again... please update some of them, I didn't particularly like some of the weapon skins especially the sniper rifle (wtf were those rings goin down the barrel?!!) And if items aren't updated then there should a be a good number of new items made with all that extra time on hand.
  • Hopefully the ATI HD 3850 will be at least on the minimum system requirements list.
  • When you're in wastelands i wan't to wear a helmet, I want to see this helmet (see metro 2033), so i can feel it, and maby ugrade it so it can give me improvement in vision, zooming, locating targets, improving breaking and repairing helmets so i can feel the strugle to survive, the main thing this game lacks is gadgets, you just can't feel them in gameplay,
  • First person visor differences. Like making the whole screen darker when you wear tinted glasses or a visor-like frame around the egdes of a screen when you wear a power helmet. (<<< if they do that, when you're wearing an advanced helmet, it should have like a cool HUD with temperature gages, heart rate monitors 0, etc.)
  • Fixed third person


  • Slingshots of different strengths - that you could make yourself (i.e a stick and elastic) so you could fire anything including grenades.
  • Bi-bod attachment for a sniper rifle.
  • Cars - Being able to find tires, lights, engines, etc. and build your own car would be great!
  • WW2 guns,like thompson...
  • More gas-masks
  • Gimme a flechette shotgun
  • Weapon classes, Like, Machine gun, assault rifle, etc, the only real "machine guns" that were in FO3 were the BIG guns :F please i want different types of guns with add-ons and what not... like MAG, or.. BFBC2... where you can add Fore-grips and 40mm Grenade launchers/Smoke launchers/shotguns :D! (and not as in spliting small guns skill, just weapons that are specific)
  • Molotov cocktails
  • Assault Rifles with realilistic ammo ammounts... an Ak-47 (Chinese assault Rifle) holds 30... NOT 24 :3 --Locusthorde 22:15, April 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • New cool uniqe wepons that can do special things like miss launcher(uniqe missle launcher in FO3)were it didn't just do better damage, it shot them like a grenade launcher.
  • Keep some old good guns but i hope they can get lots of new guns and not just keep all the old ones and add only 3 or less new guns.
  • SOAP ON A ROPE!! that would be hilarious to kill someone with xD or Brick on a rope...
  • Sniper rifles... Crappy ones hunting rifle + scope, eh ones like the normal sniper rifle, and awesome ones... like the gauss rifle... Hoorah.
  • Nightvision/Thermal Scopes (or maybe Splinter Cell-like goggles), Range finders, P90's, Ballistic Rounds/Wall piercing rounds - Sniper Rifle good in FO3, but it lacked the umph on the higher level difficulties, and its scope was on par with a pistol scope... that is not OK!
  • Lockpicks - Legit ones, that are very rare and make it much easier to pick a lock.
  • Lots of Guns - You know.
  • Unique Everything - Any item, you name it, has a unique variant.
  • New & Fresher Foods - Seriously, if there isn't a dominant amount of new food, I'm gonna laugh. It's been 203 years! You can't think of anything new to make?
  • Poker Chips -Currency, of course. <--- That is genius
  • Machete
  • Modern Guns - No, they don't ruin the game because of the divergence, they only do if that's all we have for guns. Remember the Vulcan Minigun?
  • Better repair system. Maybe one that lets you add attachments or better components to your weapons.
  • Compound Bows (This would also mean introducing Broadhead arrows as ammo)
  • Winchester Model 1887 rifle(nooby but fun)
  • More useless items-toaster/bottles stuff like that.
  • More guns like revolvers..(like in Fallout 3 - Paulson's Revolver).
  • Maybe like more "bad" guns like a bolt action rifle. (Similar to the Hunting Rifle ?) no, like ww2 rare gun like the Springfield and R700
  • Ammo types. I want to load a Desert Eagle with AP ammo and go to town on anything with armor. Fallout Tactics had it!
  • 'Mounts', Vegas is big, I would rather be riding something rather than walking everywhere. --- I agree, there should be vehicles and if not animals ---
  • Chainsaw (Similar to the Auto-Axe) <--- ADD THIS!
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Realistic looking guns and their real names
  • Not the thing above. I want my guns rare and broken. I was wondering whre three hundred thousand guns came from.
  • A Motorcycle you can find parts to and build over time and then drive in your freetime (No gas no motorcycles, gas was the entire reason for the war!)
  • A much better sniper rifle. I think the sniper rifle in Fallout 3 needed to be more powerful and easier to shoot while looking through the scope. (100% Sm Guns skill would help this)
  • Binoculars, maybe an implemented night vision (though Id say that is expecting too much)
  • Tear gas grenade.
  • A Fuel Cannister which you can fill up when you go up to old cars so that when you're on the move you can quickly pour some fuel onto some sticks and light it so you won't freeze to death during the cold nights.
  • Fully customizable weapons, i.e. Sniper Rifle (5 Shots) w/ Assault Rifle magazine (24 Shots instead of 5) coloured gold and more! Or a 10mm SMG Silencer?
  • All the guns from Fallout 1&2!
  • Customizable armor. I'd like to just edit the colors if i possible. i always wanted jet black combat armor. :) --- I agree with this fellow here, I would enjoy that clothing to be customizable, not only armor (hats, shirts, pants etc) ---
  • More mods than the ones they have talked about, like bayonets and lights, so you get a quick melee attack and seeing in the dark is better
  • Definitely more schematic-based weapons. It stands to reason, logically at least that not everyone has access to pre-war weapons, so making weapons out of "junk" parts makes perfect sense.
  • Helmet+Balaclava/Facemask combo, something like the Winterized combat armor, but maybe with only partial face coverage(Nose and below). Can combine with goggles/glasses of course
  • Piggy bank grenade, from the art book.
  • Makeshift Weapons - Like, a revolver with a ducttaped scope. Or perhaps a baseball bat covered with barbed wire. Ofcourse, you would have to make all of these at a workbench, using materials needed to create these.
  • Alien Blaster and Firelance - even though they are in FO3 it should be put in FONV because they were awsome!
  • TANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - awsome!!!!!!!!! >= )
  • More rare and unique weapons and armor, well hidden and hard to get (like A3-21,T51b..but a little harder)
  • Fallout 2 Advanced Power Armor
  • Make EVERY PLACE in the game worth going to by putting a cool item inside. There were way too many places in FO3 that I would never go to because there was nothing good there. They really need to make sure that I will have a reason to go EVERYWHERE. --STAProductions 21:01, May 15, 2010 (UTC)
  • increased zoom on sniper rifles aswell as stands so you can mount on ledges and walls to be steadier.
  • better looking clothes not armour just regular clothes.
  • Possibility to upgrade weapons like in FO2
  • Have it so that after a while, your clothing starts to get tattered from combat, burned from fire, etc.
  • Make it so that after repairing your armor, there are VISIBLE signs that you repaired it (ie metal plates welded over holes, pieces from a different kind of armor replacing something that's missing on yours, etc. to the point that your armor looks like Ashur's from The Pitt)
  • Following on ^^^that, when you get hit with a missile, there's a big hole in your armor, or holes from large caliber rounds and dents from small calibre (as, from what I understand, they are incorporating a damage threshold so that really small weapons don't even damage you because they're too weak.)
  • Really cool armor customization, like having a tattered red cloth hanging off of your shoulder on your grey power armor or something.
  • Molotov coktails (yes i know that they have already been listed) that you can make from highly alcoholic beverages (like Whiskey Scotch and Vodka) or some other kind of flamable liquid and empty bottles. This weapon should function like a poor man's incindiary grenade thats only effective against lightly or unarmored targets but would burn for a significant time after use and would "stick" to enemies caught in the flames.
  • CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!! XD Don't diss the CAKE!!!!!
  • Flares and Flare Guns. Flares can be used as a thrown weapon and can potentially set enemies on fire
  • Gimme back the cool assalt rifles like the chinese, regular assalt rifle and the inflitrator instead of that peice of shit assult carbine!


First, more realistic fights. I mean, hundred of bullets for one guy? I found that very frustrating in FO3 (not like FO and FO2 where you can just if you're lucky kill loads just with a rifle). Also, no fast travel, or something like FO1&2 where you can have Random Events and not instant, you see yourself moving on the map as time goes by. Oh and finally, time must have consequences (weather, etc).

  • Correct the jumping feature. It is infuriating to be stuck somewhere or trying to reach a ledge and suddenly lose the capability to jump at all.
  • Like many people have already said HOUSES, VEHICLES, MORE COMPANIONS, MORE GUNS (I personally like guns you can make yourself like the Rail Gun in FO3) Maybe a better MINIMAP? Coolest thing I could think of is modifying cars and mounting weapons to them, having a house with a gun room to display your arsenal. I was just dissapointed that I had all my Fat Boy's and other sweet guns in a school locker. ;(
  • Why not have the choice ofbecoming a mutant late in the game and change how everyone reacts to you.
  • Something to spend the heaps of money on that every player ends up with towards the end of the game.
  • be able to drop caps(or whatever currency is used) because who doesnt want to show their wealth in their house? (<<<< They can't do that because if someone dropped like a billion and one caps, it'd probably kill the frame rate)
  • dlc like oblivions no, not horse armour. massive houses and stuff like extra followers maybe.
  • import from fallout 3 ok maybe not a beast lvl 30 but maybe the dlc objects.
  • houses claim them build them just not the choice of two ahem FO3
  • more idle animations eg. tell your follower to wait and he might go and sit down or lean against a wall or something like that.
  • xbox live/psn/pc player profile so you can see what your freinds charachters are like eg. karma, appearence, wealth etc.
  • better house customisation rather than pre-war theme, raider theme .etc
  • no weird line around the mouth on every character you make!
  • a more involved crime system since new vegas still has a society with laws and the player should be able to do what vegas is notorious for.
  • Modding for the PS3 Version (the Geck?), because I know it can handle it.
  • A co-op minigame like Nazi-zombies
  • Vehicles, no, Custom Vehicles!
  • Intimidation Feature - NPC's interact to your physical features - meaning that you will be able to intimidate/or not certain people if you are more/less muscular. So you would succeed in some occasions to get what you want from a NPC, like you would succeed from a +46 communication stats. However by managing this ability you will not be able to raise to a certain point the communication feature, so you will be able to choose between intimidation or communication. (not both)

+ A new element to the character creation panel (race menu) could include the body aspect setting (fat / thin)

  • Betrayal Feature = In fallout 3 if you ally with a faction the opponents of that particular faction in which you are a member of will attack you on sight, however with this betrayal feature if you leave your faction and team up with another then the faction that you left will increase in weaponry and armor.
  • Certain clothing makes more sound then others so this would mean you have more trouble to be in stealth.
  • Tattoo Parlor - for any body part.
  • Ironsights to weapons!
  • I want 2 have the ability 2 start up your own town, like raven rock in the elder scrolls: morrowind. somthing small and out of the way on the outskirts of the map.
    this might be better as an expansion or somthing, but i think it would be really cool as a side quest.It could start out as an abondoned ghost town out in the desert, with maybe 1 or 2 families who are in slavery 2 a boss that you can either overthrow, buy the town from or join up with. You could run the town through a manager who looks after it while you r away or sell it 2 someone else for a lot of caps, or give it 2 the townspeople. help with the building, or rebuilding of it, recruit gaurds or hire mercs, or invite raiders as protection. convice traders 2 come in. start up a saloon. That kind of quest would rock. 04:28, May 7, 2010 (UTC)
  • If theres another Mister Handy, give me the option to turn him off!! He knocked over my tower of Gnomes!! Make gore kills optional, not because i'm squeemish with blood but it got old quick... Oh and a message explaining the cause of death, aka Death by... "BOOM Headshot", much like the "Sneak Attack Critical on ____ (insert Creature). Modifying the "Head Crippled" Message is an easy fix.
  • New water features if you have empty bottles you should be able to fill em up with dirty water if you find it.
  • Create/Join a Clan/group/guild/gang...like joining the BoS, you have to go through training, then be a recruit and go on "missions" and such, defend HQ, or anything else... i personally would love to join the BoS Outcasts... they do have a rightful purpose you know... --Locusthorde 03:38, April 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Ability to set your Main gun and secondary, so you can switch between guns while reloading -.-' i DONT like watching my impending death fuck me while i have to go through a long ass reload... :F --Locusthorde 03:36, April 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Minor quests, like.. the "blood Ties" quest in FO3, but just random quests to different places.. since your a courier (i honestly hate the main story line of FO:NV....) you could go back to your job delivering stuff for people for a few caps--Locusthorde 22:23, April 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • Better clothing system, honestly i don't like it where theres set outfits + helmets, i want to have like... Power Armor boots, with wastelander pants, with armored vault 101 shirt, with power armor gloves... okay not really.. thats just an example! ^^ --Locusthorde 22:17, April 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • Better house decorating system.. i want to be able to move furniture around :D--Locusthorde 22:17, April 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • New creatures that are harder start to appear as you level up(such as when you get to a high level in FO3 you see giant scorpions).
  • A CO-OP mode (you and ONE friend from xbox live get to go through the game as a team) the enemies will be 2X harder & the quests are harder/longer to and enimies drop more money and less damaged weapons. (Idea from Borderlands)
  • Better First person and third person animations!
  • Realistic health system with the water, food needs! Let it be called realism mode.(this is being made, its called Hardcore)
  • Can have more companions but not to much to were it kills the game for you.
  • More perks and you can choose more than 1 per level up.
  • It would be awesome to have a bigger map that has huge deselate areas with random encounters and buildings to find far out of vegas.[probibly unlikely though =( ]
  • PLEASE have more small side quests that can help you gain exp like say kill 50 gekos or something, and a high level cap(30 levels is to low c'mon why not 50 at least) <--(This, in my opinion, is stupid, it would lose the fallout vibe, and go to WoW grinding... :P )
  • A mysterious Area 51 place where they can put some wierd monsters mabey =D
  • A suggestion to make Fallout Vegas unique from any other game out there - balance the fighter / diplomatic character traits. I.e. Charasmatic and Players with high speech skills should be able to survive in the Wasteland just as well as Grunt-based Players with loads of ammo. This would be PERFECT for New Vegas - considering Vegas itself is full of manipulative and cunning characters. Examples: Convincing NPC's so they fight for you, extracting information via speech that cannot be obtained by brute force, being able to seduce NPC's. -Flooddddddd
  • Weird items in the middle of nowhere - a true story, a bunch of kids were driving in the middle of the desert and found one of those furniture style TVs - hundreds of km's from any civilization. -Flooddddddd
  • Different Pip-boys, yeah the 3000As great... but i want one of those "Luxury" models! -LH
  • "Deeper" Dismeberment system... I want to shoot somebody in the gut with a MG and watch their guts fall out like in the beach scene in Saving private ryan... oh and to have them go OH SHI-!!! -LH
  • Friend system, who wouldnt want to come back to your hometown and have a few friends be like "Hey man! how was it in the wasteland!?" or "Hey when you get back want to have a party?" or something like that... just casual stuff :D -LH
  • First (relaxed) Shot %100 Percent accurate, i hate it when ill wait for them to stop moving fire ONE shot and it flies way off... -LH
  • Something like the "enchantments" from Oblivion YES i know theres no magic in this game, but maybe instead have it be like paintjobs, addons like foregrips, scopes, removal of stock (perforator) and be able to NAME your guns! who would want to walk around with their favorite gun named something like Locusthorde's Ass-Whooper... LOL :D
  • (going on a limb here) But wouldn't it be awesome to have a GF/BF in fallout? i guess like in Fable 1/2 they had it, but imagine Coming back to your base/house/cave Etc. and having your GF there with a nuka cola or your favorite weapon fixed up.. or just having someone to talk to... instead of hearing the same gossip over and over... the ppl in FO3 lacked... people-ness.. i wanted to have conversations with people at moriarty's saloon, or have a bar brawl :D and then be thrown in "jail" in Megaton, or.. have a party at my house.. (which i did once with the Followers glitch.. even the big town people you have to rescue were there!) ..but seriously i want more people-ness.. cuz even though i play games to get AWAY from people i still want to talk to someone ^,..,^ ...it would still be cool to have a GF/BF or even a roomate --Locusthorde 22:28, April 13, 2010 (UTC) :D
  • Major Companions (those who know how to KICK ASS) and minor companions (Big town followers that die... semi-easy) and be able to have MORE THAN ONE + Dogmeat :D<----Nice idea
  • Domestication of creatures... Wouldn't be awesome if you could have a deathclaw or a albino radscorpion as your pet?! ^^
  • Hire Brahmin or use a shopping cart/ little red wagon, to carry excess equipment
  • More houses that you have to pay caps for, and individual House packs Like in oblivion
  • Customizable Clothing! Like in oblivion where you could mix and match almost anything (Helmet, Chest, Necklace, Pants Etc.)
  • More realistic deaths (only in hardcore mode?) yeah Making peoples head fly off with a baseball bats great and all but you get over it VERY quicky...
  • No more NPCs thinking sniper rifles are automatic... i hate it when their %100 percent accurate and clicking the trigger as fast as they can, or when i zig zag and they shoot me -__-
  • Special kills, If i snipe the gas tank on your back YOUR GOING TO EXPLODE!!!
  • Zombie mode... (like hardcore mode, but no super mutants or anything, people and zombies. period. - Locusthorde)
  • ADS - You can't have a FPS without ADS (aiming down the sights)..
  • Melee attacks - With guns, of course.
  • Bigger Map - Speaks for itself.
  • More Gameplay - F3 had almost none compared to the predecessor of the engine it used.
  • More of More. - Square the amount of what's new.
  • Unique, Unique, Unique. - The more fresh and unique content we find in the game, the more we enjoy it.
  • Console Modding/Editing - Yeah, maybe not total mods, but more something like Halo 3's Forge.
  • Online Community - Yes, another idea from Halo 3...
  • Variety - Aren't you getting sick of looking at rags and rocks all the time?
  • Random Events Taken to a New Level - Meet new people with random names, looks, etc. and get random mini-quests and/or deals.
  • Newer, Updated Pip-Boy Format - Yes, even that could ruin the game. I know it will be the same as F3, but I really think I would rather play with something I need to learn to use.
  • More Than Just Hardcore Mode, please.
  • A sequel to to Fallout 1 and 2 please.
  • FP Actions - Smoking,drinking, eating, cannibalism, etc.
  • 3 Perk Tiers - You get 3 perks every Level Up; T1 would be skill/stat boosters; T2 would be non-skill/stat passive bonuses; T3 would be unique abilities.
  • Nellis AFB/Area "Vault" 51. Weapons cache, aliens, secret experiments and a lot of history and black humor.
  • Bigger towns with more people. They need more than what was in FO3 say 30 - 50 per town with 80% adult and 20% children. (More like 10-15...)
  • Better voice acting. Hearing the same voice over numerous NPCs got very boring very fast. (especially with NPCs, that sound the same)
  • Respawning enemies in buildings like they would out in the wasteland.
  • The option to be a Ghoul or super mutant as a PC.
  • Bigger and better quests/missions with more deserving rewards. More cash and/or special items and weapons.
  • Better Injury System - 1 being a bruise, with 10 being broken/hemorrhaging and 11 being dead. So it's advised not to turn it up to 11.
  • Kicking attack in unarmed
  • PLEASE!!! more songs on the radio, its gets boring listening to the same 3 songs over and over.
  • More places to explore like buildings and military caches/warehouse/Vegas casino.
  • Join any faction you want. You shouldn't be forced to be in one action, and it should effect the storyline.
  • More radio channels.
  • One good and one evil radio channel, except that both of them will talk about your quests, either in a good or an evil way.
  • Quest that emerge with time. And new quests that appear some time after you finish the last one.
  • More affect of crippled limbs, if you cripple your arm you cant hold a two-hand weapon.
  • Ghoulification/super mutant that you can play, but it is like vampirism in Oblivion, that you get it when having high radiation over time, or being dipped in FEV.
  • Something totally simple since its still the desert. Some rain would make it a bit more realistic it never rains in FO3.
  • A "museum" level available at the Main Menu after achieving the final achievement for the main quest-line. (LOL COD:MW2 xD)
  • A dynamic follower selection / option menu. Choose what to equip, following style, etc. Also be able to have more than one follower to create a unique "squad". Maybe something similar to ME2?
  • Tons of perks for being Good or Evil
  • Area 51 with high tech weapons and typical to Fallout, the Alien Blaster, along with a colony of Aliens in tubes and a Armory that has Alien technology like armor and weapons they took from the ship.
  • A high tech Pip-boy that will have more features than previous models in Fallout games
  • Melee weapons that aren't underpowered. Last time I checked, getting a rusty nail to the face wasn't something you could just ignore.
  • An unarmed kick attack. Don't get me wrong, I love the radroach stomp, but I would also love to roundhouse kick a feral ghoul in the face.
  • No more decapitation from gunshots. It makes no sense, a bullet would NOT knock someones head off in that manner. The exploding head from gunshots is okay though.
  • Different NPC measurements. The fact that everyone in FO3 was the exact same height and size was a big disappointment.(Yes, you know there's some fatty out there hoarding Fancy Lads')
  • The ability to claim a building/cave as your home after you clear the enemies out. Evergreen mills would be a sweet place to live, or maybe one of the old vaults.
  • Some sort of melee weapon level system. For example, a pool cue should break instantly if used to try and block a super sledge.
  • An improved dialog system. I was always irritated that FO3 wouldn't let me take those 400 bottlecaps from silver at gunpoint, without actually killing her or passing the speech challenge.
  • More consequences for your actions. I know that this has already been addressed, but the fact that rivet city always welcomed me even after I killed half of them was very surprising.
  • Change something about the food eating/water drinking system. I drank all the nuka-cola in Sierra Petrovita's house in less then one minute. A real human would be in a coma after that.
  • Some sort of sprinting ability. I don't think I'd be moving the same speed I did wandering through the wastes as I did running from that pissed off super-mutant behemoth chasing after me.
  • More NPC's. Overall, not just quest related, 2-10 people living in towns makes no sense considering the large number of people and creatures who would to kill them. Strength in numbers.
  • Vegas atmosphere. Not just gambling, but brothels, some kind of mutant nightclub, shows. Ghoul Elvis has been mentioned but how about ghoul Sigfried and Roy with their pack of trained man-eating FEV jackalopes?(Until the inevitable on-stage attack)
  • Area 51 with a faction occupying it that is prefferably a former Government splinter group (Not the Enclave and NOT EVIL!), maybe they could be Cyborg Super Soldiers who have been around since before The Great War.
  • Better damage system for weapons, maybe replace the cnd bar with an outline of the gun showing damage to different components.
  • Alternate firing for weapons - Single shot, burst, and auto. Also, possibly mounted grenade launchers or shotguns.<-----Good Idea
  • Better 3rd Person
  • Body Customization (Skinny, Normal, Fat, Muscular) All the NPCs bodies look the same, it wouldn't matter if the player changed.
  • When you get hit with a melee attack you can counter and stab with a knife.
  • More Realism (Like taking a Stimpack or Drinking/ Eating and seeing your hand when you inject yourself.)
  • Smoking
  • Ability to Start a Gang
  • New Skill called Persuation, Similar to speach but it helps you demand things the way you want it. A connected action would be hostage taking, Say a group of wanders are passing by You can sneek up on one of them and take them as a hostage. Than demand Money, armor, guns, or items from their peers. But say if you had a low persuation level and you tried to take a hostage from a group of soilders, They will basically say Fuck You and Get hostle to you. And mabey if things arent going the way you want it to when you have taken a hostage, You can show them you mean bussnes by Executing the hostage and saying that there next unless they give you the stuff you want (execution and hostage taking causes loss of Karma). Thanks Sieve36
  • Edit users height/weight. Come on wouldn't it be fun as hell to have A midget running around with a Flamethrower killing things 5 times its size?????
  • The Fixing of rifles were you actually take it apart and put it back together after replacing parts. It would be sort of a mini-game that you would have to replace your broken parts and clean your gun or your condition would go down.
  • Customizable House Decor - Combine themes. E.g: Pre-War Military Love Vault.
  • I want to be able to eat pie.
  • Mutated vultures,snakes,coyotes,cactus,horses and other desert flora and fauna.
  • A house with a working TV
  • The ability to move anything around like beds and sofa's so the player is able to build his/her own deffences NPC's should also be able to do this too.
  • To be able to kick down and break doors and windows and climb through windows.NPC's should also be able to do this too.
  • NPC's have different body builds so a random settler or raider could be really fat or muscular so not everyone is the same shape.
  • To be able to make or find items to access hard to reach area's like ladders and ropes to get higher up, car jacks to lift heavy objects, crowbars to remove air vent grills and to get through locked door and sledgehammers to break through walls and doors. NPC's should also be able to do this too.
  • More Partner options? I was a bit disappointed when i couldnt start anything with butchy D:
  • To be able to gain and loose the respect of NPC's through actions and dialogue options and if the player has gained or lost their respect they should have different dialogue and a noticable attitude change towards the player.
  • Brahmin pulled Wagons for some trade caravans, settlers, mercs and faction members and the player should be able to purchase a brahmin wagon at one point in the game.
  • Realistic Fights - to have realistic looking fights where the combatants can duck, dodge, weaving, parry and dive out the way of punches, stabs and slashes also be able to jump on to the opponent and knock them to the floor and both fighters will try to fight their way out of the bundle by throwing each other off, pulling sneaky weapons out to attack them or wrestling to get to a weapon before the other. These dodges and attacks can only be used succesfully with the necassary S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats, diving and other actions can also be used to protect companions and NPC's from attack. These attacks and dodges should not be just for the players character but to all NPC's aswell.
  • Be able to dual equip single handed weapons and have unique weapon combinations like wielding a knife in one hand with a pistol in the other and if an enemy comes to close to the player or another NPC with a melee weapon drawn against a ranged weapon it will be nearly impossible for the person with ranged weapon to get off a clear shot at the enemy with the melee weapon so they will have to switch to a melee weapon in order to survive the confrontation. Also weapons should have unique ways to kill or injure an enemy for example a blunt melee weapon like a sledgehammer, lead pipe or tire iron will be able to strike an enemy in the side of the head to dizzy them, to strike the enemy in the ribs to wind them, to strike them in a joint area to cripple them and to smash them in the face or head to kill them. Slashing weapons like combat knifes, switchblades and swords will be able to stab an emey in the gut to stun/wind them, stab an enemy in the shoulder or knee to cripple them and slash their throut or any main artery in the body in order to kill them and so forth with guns and fist weapons. These special attacks should only be available with the right amount of points added to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats and some attacks will become available through improving skills. Also special attacks can be combined if dual wielding weapons like a knife and pistol stabbing the enemy in the shoulder then pulling in close to shoot them in the chin, special attacks can also be combined when two or more people attack the same enemy for example shooting an enemy in the knee to bring them to the floor while someone else smashes the enemys head in with a sledgehammer. These attacks should not be just for the players character but to all NPC's aswell.
  • Id like to see some tarrantula monsters or sommthing (desert themed animals)
  • The player should have an Overheat and Freeze gauge so that if the player is out travelling in the sun all day without stopping they can get Heatstroke and die so the player must cool down by finding some shade or jumping in some water and the same with travelling at night because dessert nights are extremely cold the player has the chance of freezing to death by getting pneumonia so the player must stop to light a fire or wrap them selves up in a blanket and stick lots of thick layers of clothes on in order to survive. This will give the game a much more realistic feel to it and will go well with the Hardcore mode.
  • To be able to have a relationships and friends in the game where you are able to get married and gain the trust and respect of you're companions and become good friends so no matter what happens they will also be there with you and in conversations they will back you up when you're trying to persuade someone to do something or being able to loose their respect and it will more likey that they won't do what you say they won't back you up in situations and if you are in a bad situation they will run away and let you fend for yourself or will betray you and make the situation worse.
  • Lethal injections as a stealth weapon. <-- Fucking awesome idea.
  • The GECK, like on the PC, but for Xbox 360 and PS3, to make new levels and exchange them online like less like Halo 3's Forge and more like TimeSplitters' Mapmaker, and to make new NPC's.
  • 1. Become Ill, like have a cold or flu and have to sleep or get medication from a nearby doctor or home-made medicine.
  • 2. Have plenty of easter eggs, what would be cool is things such as Area 51 you could go in the place but it would have random events/encounters each time you enter etc, awesome weapons inside,ability to hijack a spacecraft haha.. maybe ink spot's ghoul, maybe make up a story they had survived the war and were permitted underground in the 50's but radiation filled the whole area and made many people into ghouls, including the ink spot's. They could be friendly and still in there music howether. Maybe even a Mad Max easter egg like in fallout, but have the raiders driving motorcyles and each raider team to have a boss similar to the one in Mad Max thunderdome.
  • 3. Custom clothing? maybe even a paint mode where you can create you're own designs, better animations. Ripples on a t-shirt,flowing hair in the wind,sand filled boots (in the desert),maybe if walking in water you're boots become filled with water too and you need to change them. Clothes become dirty after a while and maybe you could have a bath (screen fade out) or something similar (like gta sa).
  • 4. T.E.C (Time Event Capture), I noticed in Fallout 3 there was a Date/Month and Time implemented but I don't think much was used with this, Maybe on different months,times of the year certain events could happen? Also day and night cycles could affect the quests more, like say you were asked to do a quest at a certain time but went to sleep halfway through it the next time you see them they would say you took too long. Maybe if you fail a quest you don't have to do it again? something else appears (non marked,random and side quests though) maybe perhaps thousands, maybe thinking too much of a high number there but enough random encounters,non marked and side quests to keep us going :).
  • I would like the ability to take over the town and settlement, call it "siege or domination" but if you capture the location you can make yourself the leader, tax the citizens if you want, improve the location stuff like that. do a good job and get rewarded, be an evil, greedy, cruel tyrrant (thats me), you might have an revolt, and get kicked out. <-----YES!!!
  • How about a 'graffitti' feature, where you can leave a mark or an arrow (L or R) on a wall..a big help when you're trying to remember your way around a complex building...I've been here before...
  • Seeing as this is sin city, what about the ability to be a slaver. Not like in fallout 3 where you just got slaves, but the ability to sell, hoard slaves and have them work for you. In addition, shouldn't there be whores? I mean fallout 3 had them, but they were pathetic. Make the whores more realistic. There should be more companions, but weaker, limited ammo and they should be required to drink water/soda and eat food. If they do this, then there should be no problem with adding a squad like system as the bigger the squad the more food and water you would need so eventually it just becomes a hassle. This will also make cannibalism much more useful...
  • How about no unique weapons. Rather, the ability to get any weapon you find, name it if you like, add up to a max of two add ons (like larger magazine and scope or silencer and scope) and modify up to two statistics (accuracy and spread, accuracy and damage). That way every weapon is a unique weapon :D. OHH and change color but ya thats a given
  • How about unique weapons that are character specific? like the ghoul Raul carries with him an uncustamizable .32 pistol called raul's deformer that is perfect for his kind of character. That way the weapons serve more as memorablia of the character, especially if they die for some reason. I agree with the guy above though, just add this part too =)
  • More rusted stuff, more broken stuff. The Apocalypse isn't a fairy tale, you shouldn't be able to get a completely modern, and clean gun. Half of the guns will be destroyed anyways. Guns could be maintained if your Repair skill is high enough, which would make them cleaner, perhaps add a faster firing rate because you cleaned out the barrel.
  • Intenet - you could play the story with three other people on playstation network or xbox live
  • No repair skill - you could repair things to max anytime
  • Features the "Ask About" function in dialogue from Fallout 1, 2
  • Relate more to Fallout 1, 2 (e.g. Make NPC talk more about the legends of the Vault Dweller & the Chosen One; Feature places like Junktown and Vault 13)
  • More Romance options plz :D
  • Large decisions actually having an impact on the story. ex. blowing up megaton didnt make the brotherhood shun u and Liam Neeson only scolds u. nice. or like having green tress actually appear a week after finishing the oasis quest
  • Consequences for our actions: don't make key NPC and children invincible, let us kill them and give us a bad ending (incomplete main quest or something) and bring back the "Childkiller" reputation. Also, please bring back the bounty hunter consequence for those reputations. Being hunted down by someone (whether you deserve it or not) is a fun in-game experience.
  • I liked that Fallout is "Grim and Gritty" in alot of ways, especially as an adult consumer. Fallout 3 made that claim, but then did not include many sexual encounters and made children invincible. We can't have it both ways. If the game is supposed to feel grim and gritty, then please go the whole way with that feeling: gambling, yes; drugs, yes; sex, yes; violence against the innocent, yes. Aren't these things what makes the post-apocalypse a strong setting?<----- games like this have killed people the less mentaly stable could end up in a situation like them Bethesda is keeping that barrier away and Obsidian should do the same.<----- but you gotta have gambling i agree on the no killing kids and all that though
  • A possible Cameo from any of the other fallout games. Some people are wondering where Burke and Autumn disappeared too(assuming they weren't killed in FO3). They're well connected and able to get around too.
  • Change Melee and Sneak. Melee should be more powerful and Sneak should involve a %percentage of dodging bullets. I want to be able to charge at people with a sledgehammer and emerge victorious without using 20 stimpacks.
  • More schematics for weapons such as a bow and arrow.
  • More customization options for a character.
  • A better repair system, Just needs more to it like being able to use spare parts
  • Having a mini game for pickpocketing, like with lock picking or hacking, forcing the player to use quick save is just bad, this is the same with Oblivion
  • a less hostel degration rate, I just think it's unrealistic that a fully repaired gun can completely brake after a few hours
  • ammunition variety like in bioshock were they had armour piercing, or antipersonnel rounds
  • Side quest perks. Finding 100 teddy bears gives special perk like 300 damage if loaded in rock-in-launcher. Finding 100 gnomes let you fast travel if weighted down, collecting 100 tin cans gives you trash man/lady and you find more expensive items or caps, etc.
  • Default craftable weapon like rock-it-launcher from start of game when ammo is difficult to get.
  • More craftable weapons with alternate ingredients. Like bottlecap mine can be made with frag grenade instead of cherry bomb to do more damage. Crossbows and poison blowguns would be nice.
  • Almost perfect perk counts bobbleheads and lucky 8 ball. More specials items like Hercules' club permanent +1 strength, salesman's tie +1 permanent charisma, marathon runner's shoes +1 permanent endurance, etc.
  • Ability to layer clothing. Can wear naughty nightware with regulator's duster and headwrap with helmet/hat and glasses.
  • Assassin perk/skill get sniper rifle/silent weapon bonus and sneak bonus.
  • In addition to a chance to become addicted to also get the chance to become less addicted. Like after 50 alcoholic drinks you have 10% less chance of becoming addicted.<-----an analysis of the human anatomy shows that this is psychologically impossible so no bad idea
  • Instead of skill points every level you gain skill points for things you do. Each time you buy or sell to a merchant your barter skil goes up. Each time you use a small weapon your skill goes up.
  • Companions that don't die or are revivable after a period of time... There shouldn't be a point in the game where you have no companions left to recruit because they all died maybe a PERK that allows companions to be revived maybe it could be called " 9 Lives" with a homeless dirty cat in the picture.
  • Fallout 3 had an informative interface, but it didn't mesh terribly well with the atmosphere. I like the green old-school computer info scrolls, but the HUD was completely transparent. I'd rather see a HUD that has some big, clunky look to it, with the black CRT-screen look and some switches or buttons.
  • The local-area map should be integrated into the HUD somehow. Fallout 3's local map was a hassle to look at, paging back and forth between gameplay and the PipBoy. I also want to see the return of the Motion Sensor, integrated into the local map. Fallout 2 didn't take full advantage of it, as it had a similar problem with the flow-breaking local map screen. Fallout Tactics kind of solved it by integrating the minimap and info-scrolling into a single, toggleable screen, but the map was tried to represent more in 3D, so didn't feel "50's retro future."
  • Journal, Diary, Books, Poems, Readable Content, Hidden secrets, sources, past wartime documents.
  • Live Journal, people could view his own journal or write it, discuss it with other people around his what happened what he felt like.
  • Music tapes, songs on voice tapes, information of past events, before the bomb fell, or after, or between that time, more these more depression feeling.
  • Casino, Gambling, Betting, and other lottery stuff in what players can participate, indeed this is NEW VEGAS, what would be the point of no casinos in the historical casino city? So yes for Kazhinos!
  • Be able to join factions properly and do side quests to advance in faction like in Oblivion, factions could include Caesars Legion, Brotherhood Of Steel, NCR, Enclave, maybe even become mayor of a town by joining their faction, if you didnt want to ruin the story then it could be that the current leader becomes more of a figurehead and delegates most of the responsibilities of running the faction to you.
  • Better 3rd person view with more animations, and a better line of sight. No more crab walk. Also the option to view game in original top down perspective of fallout 1 and 2.
  • I'd like to have more flexible effects of fights. In FO3, if you attack a person, you get killed if you do not kill everyone around, a bunch of people even opens fire if you hit one single person with your fist. But why shouldn't it be possible that your opponent surrenters if he has taken a certain amount of damage, so he treats you more respectfully next time, or that a fight ends if one party has taken serious injury, or ..........
  • And pleeeaaase make it possible to develop your charakter for more than just 20 levels. That really was poor. I think my FO2-charakter reached lvl. 56 or something...
  • be able to re-establish the brotherhood of steel in this area. prehaps you find some of the survivors of the hoover dam war and offer tp help them rebuild by sabotaging the ncr and recruiting peoplePaladinjames92 12:08, June 22, 2010 (UTC)paladinjames92
  • Better weapon balancing. Shotguns have been way overpowered, and shotgun pellets should not have the armor-piercing power to so easily crit-explode power-armored soldiers, as well as kill super mutant behemoths with a few shots. Miniguns and missiles should have more bite, and be better against armor and large foes.
  • A new companion, he would have perks for better killing ghouls and ghost people, he would carry a chainsaw and a special lever action shotgun called “The Boomstick”, his name would be Ash.


  • [1st Excuse my rambling on...]I'd LOVE IT if you could have an actual conversation with someone.. or stuff would happen around town and you wouldn't know about it (like the bar brawl in the muddy rudder...) so that way there would be a REAL need to ask about gossip or whats the word around town, also.. Friends.. i would also love if this game felt more... sims like :F by which i mean if you talk to a certain cool character all the time (for me it was.. wadsworth or my companions) then they'd ask like "hey can i come over? we could _____..." which brings to the point... THINGS TO DO!! i hated how being around Megaton was so boring.. the only thing i had to do was either randomly walk around town, stay in my house and mess with my inventory, decorate my house, or listen to the same 6 songs all day... :( ...i would love it if somehow the people of NV somehow found a way to save old movies or something ^,..,^ so that way your friend could be like "hey can i come over tommarow? i could bring Them!" :D!!! --Locusthorde 22:46, April 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • I would love to have a bit of the atmosphere of New Reno from Fallout 2 with maybe more tech.
  • There should be places that you the person can actually feel the tension or the hatred. Like you enter a house and you can tell whether the person is good/neutral/bad just by the decor and the overall feeling of the place.
  • Tune the game's resources (ammo, stim-packs, and especially rad-away/med-x) to the point where you don't have couple hundred of each laying around at any given time. Also tune the currency system tightly or at least tighter then fallout 3 as i was swimming in caps and wallpapering my house walls with money by level 6 in fallout 3. About the rad-away/med-x there needs to be a use for them, they got completely negated w. 2-3 perks which you pickup while questing reward perks/leveling perks fallout 3. The only time i used rad-away in fallout 3 was that area-51 thing by Little Lamp Light place which gave me +300 radiation a sec or something crazy like that. Other then using rad-away in that place just to explore whats there, i hardly used rad-away in fallout 3. In otherwords you know that perk called Rad-resistant? ya make radiation to the point where that perk isn't the biggest joke to pick from, maybe make it second to biggest joke perk :).
  • Weather effects such as sandstorms, cloudy days or just gazing sun, also i would like the game to take a bit longer until you get firearms like a longer time where you have to use melee weapons or such.
  • I want to feel as though I'm actually trying to survive. stocked with 1000 rounds of ammo, 74 stimpacks, and being able to take 50 shots in the face with a shotgun doesnt give me that feel.
  • More people? Rivet City definitely did not feel like a city.
  • Having npcs who are taller than you except fawkes.
  • I think alot of people want rain, but i think radioactive rain would be cool. if you go out into it, you get irradiated, so either stay inside or buy/find a radiation poncho to protect you.
  • Natural Disasters, Catastrophes, as like earth quake, buildings collapse what would be possible to access, people die, whats over.
  • Working television and media, one channel with live broadcasts, propaganda, showcase. Not like Al-Jazeera,
  • Judy Garland - Lucky( for the radio)
  • Standard gameplay needs to be cinematic. More cinematic than an other game out there. It makes the replayability much greater if the atmosphere stays consistent and cinematic.
  • Fallout NV needs to be epic, therefore there should be at least one giant battle, I would not be opposed to NCR and Caesar dishing it out on the strip. Remember with the proper use of explosions, scripted events, and other effects any battle can seem big.
  • have some towns be repopulated by travellers and other survivors, i thought it got boring when some towns would be completely devoid of life after something like a deathclaw would walk into town and kill everyone.
  • More humorous story sidebars, and comedic relief -- similar to what was seen in Fallout 2. For example, a Vegas style marriage with odd partipants and a wierd officiator.
  • Some story allusions to old characters and events in Fallout 2, since Vegas is close to California.
  • More epic monsters and events, such as super mutant behemoth vs. giant deathclaw vs. giant fire-breathing gecko!


  • Constant bonus content and addons with patches, game updates, minimum count of items are 1.


-- Bp Fallout

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Sign your posts!

Model 1886? I think you mean 1887.--Master of cheeZ 23:35, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

Who ever put the oblivian things, I have nothing wrong with that, I think it was a good game. But fallout isn't oblivian. Good Ideas for the clothes and purchases, but guilds? It is the year 2280 I don't think guilds would be around.

Guilds no, but it would be nice to join some factions without need of a perk, and hopefully one of those were you can join one or the other (so you could Join BoS or Enclave but not both).

Thank you for your input, Locusthorde, it is very much appreciated.--Master of cheeZ 05:07, March 1, 2010 (UTC)

It is Human nature to form a social group with people they have something in common with - i.e. defending themselves from bloodthirst, uncomprimising Raiders - so of course there would be some form of "guild" in a post apocalyptic wasteland where Human's will seek any form escape and protection from what is happening around them. A lot of the ideas here are pretty much impossible or would be very difficult to put into a game. I do particularly like the idea about the repair system. -- J. Wilson

Lol thnks Masta ^^ i feel the need to put in as much input as i can... btw i put in the thing about oblivion houses... i felt that it would've been better if i could have like... the "love machine" Wall hangings... (mainly the chandelier ^^) with the Pre-war living room and other stuff like that ^^ i hated how it was... have a crappy house or have an apartment and lose an entire town :F Locusthorde 02:26, March 5, 2010 (UTC) (PS would you mind if i uploaded this to like... the fallout: new vegas forums? So maybe the DEVELOPERS would look at it??! xD)

Yeah, the houses in Oblivion were very handy - especially if you had one in every town =D - but I found that in FO3 one was enough. I like the idea of getting the ability to stake a claim to caves etc. -- J. Wilson

Oh FYI... i posted this on the fallout NV forums ^^ quoted it :F Locusthorde 23:42, March 5, 2010 (UTC)


Nice, that'll get some great ideas in the game.--Master of cheeZ 20:53, March 7, 2010 (UTC)

Lol it better! --Locusthorde 00:40, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

To the guy with the Time Capture Event entry, time limits on quests= NO!!!!!! Raymorn 06:19, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

People who say the words "Modern Weapons" are dumb. DIVERGENCE!!! And the games already finished, I think... Nukey Chocobo.gif  Nukey  tok 

This is sort of random, but they need to stop punishing people for being good, e.g. an apartment in one of - if not the most - restored buildings in the game for levelling a city, or some abandoned hut made of scrap metal for saving it. I mean come on, I know it's supposed to be tempting to be bad but this is kind of ridiculous considering you can only have one official home for the duration of the game. --Cartman! 00:57, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

You made no sense. Especially when you can be a goody-two-shoes for the entire game, but not a homicidal psychopath. Nitty Tok. 01:03, March 21, 2010 (UTC)
To put it simply, just make the PC feel appreciated if they choose to be good. Some random settler giving you practically useless items is hardly appreciative considering their relative abundance anyway. --Cartman! 01:41, March 21, 2010 (UTC)
It's just being honest about the true nature of good and evil. You mostly don't do good things for the sake of reward. You do it becasue your values lie in the rightious spectrum of thinking/ Living. Also the guys walking around megaton are the disenfranchised people takeing refuge in Megatons rec hall. That silly stimp pack or couple of bullets could have been their whole years saveings (for this digital make belive peepolz!). If you don't find that generous or apreciative then I think the Neutral and Evil Karma paths are just made for you. More caps and more importanlty more fun. Good guys finnish last in RL and this is especialy true in a make belive dystopian world where everyone finnishes last. Either way in functionality Megaton and Tenpenny Tower are very much the same. Shops with similar stock, Doctor present, all house functions available. So you're not really being "punished" unless of course you are allergic to the sight of corregated iron or dust.Azzaman 07:33, March 31, 2010 (UTC)
I know but when you start making games that realistic they stop being fun, another example is Callahan's Magnum. A kick ass gun that is only available if you blow all your friends to pieces. The sight of corregated iron does indeed become boring very quickly if you're seeing it hour after hour, sure as hell doesn't beat a hotel suite. The functionality is indeed practically the same but it's not everything. I would resort to mods but my PC has decided to commit suicide to there isn't much I can do. And as it happens I do enjoy playing as an evil character more than a good one :D --Cartman! 18:45, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

Well, I gotta say that this thread is ridiculously unreadable, because there's just waaaay too much to read. Good job.--Master of cheeZ 19:14, March 24, 2010 (UTC)

I want three things. One, let's get this game engine to stop crashing. The only thing keeping Fallout 3 from being perfect is it's propensity to send you on an unscheduled trip to your desktop.

Secondly, let's get guns that don't suck. If I shoot a man in the chest with an assault rifle in real life, I should be able to do this in the game as well. Also, the condition of the weapon and/or the user's skill will have a VERY miniscule effect, if it has one at all, on the damage said gun does when it hits something. They will, instead, cause the gun to malfunctio(Dry fires, jams, etc etc) and be very inaccurate. You could hand an assault rifle to someone who's never even seen a gun before, coerce them into firing into a crowd and they will kill/maim most of the people infront of them, whoever happens to be lucky enough to get hit. They will have very poor accuracy and recoil control, however, and may drop the weapon entirely. Condition of the ammunition will, however, have a detrimental effect on the power of a gun. I've had this problem myself, stale ammo that couldn't poke a hole in a beam of light if it tried to. Bad ammo will also cause dry fires.

Thirdly, how about we make sniping a useful tactic without the need for mods. In Fallout 3, sniping with vanilla hardware was next to useless, you had to be so close to an enemy to get a reliable headshot that you might as well just whip out a Chinese Assault Rifle and unload an entire magazine. It's as if Bethesda insists on you charging headlong with power armor and a machine gun. A sniper rifle should be accurate to as far as your computer can render the graphics, providing the character's small guns skill is high enough to hold it steady. Now, I'm not saying we need mile-and-a-half super rifles(Although I will likely add in an M82 as a mod, as I don't care much about Lore with weapons and I want a gun that can 100% hit anything my computer can draw), but if the sniper rifles are good in the 400-600 yard range, we're right where we should be. Perhaps we can have a feature where, when a semi-automatic rifle is carried, the player can go prone and double his effective range? Maybe even a Bi-pod addon? TestECull 21:33, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

Small guns skill dammit! Get some. I'm a trerible FPS player I couldn't hit the atmosphere around a giant mutant brahmin barn with auto aim from 3 feet away and I can manage to 1 shot people with a hunting rifle at long distances (your bullets tend to guide if skill is 100% like haveing auto aim on preatty much).... Also despite it's looks and 1st person perspective FO3 is an RPG (Role Playing Game FYI just incase you don't know(Roll Playing Game however an incorrect term would still be acurate)) 1st before anything. It's predesessors 1 and 2 where and FO3 is too. FO3's also post nuclear Morrowind and that was a RPG also. RPG's tend to use internal dice rolls to determine everything that happens in combat other then actual human skill. FO3 is no different yeah you can free aim through the whole thing but those dice rolls determineing damage and ToHit still roll in the background. You want Fallout series to turn in to a FPS akin to a single player story based CS:S Don't you. Sandbox MWF2 only with more radiation. Then again looking at this list something like that would sell better then Fallowind unfortunate for this nostalgiafag Azzaman 07:33, March 31, 2010 (UTC)
My small guns skill is at 100 by the time I hit level six. It is irrevalent. Tell me this, if someone walked up to you and unloaded a full magazine into your chest from an AK47, would you continue to survive? I highly doubt it, you'd be dead by the time the third round hit. So why, then, must I use two magazines from the Fallout equivalent of that AK to down a drug-addled human? That's all I want, a gun that actually feels like a gun. I don't want a lame-ass radioactive MW2, I don't want a singleplayer CSS, all I want is guns that work. I don't even mind the AI being able to waste me just as easily, if anything that would be a good thing. Lastly, if you think for one minute the weak weaponry is what makes a Fallout game a Fallout game, you haven't played a Fallout game. The setting, the atmosphere, the radiation, that Behemoth trying to crush you with a fire hydrant, those are the things that make Fallout what it is. Not the capgun toys you're given to kill that Behemoth with.TestECull 21:33, April 12, 2010 (UTC)
I dunno, it just sounds like you wanna squeese out the RPG out of an RPG and turn it in to a single player FPS. What would be the point of haveing stats, unique weapons and other such things. Perks that add damage% would be useless if a bullet damaged someone realisticly bacuase it woul be mostly a 1 shot kill scenario every time. those perks will have to be scrapped or revised. What your asking for is well the game "Metro" set in america with retro robots. Edit: Signing properly Azzaman 06:03, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

I cannot spell it out for you any clearer. I do not want to squeeze the RPG out of it. All I want is guns that feel like guns. How more plainly do I have to put it before you start to see what I truly want? Having guns that actually feel like guns will in no way squeeze any of the RPG element out of the RPG, if anything they'll squeeze more in as the AI will be able to pwn you just as quickly. TestECull

I think it's the "feel more like guns" I don't know what you mean really. Feel like a real gun in what way? Damage? aiming? I though you want the hit boxes more umm "realistic" get shot in the head you die shot in the chest you die. Essentaily negateing the RPG background dice rolling system of haveign a set number of damage on a weapon enhanceing the damage via stats perks and skill. Orrrr you sinply want FO3 as is but every weapon has 10x the damage it has now. I really don't know what you mean by guns not feeling like gunsAzzaman 06:56, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

I take it you've never actually fired a gun? Generally, when a gun is fired at a living thing, the living thing becomes a dead thing. Not a pissed off thing. Seriously, if I spray an assault rifle into a pack of humans, they should be dead, not whipping out assault rifles of their own. The guns in the game feel like airsoft, they have no authority. I've said several times I don't mind if the AI can kill me just as easily, I just want guns that are guns. That's what I love about 20th Century Weapons in Fo3, both the AI and myself get guns that actually work. I can one-hit them, they can one-hit me. It actually makes the wasteland a dangerous place. TestECull 10:43, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

That would make VATS even more Imba then it is now... 11:52, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

VATS is for people that have to use a joystick to aim, seeing as it's impossible to aim quickly with a joystick. I sure don't use it. TestECull 13:19, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

VATS was actually a lame attempt to pacify those oldschool fans who loved take turns combat a little bit too much. As you know the game can be played without it with little detriment to the gameplay.Azzaman 01:59, April 18, 2010 (UTC)
For whoever said "especially the sniper rifle (wtf were those rings goin down the barrel?!!)", I have you answer. Those rings are called rifling. Hopefully, that'd cleared up your questions. Ratchetdude099 21:01, May 16, 2010 (UTC)
My Wishlist:
More Supermutant Behemoths
Better Companions
More and Better looking Plasma Rifles Sentinal Cody 5:48, June 4, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry if this was already mentioned, but I'd like the game to indicate whether or not a player has searched a container before. It's so annoying in Fallout 3 when I don't take everything from a container and then I can't remember if I searched it or not.--Verno 00:42, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

:*Aiming down the sights will be coming rest easy people.
  • You should use more guns based on real world models like the Xm8 (m4 has been seen) and Steyr.
  • A bow would be badass but if so make two different types compound bows which would probably see more use in this era and traditional bows (like the ones Native Americans used) which would be rarer, more accurate and more damaging (did you know during the 1800's a First Nations bow would easily be able to pierce a European settler's armor).
  • I don't care how it's implemented but I really want an Xm8 assault rifle which would act as a standalone unique item for late game usage, if not in the base game in DLC.
  • For weapon mods burst fire selection, reflex sights,and alternate ammo(Like mags that contain white phosphorus bullets) are a must as well as fore grips,changeable sights,(not scopes)grenade launchers, bayonets lights,
  • Weapons should have more stats like armor piercing, and range-accuracy ratio.
  • More schematics for weapons like barbed wire bats, molotave cocktails,and spears as well as the ones from F3.


  • Armor should come into account when dealing with vital areas if you shoot them in the head they're dead, but if they're wearing a helmet with high rating they're living and pissed off.
  • armor should be more customizable kind of like oblivion but with pieces that don't go to a specific set like for example (wrapped cloth gloves,combat boots, reinforced carbon fibre chestplate,and headscarf.
  • Sets AND miscellaneous armor pieces. Like carbon fibre armor, power armor,and combat armor, In comparison to Brahmin skin shirt, wrapped cloth gloves,and pre-war runners.
  • To be able to chose underarmor clothes like long-sleeved shirt which would put sleeves in the combat armor like comparing Winterized Combat Armor and Combat Armor.
  • To chose other accessories like Balaclava and Goggles.


  • Give EACH weapon an early, middle, and late game unique variant. So if I have a unique assault rifle and i level up 10 levels I can find another unique one and the name will change but i have a gun that will be leveled to me and still be the same weapon.
  • I don't want to be a lvl 30 and still see 3 raiders who are killed with one shot, level the enemies AND their numbers.(so i would see 13 raiders holding Chinese Assault Rifles 44 magnums and the occasional fat man)
  • You should be able to manually upgrade armor and weapons (with maybe a minigame that would get easier with a higher repair skill) so they wouldn't be obsolete when you reach level max.


  • Building relationships with certain NPC's to become friends and access some other perks. (maybe they're a scavenger every so often he could give you a rare weapon) Or even build an actual relationship with an NPC whitch would influence other things like the story, ending,and other side quests.
  • The reputation is a very good move.
  • An entire quest line associated with each faction (kind of like oblivion) and trophies for each one completed. Coupled with the reputation system perhaps only one faction's quest line can be completed per playthrough.
  • Remap the controls, x should multifunction as jump and activatem allowing triangle to be used for other things.
  • I want it to feel more like an FPS game while retaining that RPG element.
  • I really want graphics emphasized like those mods that improve textures.<---this doesn't have to be in the initial release of the game you could add them in a patch and later add a graphics slider for consoles that perform slower and to prevent chronic freezing due to graphics.
  • also the mojave desert is the second hottest in the world this should also be emphasized motion blur, heat waves, and maybe a little temperature meter for hardcore mode that induces a mild concusion effect (like F3) when it gets too high.
  • A hunger meter that slowly goes up would go well with the hydration meter in hardcore mode.<--- to counteract this add little rations as an item which would be in rarity on par with stimpacks but would bring the hunger meter down a lot.
  • sprinting is a would be very smart as sometimes the wasteland is too big and you don't want walk all the way but you don't exactly want a vehicle.<--- it could exhaust action points at a very slow rate for the people who don't use VATS so they're not useless.
  • Things like tin cans and bottles should not weigh 1 pound tune this so they might weigh 0.1-2-3-4-5


  • learn from the community to fix bugs and glitches keep a watch on this site
  • DLCs should fix bugs not create more.


  • alright first mod support needs to come to consoles I cannot emphasize enough how smart a move this would be. Bethesd I know is a money making company if they can get Obsidian to release mod support as a DLC type thing within a month of the release for maybe 30.00 how many of us would buy it this would also let them get away with releasing fewer DLCs without having us feel ripped off and allow them to spend less money on them.
  • It doesn't matter how much microsoft pays you please don't not release DLCs for PS3 users.

Grammar check please? Any bots anyone is willing to put to work?--Master of cheeZ 02:15, June 23, 2010 (UTC)