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Hello, fellow Vault Dwellers!

I will officially be returning to active editing, and my first step towards achieving that goal is announcing a personal project of mine for elaborating on common wiki-etiquette that not every user is going to understand when dealing with our community, or when dealing with our wiki guidelines & policies. Essentially, the SGP will be my goal towards reiterating upon various editing and social aspects found here at The Vault, in which myself and others will periodically write out peer-reviewed guides which can be used by the community as future reference material when dealing with very specific situations.

So how is this going to work? Well, for starters, I will be writing out a couple of basic guides to help get the project kickstarted, yet others can propose ideas as well, or even volunteer their time towards contributing their own guides here. Once a guide has been written out and proposed to the community, they can be discussed within this forum and peer-reviewed to help determine both their accuracy, and desirability. Even should a guide be peer-reviewed and generally accepted, the community reserves the right to get together at any time and express their desire to see it removed should inaccuracies be discovered, or should the times change enough where the guide might no longer be relevant.

As a general-note for those reading, there are also two subject matters that need clarity before reading onwards:

  1. Any guides presented here are only to be used as reference material. They will not, and cannot be enforced by disciplinary action should they not be followed, unless you are also breaking our established guidelines and/or policies. However, this does not excuse the possibility that guidelines may be used to create new rules, or improve upon already existing rules.
  2. As reference material, we are simply aiming to create community consensus on various subjects around the wiki which are considered vague and misunderstood. If these guides are ever referred to in interactions with other users, please only use them as reference material, and not as indisputable argument points.

How can I ask for a certain guide to be written out?

1. Message one of the project leads. If the subject at question is valid enough for a guide to be written out, we will get straight to work!
2. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Should an idea for a guide be supported by 5 or more editors, we will add it to the drawing board.
3. If something around the wiki is gaining a bit of criticism due to a general lack of understanding, we will pick up on that and possibly write out a guide to help alleviate vagueness and controversy.

Can I become a project lead?

Anyone can come forth and volunteer their time towards creating a guide. Once written out and peer-reviewed by at least one other prominent editor, we will add your guide onto the SGP, and welcome you on as a project lead.

When does a guide become standardized?

1. When any guide is first created, it first must be peer-reviewed by at least 1-3 prominent editors.
2. After a guide has been peer-reviewed, it will be put up for a trial period of 2 weeks or more, in which the community gets together and expresses their thoughts over its validity. It should be noted that once the trial period is over, and even should the guide initially be standardized, it is always vulnerable towards criticism, and can be rebuked at any time.
3. Once standardized, the guide will represent the community's overall feelings on the subject, and can be used consistently as referral material across the wiki, until a time comes in which the guide is no longer relevant and/or necessary.

  • As a side-note, not all guides have to be over complicated subjects, and can instead tackle other aspects of the wiki such as template usage.
Drawing Board

Project Leads:

Pending Guides:

1) The Online Disinhibition Effect Guide - NIP

  • Estimate: Pending

2) Interactive Wiki Maps Guide - Waiting for Curse feed-back

  • Estimate: Pending

3) Speculation Guide - NIP

  • Estimate: Pendind

4) Template:Talk Guide - NIP

  • Estimate: Pending

5) Geek Knowledge Guide - NIP

  • Estimate: Pending

6) Conflict Resolution - WIP

  • Estimate: 7/13/15


Please note that once a peer-review session is over, all respective peer-reviews will be moved onto a separate archive. By commenting here, you are agreeing to these terms. Links to each archive will be provided on this forum as they are created.


Please note that once a proposal has passed or been declined, all respective proposals will be moved onto a separate archive. By commenting here, you are agreeing to these terms. Links to each archive will be provided on this forum as they are created.

Requests for a guide's modification or outright removal

Please note that once a request has been finalized, all respective requests will be moved onto a separate archive. By commenting here, you are agreeing to these terms. Links to each archive will be provided on this forum as they are created.


All comments in this section must be relevant and civil towards the project. By commenting here, you are agreeing that any offending comments will be moved into the Other section.

This project sound like a great initiative, as a new user there are many things that are unclear to me and I wish they were better explained, however, since I am still finding my way around its hard to make concrete suggestions, but i'll keep this in mind. --Pseudon2 (talk) 23:27, 12 July 2015 (UTC)

As a new user, it is great to see you so active within the editing community - I hope that you will be staying with us for Fallout 4. ^^ If you ever have any suggestions for a guide, just let me know on here! If you have some small questions, just shoot me a message - I am always willing to help out within our community. Happy editing! GarouxBloodline 01:05, 13 July 2015 (UTC)