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Forum:Virgin gets the FULL XP'erience!!!!

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Forums: Index > Fallout and Fallout 2 general discussion > Virgin gets the FULL XP'erience!!!!

   Ok, I'm doing it. I'm getting FO1 & FO2 and as James Brown said, 'doing it to death.'

Any thoughts? Keep it civil and tongue-in-cheek, but anything anybody has to say, suggest, warn, comment, joke, accuse,or commend please do!

I first experienced Fallout through Brotherhood of Steel, a.k.a The Bawls Guarana incident. Super fun game, but it quickly turned me off and I rejected FO entirely, because I thought it represented the series as a whole. Now I know better.

That being said, I'm fully active and versed in FO3 and FO:NV like everyone else and their mom.... But I'm a total noob, hence 'virgin' to the ORIGINAL fallout series.

Fire away, people! Let me hear you!

<4 Tildes> (Do not have a Wikia account currently)

FYI Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel has no Bawls Guarana in it, but Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel does. --User:Cartman!User talk:Cartman! 01:49, June 29, 2011 (UTC)

@Eric the FatA**- Corrected, thank you. Pretty confusing that both games have the exact same title except for the one word one of the titles uses as it's 'handle.' Whatever. I thought the drink was awful too!

Anything to say to someone starting their experience again at scratch and going back to check out the originals? This will be my first time playing these titles through, or ever for that matter.

If you're gonna start with the first one there's a kick ass exploit for using backpacks and bags to circumvent carrying capacity limitations. You might try that. Also, don't let Harry take you to the Lou unless you want him to beat the shit out of you. Be respectful of Set as he will give you the Last Rest if you don't, and for god's sake don't stand in his shadow! Pickpocket all the ammo you can in the Hub. Keep Dogmeat out of trouble because he is fragile in FO1. In FO2 he's a killer. Keep your combat shotgun loaded and save often. In Fallout 2 get Cassidy, Sulik and Skynet in your party. Pick up dogmeat but ignore the cyberdogs. Don't fuck with John Bishop. If you value your life you will never let Marcus near you with a minigun! Don't let your followers use burst weapons unless you want them to kill each other by accident. two words: Gauss Rifle. Two more words: Get it! Two more words: San Francisco. In San Fran you can pickpocket all of your caps back from the merchants. And Finally: You get to drive a car! Zac hemker 07:16, June 29, 2011 (UTC)

Reply @ Zac: just had a moment reading that like the Junkie in Leon: The Pro..... Whooah.... So, essentially in a few important ways FO1 and 2 actually turn it up a little more than some of the other games... COOL! Your post was a little spoiler-heavy... it's ok. I'm intentionally not reading or remembering it, I will come back to it once I start playing, trust me. I was fishing more for peoples immediate reactions to someone who hasn't yet starting where it all began... I'm expecting there would a lot of semi-hazing-esque humor; like instead of warning me like you did, laughing at my expense over what is going to happen to me at this point or that point, from the view of the pro mastahs who already had to learn the hard way, so can appreciate the deprecating humor as ironic. Not that I don't love your post, just in an adventure game I'd rather get the experience of stubbing my toe than anticipating getting to see the threshold I've heard so much about. The one is an adventure game pursued by an adventurer, the other is a show-and-tell game pursued by a stereotypical japanese tourist. The difference being, the sheer number of spoilers revealed going in.

Most epic phrase for any form media: "Do not fuck with John Bishop." I don't care if I wind up thinking the NPC is lame, that phrase alone sets the bar for awesomeness.

Sorry for the spoilers, but you said you were a virgin. I just wanted to make sure your first time was gentle and special. You know, none of the rough stuff. Maybe some cuddling after... Zac hemker 00:28, June 30, 2011 (UTC)